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DIY – Boho Chevron Wall Hanging

Adorablest DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY – Boho Chevron Wall Hanging. An Easy to make,  piece for your wall! Full tutorial to follow.

Thank You to Endless Leather. I was sent some samples to try and use in a DIY Project. I was thinking of making bracelets, but this idea came to me instead – I hope you like it! While this is an (unpaid) sponsored post, all content, opinions are and always will be my own.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingEndless Leather sent me, from Left to Right:

(Click below to take you to the product category if interested) and to make this DIY Boho Chevron Wall Hanging just like above …

  • Cork Cords – Natural / Gold 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre) –  Flecks of gold on this natural cork flat cord are very pretty.  It’s also available in silver. Soft to work and easy to cut with scissors.
  • Buffalo Leather Lace – Whisky 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre) – Rich colour, you will need a sharp scalpel for slicing this product.
  • Round Leather Cords High Quality – Navy 5mm (x 1 metre) – Navy blue! Something a little different. I lightly sanded the side for gluing to ensure it adhered well. Scalpel for slicing.
  • Cork Cord – Pastel White 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre) – Natural cork again, with a white coating. Very pretty. Thicker than the natural cord with gold (above) – so you will need your scalpel.

You could use just these products to make your Wall Hanging, but I mixed it up a little with some odd ribbons and trims I had on hand too.

You will need:

  • Cords as listed above from Endless Leather (check them out – HUGE range!)
  • Various Ribbons and Trims including a small piece of string for hanging
  • Scalpel / Xacto Knife Best for slicing cords rather than scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Scissors For cutting ribbons and trims
  • Stiffened Felt Fabric Buy a long enough piece for your wall hanging
  • Glue Choose one suitable for gluing cords. I used Aldi Brand Craft Super Glue.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Something sharp To poke a hole in the felt for the hanging thread
  • Large Needle  To pull the hanging thread through or poke through!

How To:

DIY Boho Chevron Wall Hanging1. Gather your supplies.

2. Work out your lengths to cut on the angle (chevron). This is an important step.

3. Note how you need to cut LONGER. The length is longer when horizontal.

4. Allow for this diagonal measurement to ensure you have enough length.

5. Finish slicing and cutting all your cords. Lay out and take a PHOTO!

6. Draw a centre line on your felt and start gluing. Get your angle right!

7. Continue gluing and check with a ruler that you’re even on both sides.

8. Finish by slicing the excess cord from the top and bottom after your final gluing.

9. Poke a small hole with something sharp, then thread your hanging cord through.

10. Tie a small knot and glue down firmly.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDisplay your finished piece! Note the tassel trim on the bottom. I glued this on, then the last piece glued down was actually the whisky colour (over the top part of the tassel trim) to neatly finish over the tassel trim. You may have some slight trimming on the side too – just slice and cut away any excess to keep the lines straight and neat at the sides.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIYBoho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingThank You to Endless Leather. While this is an (unpaid) sponsored post (cords were supplied), all content, opinions are and always will be my own.


DIY – How to Make Agate Slice Wall Hanging Art

diy agate slice wall hanging art dream catcher tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Agate Slice Wall Hanging Art. Add some beautiful colour to your walls with this easy to make Agate Slice Wall Hanging. Follow the easy Step-by-step tutorial.

Agate slices come in all sorts of (dyed) colours, shapes & sizes and they are so pretty. I’ve collected several over the last few weeks and to display them, I made this simple wall decoration. If you want to make one similar, you’ll just need a few simple items.

agate slice stacked
You will need:

  • Agate Slices. Various ranging from about 5cm to 8cm, with a single drilled hole.
  • Clear Beading Thread. Not too thick – you’ll be making knots.
  • Stick. I used a piece I found at the beach, like driftwood. Make sure it’s clean.
  • Twine. A small amount for the ‘hanging’ part. Or ribbon or embroidery floss.
  • Scissors. For trimming the clear thread and twine.

agate slices colorfulHow to :

1. Assemble your supplies.

2. On a flat surface, position where you’d like the agate slices to fall.

3. TAKE A PHOTO! It really helps to refer back to it.

4. Knot the clear thread through the agate and tie to the stick (look at your photo).

5. Continue with all the slices, then finish with a piece of twine to hang.

diy agate slices wall hanging driftwooddiy agate slice wall hanging dream catcherdiy agate slice wall hanging dream catcher adorablestPoint to Note:

  • I thought about painting or wrapping the stick with stripes of embroidery thread or ribbon, but decided to just leave simple, but go for it if you want lots of colour.
  • I used a variety of colours, but you could try monochrome or natural shades.
  • Don’t tie to the stick too tightly to start. You may need to adjust the positioning.
  • This could also be used like a child’s mobile or wind chimes, just make sure they don’t ‘clink’ together too much in a windy spot, in case they break.

If you have some agate slices that you would like to display horizontally, have a look at my DIY – Minimalist Modern Agate Slice Holders.

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