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DIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Tutorial-AdorablestDIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo. Full How To Tutorial – it is easier than it looks! I really love the look of Terrazzo and it is so on trend at the moment too. This DIY for Faux Terrazzo has actually been idea that has been swooshing inside my head for a couple of months now and I just needed to get the process right before posting and I’m happy to say, it’s finally got the GO AHEAD! I just couldn’t wait to share this easy DIY that looks like terrazzo and you can make it in whatever colours you like!

Ready, Let’s Make FAUX TERRAZZO!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay and of course an oven to bake it in, plus baking paper
  • Wet & Dry Sandpaper 240 or 320
  • Necklace Findings – only if you want to make this into a necklace
  • Sharp X-Acto / Scalpel Knife

How To:

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Polymer-Clay-AdorablestFirst you will need balls of polymer clay – approx 0.5 – 1cm in diameter. The reason there are so many in this photo is sometimes I couldn’t get the colour I wanted, so I’d break off a little bit if the ball was just getting bigger and bigger and start a new ball! Besides, you’ll be turning the oven on, so may as well make the most of it!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Squash-Clay-AdorablestSquash the balls into ‘discs’. They don’t have to be perfectly round, but what is important is that they only need to be 1 – 1.5mm thick. Smooth out the surface as flat and as evenly as you can.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Clay-Baked-AdorablestI baked my Fimo Clay for only about half the recommended time. In this case 10 – 15 minutes.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Close-AdorablestThis is the fun part. Use your fingers to snap away small pieces. Again doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact random is better. Just make sure the edges of the breaks are vertical (and have snapped cleanly). These pieces range from a tiny 1 x 1mm to up to 7mm. It still has a little bit of flex from baking a little less. It will be baked again … later.
DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Ball-Binder-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Binder-Top-Bottom-AdorablestNext, mix up what will be your base and top for the terrazzo. Within my mix above, I used white, transparent and a little bit of granite (Fimo Colour 8020). I didn’t fully mix as I wanted a marble type effect … you’ll see 🙂 Divide the ball into 2 pieces – they will become your top and bottom base for the terrazzo pieces.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-2-AdorablestRoughly make the base part into the shape that you would ultimately like – about 2-3mm thick. In this case, a rectangle as this will be turned into a pendant. Next, position your terrazzo pieces on to the base. Do NOT squish them into the base – they are just sitting on top.DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Clay-AdorablestTake your top part of your polymer clay and make a Terrazzo sandwich 🙂 What you need to do here, is make sure that the little pieces are snugly sandwiched inside the top and bottom and fully surrounded by the clay. It may separate the pieces a little, but that is okay.

Bake this ‘sandwich’ for about another 20 minutes. (Use temperature according to your polymer clay instructions). Remember which way the TOP is!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-AdorablestAfter cooling, use your wet and dry sandpaper to gently grind away some of the surface of the top layer. You may also grind away some fingerprints as I did, so wear gloves if you need to (it can hurt!)

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-2-AdorablestLift it up periodically to check how your terrazzo pieces are showing through – Exciting!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Before-Cutting-AdorablestJust after sanding. (Note: You can also lightly sand the bottom part to smooth off). We are almost there, just a few more steps until you will have your own beautiful faux terrazzo piece.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-After-Cutting-AdorablestUse a sharp scalpel knife to slice into a shape. This will be a rectangle pendant terrazzo piece. Sand again on the wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the edges. I also did not photograph, but I like to give my clay pieces a ‘buff’ with Carnauba Polish.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Necklace-AdorablestGlue on your findings if you are making a necklace and YOU’RE FINISHED!


I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. I mentioned earlier, using transparent, white and the granite for the ‘binder’ – you can see a little bit of marbling going on and the glittery bits in the granite also make it look more authentic.

The best thing is you can make your Faux Terrazzo in whatever colour combination you’d like. Here are some other colour combinations to get your creative juices flowing …

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-1-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-2-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-3-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-4-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-5-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-6-AdorablestIf you like this Polymer Clay Tutorial for Faux Terrazzo, you might also like some of my other Polymer Clay Tutorials.

Thanks! Please Share and Enjoy this Tutorial … Please link back to me for the Full Tutorial 😉

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