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DIY – Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY – Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings. Here is a cute tutorial to make some delicious Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings!

I made these Scented Easter Hot Cross Bun Earrings from polymer clay. I also added some fragrance oil and REAL Dutch Cinnamon. They smell divine – even better after baking too.

Following below is the DIY Tutorial on how to make these. If you don’t want to make them though and just need a pair NOW! I have them sometimes listed on Etsy (if not, they have sold). But contact me or Send me an email and I’ll make you some 😉 as a custom listing.

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To Make these Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings …

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Clear Liquid Fimo or TLS =  Translucent Liquid Sculpey
  • Fragrance Oil
  • ‘Dutch’ Cinnamon (aka Cassia Cinnamon) – spice aisle at supermarket
  • Earring Blanks
  • Glue (like E6000)
  • Non-stick baking paper (small piece)
  • Access to an oven
  • Clean and smooth work surface, like a glass table
  • Toothpick
  • UV Clear Resin
  • Small Brush
  • Artist Pastels

How To:DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 1 to 41. Gather your supplies. You will need a small amount of light tan coloured clay (mix a tiny bit of brown into white). If you only have primary colours (you can make any colour), then mix a tiny bit of black, red and yellow (= brown) into white clay. The ‘fruit’ is a small amount of purple-black clay.

2. Make a tiny pinch pot in your tan clay. Add a couple of drops of fragrance oil. I used Sugar Cookie. It is VERY important that you do not use Alcohol based fragrances (that includes perfumes and food flavouring) because it will ruin your clay. Maybe not straight away, but eventually it will lead to a sticky mess – it reacts and disintegrates it. It MUST be oil based. Fragrances for soap and candle making are usually suitable.

3. Add your Cinnamon. ‘Dutch’ Cinnamon in Australia is the Cassia variety. Pinch it together and knead in gently.

4. You should have a uniform ball of delicious smelling clay.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 5 to 85. Divide into 2 evenly sized balls. About the size of peas.

6. Make into cube shapes.

7. Gently round the corners on the ‘top’ of the bun.

8. With a toothpick, scratch the edges where the bun would be torn.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 9 to 129. Make a slight indent with the edge of the toothpick for the icing.

10. Pick off tiny pieces of the purple-black clay with your toothpick and attach.

11. Bake in your oven for the required time. They smell so good 🙂

12. When cool, use your pastels and brush to give them the ‘baked’ look on top.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 13 to 1613. Mix the ‘icing’. On the right of the picture you can see a mauve liquid. I found that my white artist pastel (shaved with the toothpick) when mixed with Liquid Fimo turned out like this. I didn’t add it to the bun (luckily) and did a test and baked it separately. It still turned out mauve after baking. On the left of the picture you can see I added Liquid Fimo to crumbled plain white Fimo. It took more mixing, but was far better in colour. If your white pastel gives this mauve colour do not use and instead use the second method.

14. Use your toothpick again to fill in the cross with your ‘icing’. Bake for minimal time.

15. I used UV resin just on the top to give a sheen, like glossy Hot Cross Buns have. Use the fine paintbrush from your pastels (clean of course!) to paint on the UV resin. I love this stuff. It was a sunny day, so it cured outside. Because the hot cross buns are not completely covered with resin, the cinnamon and fragrance can still waft.

16. Add a small amount of glue to your earrings and secure your buns! If need be, you can scratch the underside with your toothpick (it’s been handy throughout this tutorial!) to give more ‘bite’ to the adhesion.

DONE! Make and Wear or Make and Share!

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsEaster Bunny says Hoppy Easter!

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DIY – Heart Shaped ‘Knitted’ Accessories with Eraser Clay

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesDIY – Heart Shaped ‘Knitted’ Accessories with Eraser Clay. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner … make these for your Galentine’s gal pals! Think they look too intricate? Trust me, they are easy to make and you’ll have them ready in an afternoon, if not an hour or two. They can be made in to many different accessories like a necklace, earrings, brooch and bobby pins. Plus they have the added bonus of being an actual eraser that WORKS! Follow for the full tutorial.

Make these cute heart accessories with eraser clay! What is eraser clay? It basically feels and moulds into shape almost exactly like regular polymer clay, but after baking this eraser clay, it becomes … you guessed it, an eraser. In fact I think it may even be a little more waxy and easier to deal with than regular polymer clay.

These look like you spent hours weaving with tiny knitting needles, but there is just one basic technique to giving it the ‘knitted’ look, without actually being knitted.

You will need:

  • Eraser Clay
  • Variety of findings depending on your choice ie. brooch pin, bobby pins
  • Glue (like E6000)
  • X-Acto knife / Scalpel (or cookie cutter)
  • Non-stick baking paper (small piece)
  • Access to an oven
  • Clean and smooth work surface, like a glass table
  • Small piece of paper (for template instead of cookie cutter)
  • Scissors

Eraser Clay TutorialHow To:

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay Step by Step1. Cut pieces of clay. I chose pink / white to create a knitted wool look.

