DIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock

July 17, 2015

diy make a cactus phone case adorablestDIY – Mobile Phone Sock. My phone used to live in a drawstring bag – the soft kind usually for sunglasses. The cover was black and with the interior of my bag also being black, it made for a comical scene whenever my phone rang, with me rummaging about.

diy cactus phone case suppliesSo, I made a Phone Sock in a lighter colour. It’s an easy DIY if you want to make one too.

You will need:

  • Socks or Toddler Leggings. Contrasting colour to the interior of my bag!
  • Scissors. Sharp.
  • Thread. Matching colour.
  • Needle. Regular kind.
  • Pen. Felt tip kind (you need it to mark fabric).
  • Cactus Template. Or any other design you like.
  • Felt. Regular ‘soft’ kind.
  • Beads. If you make the cactus design, a few little green beads.

diy cactus phone caseAlso helps to have (not pictured):

  • Mod Podge. I realised as I made the cactus, it helps to have. Explained below.
  • Small Paintbrush. Flat, thin one to paint on the Mod Podge.
  • Clear Nylon Thread. As well as the matching thread.

diy cactus phone case cutting sockStart by cutting the toddler leggings with a sharp pair of scissors.

diy cactus phone case socksDepending on the size of your phone, you can make 4 of these phone socks, as the top and bottom are the same (not like normal socks).

diy cactus phone case sewTurn it inside out and sew (machine or hand) across the bottom – a small seam allowance.

diy cactus phone case sewnYou can use it just like this, or if you like the cactus design … keep following …

diy cactus phone case felt outlineCut out your design & turn upside down onto your material, which is also upside down …

diy cactus phone case felt pen… So when you trace the design with your pen, no ink will be visible on the FRONT.

diy cactus phone case pen outlineUnderside.

diy cactus phone case cutting outlineTrim around the design with sharp scissors.

diy cactus phone case bead placementFlip it over – no ink showing 🙂 Next, position the beads where you’d like.

diy cactus phone case beadsI sewed the seed beads so they lay flat – I liked the little hole to show in the middle. This is also where I used the clear nylon thread, instead of regular thread, to keep a simple finish.

diy cactus phone case stitching beadsThis is where I used Mod Podge – around the edges of the cactus to stop them fluffing up so much and will help with wear and tear. It dries clear – you can see it, not quite dry yet in the photo.

diy cactus phone case sockUse a simple stitch around the outside of the cactus to finish it off.

diy cactus phone case sock finishedThat’s it. If you used the leggings, you can make 3 more and give to friends!diy cactus phone case sock spot

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  • Reply Pug @ Pug's Modern Life July 19, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Aha! The polka dot DIY emerges! I love this so much– I have such a soft spot for cacti, and you’ve made it so cute!

    • Reply Adorablest July 19, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      Yes, technically I didn’t “make” the polka dots, but they were there 🙂

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