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Urban Jungle Bloggers – Offer a Plant to a Friend

ujb urban jungle bloggers offer a plant to a friendThe Urban Jungle Bloggers theme this time is Offer a Plant to a Friend. I decided to make a teeny tiny terrarium necklace.

So the receiver can be seen wearing their green 🙂

You can purchase these little bottles (with cork stopper) online. Add some tiny pieces of charcoal / gravel, a little bit of moss and repurpose an existing necklace, or make one!

mini terrarium moss in jarFor someone who may not know the wonders (and the woes!) of keeping plants, this could be a little introduction for them.


Urban Jungle Bloggers – Happy Green Easter

ubj naleon grow podsThe Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is Happy Green Easter!

naleon grow pod front viewI bought these ‘Grow Pods‘ by Naleon recently …naleon grow pod openThe water tank can sustain soil moisture for up 10 days before refilling and the life span of the watering wick is up to 12 months. (Replacement wicks are available).

naleon grow pod back viewThe Grow Pod mounts with adhesive to timber, concrete, tiles and windows, with a holding power of 3kg, after proper cleaning of the surface prior to attachment.

naleon grow pod curly wurlynaleon grow pod curly wurlynaleon grow pod curly wurly plantsnaleon grow podsI decorated them with washi tape and temporarily attached glitter dots … Big Easter Eggs!

curly wurly juncus effusus spiralis plantThe plant in the picture is Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’, which I grew from seed. It likes continually damp soil, so hopefully it will be happy in its new ‘pod’. I love their spiralled leaves – it’s commonly known as the ‘Curly Wurly’ plant … it suits it well 🙂


Urban Jungle Bloggers – Hanging Planters

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hanging Planters AdorablestUrban Jungle Bloggers – Hanging Planters. Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series hosted by Igor from Happy Interior Blog and Judith from

I’ve recently joined the green and growing community and this is my first post with this months theme being Hanging Planters.

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hanging Planters Woven Hama Beads PlanterI made this a few months back, using hama (melt) beads in a peyote stitch. I’d never made anything like it before and it actually wasn’t as daunting as I first thought. I used this great tutorial from Silverhill Design. It has a simple, yet excellent video to help you understand.

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hanging Planters Woven Hama Beads PlanterClear nylon was used for the bead threading and I used pink cotton cord for the ‘hanger’ part. I used a needle to wiggle my way up through the beads on either side with pink cord. Just don’t use one too thick or it won’t be a smooth ride! The glass tumbler I used inside is tubular –  it does not taper like a drinking glass.  This helps keep the stitching neat.

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hanging Planters Woven Hama Beads PlanterThe succulent is Crassula ovata, or lucky jade plant. I was the lucky one, finding this broken stem which I will soon pot up.

So check out Urban Jungle Bloggers – as their motto says…

Let’s bring some green into our homes and blogs!


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