2. Gently roll into mini sausages of clay on a smooth surface to the thickness shown.

3. You will need 16 to 20 individual sausages and then pair up (8 to 10 pairs).

4. With two joined straight, gently twist them as one evenly – twist FORWARD.

5. With two joined, gently twist again, this time in a BACKWARDS motion. Join.

6. Continue twisting the pairs to make individual little plaits or braids.

7. Use cookie cutter for larger pieces, Gently press down just like a cookie.

8. For smaller pieces, create a simple template with a pen and cut out with scissors.

9. Use an X-Acto knife for clean edges around the paper template.

10. Finish with one long sausage around the heart. Join at top middle point.

11. Bake for recommended time. Let cool, then glue findings to the eraser clay.

12. Let glue dry, then your cute heart eraser accessories are ready for use!

How easy is that! Just remember to alternate between twisting forwards and backwards. This is what creates the braided look when they are joined together. Evenly twisting also helps to keep the look real, because the braids line up.

With any excess you can easily create the next marble, knit look piece. Just continue to roll your sausages evenly and gently. In the end I only had some tiny pieces left over, so I also made a tiny pair of plain stud (eraser) earrings!

Heart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesHeart Shaped Knitted Eraser Clay AccessoriesThis was a really fun craft and I think they look so much more difficult to make than they actually are. I also like that these are practical as well. Wear these fun eraser clay hearts and have a handy eraser on hand when you need it 😉

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DIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Tutorial-AdorablestDIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo. Full How To Tutorial – it is easier than it looks! I really love the look of Terrazzo and it is so on trend at the moment too. This DIY for Faux Terrazzo has actually been idea that has been swooshing inside my head for a couple of months now and I just needed to get the process right before posting and I’m happy to say, it’s finally got the GO AHEAD! I just couldn’t wait to share this easy DIY that looks like terrazzo and you can make it in whatever colours you like!

Ready, Let’s Make FAUX TERRAZZO!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay and of course an oven to bake it in, plus baking paper
  • Wet & Dry Sandpaper 240 or 320
  • Necklace Findings – only if you want to make this into a necklace
  • Sharp X-Acto / Scalpel Knife

How To:

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Polymer-Clay-AdorablestFirst you will need balls of polymer clay – approx 0.5 – 1cm in diameter. The reason there are so many in this photo is sometimes I couldn’t get the colour I wanted, so I’d break off a little bit if the ball was just getting bigger and bigger and start a new ball! Besides, you’ll be turning the oven on, so may as well make the most of it!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Squash-Clay-AdorablestSquash the balls into ‘discs’. They don’t have to be perfectly round, but what is important is that they only need to be 1 – 1.5mm thick. Smooth out the surface as flat and as evenly as you can.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Clay-Baked-AdorablestI baked my Fimo Clay for only about half the recommended time. In this case 10 – 15 minutes.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Close-AdorablestThis is the fun part. Use your fingers to snap away small pieces. Again doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact random is better. Just make sure the edges of the breaks are vertical (and have snapped cleanly). These pieces range from a tiny 1 x 1mm to up to 7mm. It still has a little bit of flex from baking a little less. It will be baked again … later.
DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Ball-Binder-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Binder-Top-Bottom-AdorablestNext, mix up what will be your base and top for the terrazzo. Within my mix above, I used white, transparent and a little bit of granite (Fimo Colour 8020). I didn’t fully mix as I wanted a marble type effect … you’ll see 🙂 Divide the ball into 2 pieces – they will become your top and bottom base for the terrazzo pieces.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-2-AdorablestRoughly make the base part into the shape that you would ultimately like – about 2-3mm thick. In this case, a rectangle as this will be turned into a pendant. Next, position your terrazzo pieces on to the base. Do NOT squish them into the base – they are just sitting on top.DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Clay-AdorablestTake your top part of your polymer clay and make a Terrazzo sandwich 🙂 What you need to do here, is make sure that the little pieces are snugly sandwiched inside the top and bottom and fully surrounded by the clay. It may separate the pieces a little, but that is okay.

Bake this ‘sandwich’ for about another 20 minutes. (Use temperature according to your polymer clay instructions). Remember which way the TOP is!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-AdorablestAfter cooling, use your wet and dry sandpaper to gently grind away some of the surface of the top layer. You may also grind away some fingerprints as I did, so wear gloves if you need to (it can hurt!)

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-2-AdorablestLift it up periodically to check how your terrazzo pieces are showing through – Exciting!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Before-Cutting-AdorablestJust after sanding. (Note: You can also lightly sand the bottom part to smooth off). We are almost there, just a few more steps until you will have your own beautiful faux terrazzo piece.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-After-Cutting-AdorablestUse a sharp scalpel knife to slice into a shape. This will be a rectangle pendant terrazzo piece. Sand again on the wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the edges. I also did not photograph, but I like to give my clay pieces a ‘buff’ with Carnauba Polish.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Necklace-AdorablestGlue on your findings if you are making a necklace and YOU’RE FINISHED!


