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DIY – Heart Shaped ‘Knitted’ Accessories with Eraser Clay

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesDIY – Heart Shaped ‘Knitted’ Accessories with Eraser Clay. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner … make these for your Galentine’s gal pals! Think they look too intricate? Trust me, they are easy to make and you’ll have them ready in an afternoon, if not an hour or two. They can be made in to many different accessories like a necklace, earrings, brooch and bobby pins. Plus they have the added bonus of being an actual eraser that WORKS! Follow for the full tutorial.

Make these cute heart accessories with eraser clay! What is eraser clay? It basically feels and moulds into shape almost exactly like regular polymer clay, but after baking this eraser clay, it becomes … you guessed it, an eraser. In fact I think it may even be a little more waxy and easier to deal with than regular polymer clay.

These look like you spent hours weaving with tiny knitting needles, but there is just one basic technique to giving it the ‘knitted’ look, without actually being knitted.

You will need:

  • Eraser Clay
  • Variety of findings depending on your choice ie. brooch pin, bobby pins
  • Glue (like E6000)
  • X-Acto knife / Scalpel (or cookie cutter)
  • Non-stick baking paper (small piece)
  • Access to an oven
  • Clean and smooth work surface, like a glass table
  • Small piece of paper (for template instead of cookie cutter)
  • Scissors

Eraser Clay TutorialHow To:

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay Step by Step1. Cut pieces of clay. I chose pink / white to create a knitted wool look.

2. Gently roll into mini sausages of clay on a smooth surface to the thickness shown.

3. You will need 16 to 20 individual sausages and then pair up (8 to 10 pairs).

4. With two joined straight, gently twist them as one evenly – twist FORWARD.

5. With two joined, gently twist again, this time in a BACKWARDS motion. Join.

6. Continue twisting the pairs to make individual little plaits or braids.

7. Use cookie cutter for larger pieces, Gently press down just like a cookie.

8. For smaller pieces, create a simple template with a pen and cut out with scissors.

9. Use an X-Acto knife for clean edges around the paper template.

10. Finish with one long sausage around the heart. Join at top middle point.

11. Bake for recommended time. Let cool, then glue findings to the eraser clay.

12. Let glue dry, then your cute heart eraser accessories are ready for use!

How easy is that! Just remember to alternate between twisting forwards and backwards. This is what creates the braided look when they are joined together. Evenly twisting also helps to keep the look real, because the braids line up.

With any excess you can easily create the next marble, knit look piece. Just continue to roll your sausages evenly and gently. In the end I only had some tiny pieces left over, so I also made a tiny pair of plain stud (eraser) earrings!

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesThis was a really fun craft and I think they look so much more difficult to make than they actually are. I also like that these are practical as well. Wear these fun eraser clay hearts and have a handy eraser on hand when you need it 😉

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Chili Chocolate Mug Cake – 4 Ingredients and 1 Minute – EASY VALENTINE’S DAY TREAT!

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients ReceipeMake this delicious Chili / Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake with just 4 Easy Ingredients and in 1 minute cooking time!

Yes I know there are about a million mug cake recipes out there, but this one is a little different, I promise.

So … Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you like a little hot and spicy in your life 😉 this Chili Chocolate Mug Cake recipe is for you.  This is my own invention and this treat is so easy, but oh so yummy with the coming together of a couple of (my) two favourite things – TABASCO sauce and NUTELLA. Read on for the easy recipe in all its deliciousness!

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients Recipe

You will need:

  • Self Raising Flour. Otherwise use Plain Flour with Baking Powder (NOT Baking Soda!) to make the ratio of SR Flour.
  • Nutella. A staple in the cupboard here, but buy if you need.
  • Milk. Skim was in our fridge, but Whole Milk or other will work just fine.
  • Tabasco Pepper Sauce. The PLAIN variety. As delicious as it is, the Chipotle one might not taste the best in this recipe!
  • Mug. Since this is a Valentine’s Day post, I’m using this heart mug!
  • Long Metal Spoon. For mixing and eating.

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients Recipe

How To:

As with many of my recipes, I don’t measure exactly, but somehow they still manage to turn out (mostly 🙂 ) and this is not an exact science, but what you do want is about –

  •   A little less 1/4  mug milk
  • 1/4  mug Self Raising Flour
  • 2 or 3 good dollops (teaspoon was used) of Nutella
  • A dash (or 10 – I love TABASCO sauce! depending on your hot and spicy tolerance) of Tabasco Pepper Sauce

You want to end up with a slightly thick batter mix and NO HIGHER THAN 1/2 full in your mug. It really raises and fluffs up, so don’t fill up to the top, or you’ll spend more time than this takes to cook, cleaning your microwave.

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients RecipeMix BRISKLY with that spoon, which will shortly be used for gobbling up this yummy snack! At this stage, it doesn’t look particularly appealing …

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients RecipeNow, Nuke on full strength for 1 minute – that is how long it took in our 1100W microwave. Time may vary depending on your settings. I’ve tried a few different settings and recipe ratios and this one comes out moist and the Chili Chocolate taste is just about right I think.

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients RecipeI had to eat all of my ‘testers’, so I’m off to the gym. Bah, one more bite …

Chili Chilli Chocolate Mug Cake Easy 4 Ingredients RecipeYUMMO! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day for the 14 February,


DIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card Title PageDIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card. Make this giant “Sweet” Card (or lolly or candy, depending on where you live). The inspiration came from a little silver pill box that was given to me recently, that opens on its back hinge only. This card opens the same way.

You will need:

  • Manila Folder. I used red. It’s VALENTINE’S DAY 🙂
  • Glitter Spray. Again, I used red…
  • Ribbon. Just a small piece. I used black.
  • Pencil, Eraser, Scissors & Glue.
  • Access to a Printer. Or handwrite your message.

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card StepsHow to :

  • Trace the sweet (lolly/candy) shape onto the manila folder. Be sure to leave a 3cm (just over an inch) ‘hinge’ join on the fold.
  • Use masking tape to create diagonal lines and spray with your glitter spray (outside and not near the neighbours!)
  • Print or hand write your message on paper. Position the text and use the cardboard like a template and make an outline of it onto the paper (flip over if need to). Trim away most of the excess paper, but leave a 5mm around your pencil line. Glue. Now trim the rest of the excess paper (doing it like this helps keep a neat outline finish).
  • Add the ribbon, or other embellishments.
  • Give to your beloved …

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card FinishedClaire

DIY – Cute Cat Candy Container

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Title PageDIY – Cute Cat Candy Container. These little kitties are made from empty toilet rolls and I’ve included the free template below for the cute cat face.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container SuppliesYou will need:

  • Empty Toilet Rolls. I was asking myself whether the size is standard across the world!? The template will accommodate a range of sizes.
  • Glue. I just used the simple stick kind.
  • Scissors. Minimal cutting.
  • Candy / Surprise. To fill for your sweetheart or friend. Wrapped if required.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Steps 1 - 81. Flatten your toilet roll in half and crease.

2. Bring the crease to meet in the middle and then flatten again.

3. You should end up with a square toilet roll.

4. Add glue to the template back, a section at a time. Start with the front (face).

5. Position the face to leave some room for folding both the top and bottom.

6. Cut in at the bottom a little over 1cm on the creases.

7. Fold in – enough to make sure your candy won’t escape!

8. Fold the back of the ‘ears’ first, then the front (like a crescent shape).

DIY - Cute Cat Candy ContainerDIY - Cute Cat Candy Container

Hopefully the receiver will think “You’re the Cats Whiskers” also 🙂


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