I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. I mentioned earlier, using transparent, white and the granite for the ‘binder’ – you can see a little bit of marbling going on and the glittery bits in the granite also make it look more authentic.

The best thing is you can make your Faux Terrazzo in whatever colour combination you’d like. Here are some other colour combinations to get your creative juices flowing …

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-1-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-2-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-3-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-4-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-5-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-6-AdorablestIf you like this Polymer Clay Tutorial for Faux Terrazzo, you might also like some of my other Polymer Clay Tutorials.

Thanks! Please Share and Enjoy this Tutorial … Please link back to me for the Full Tutorial 😉

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DIY – How to Make Sweater Sprinkles with Polymer Clay

diy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Sweater ‘Sprinkles’ with Polymer Clay. I planned to make a different DIY with these supplies earlier, but it didn’t quite pan out how I thought, so I still had them rolling around on my desk.

This is a very easy DIY for a bright pop of colour – Sprinkles for your sweater!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay in ‘Sprinkles’ colours.
  • Pin Badge / Tie Tacks with Clutch.
  • Glue. Strong glue for polymer clay.

How to:

  • Roll your polymer clay into 1cm (or just under half inch) balls and bake according to instructions.

Then …

diy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorial steps

diy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorialdiy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorialdiy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorialdiy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorialOf course these (being pins) are better off poked through sweaters with an open weave (like this waffle knit) so they don’t leaves holes. Remember to remove them before washing too! Yes, slightly silly, but I like the colours and I think they’re fun (and also because they’re not driving me nuts escaping on the floor!)

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diy how to make sprinkles ornaments


DIY – How to Make Faux Coral with Clay

diy faux coral clay how to adorablestDIY – How to Make Faux Coral with Clay. Easy process and make it with a variety of clays or clay substitutes. Originally I was going to make this faux coral with polymer clay, but my white was really quite dry and crumbly. Even my clay softener was dry and I just didn’t feel like fighting with it. I’ve heard that baby oil mixed in with dry clay helps – I will try that … later 🙂 So, what to use?

diy faux coral clay soft white daisoI bought this packet of Soft Clay from Daiso a few weeks ago. It’s white so I thought I’d try it out. It is not like regular clay, but easy to work with. Young kids and the elderly can use this according to the instructions.

Firstly, it is very lightweight. Then there’s the texture – soft obviously like its name, but not sticky. It’s sort of like whipped nougat and breaks off almost like cotton candy! If you look closely, it has a slight fibre texture to it too. If it dries out slightly, you can wet your fingers, but just a tiny amount otherwise it ends up slimy.

You can also roll this (my pieces were small, so I used a pen like a rolling pin) and you can cut pieces with scissors if you want very neat edges!

diy faux coral clay how to tutorialI rolled and moulded a small piece of the clay into a more organic ‘coral’ shape. I used some ‘tools’ that I thought could make interesting patterns and indents in the clay. I found a plastic weaving / beading needle and …

diy faux coral clay toolsI also had this tool, given to me by someone who used to do Pergamano, or Parchment Craft. Basically paper piercing on vellum. I’ve never done this craft, but I kept the tools because you never know when you’ll need to pierce holes in things. Anyway, this came in handy (looks vicious though, doesn’t it!)

diy faux coral clay adorablestI used these and another star-shaped pattern Pergamano tool to randomly create patterns in the clay to try and resemble coral. Find pen lids, pins, even squish up aluminium foil and punch it gently in the clay to create ‘coral’ patterns – you don’t need these particular tools that I just happened to have on hand.

With this Soft Clay, it says to leave to dry for several days, then coat with water-resistant varnish to protect. Even with a coating though, it says do not place works where they are exposed to water, or the outdoors. So NO decorating your fish tanks with this and besides the fish would not appreciate the synthetic glue in the list of ingredients.

diy faux coral clay how toThey could however be used for pendants or a mini wall hanging. I was going to leave them to dry and then try to drill a hole. If that doesn’t work, I’ll glue on a bail. I will follow-up in a few days when they have dried.

Other uses – could be glued to photo frames, or planters for a beachy theme. Glue them in a shape, like a heart, letter or number and coat for protection.  I’m getting excited about the possibilities now – hurry up and dry!

This packet of Soft Clay available from Daiso, like everything else in the store (at Australia Fair on the Gold Coast and many other locations around Australia – check their store locator) cost only $2.80.

or …

Clay Recipe

An easy recipe to make a faux porcelain-like clay that can be used for this faux coral.


1 ¼ cups of bicarb soda (sodium bicarbonate)
¾ cup cornflour (Australia – but made from wheat! huh?) / corn starch in USA / Canada
¾ cup of water


Add to a saucepan and ‘cook’ on low-medium heat until mashed potato-like.

Let cool under a damp tea towel or cloth and it’s ready. It air dries hard like porcelain.

Follow the tutorial for making faux coral as above, but still don’t add it to the fish tank 🙂


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