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DIY – How to Make Folded Paper Balls with Free Template

diy folded paper ball tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Folded Paper Balls with Free Template. Hang them as a garland or use them as shelf decor. As these are quite large ‘balls’ you could even fill them with goodies as an Advent Calendar for Christmas. Free Template and easy instructions to follow.

You will need:

folded circles templates free printable adorablestThese are the PDF templates you need to complete this project like in the picture. Download below and print 2 copies of each:

  • Access to a printer to print templates
  • Scissors
  • Glue (for paper – ‘stick’ kind works great)
  • String (if you want to make a garland)

How to:

diy folded paper ball tutorial steps adorablest1. To make 3 balls, you will need 2 copies of each template. (1 set shown in pic)

2. Cut out the 24 circles. 6 each of marble, coral, navy & mustard.

3. Cut out your triangle template. It is an equilateral triangle to help folding.

4. Place the template in a circle and fold – coloured side up.

5. Continue folding each piece in all colours.

6. Now you’ll have 24 folded circles.

7. Group into 3 piles (of 8). In each 2 of marble, coral, navy & mustard.

8. Glue your pieces.

9. Try to separate the colours. On the last piece to glue …

10. Thread in some string, before gluing the last piece.

diy folded paper ballFolded Paper Balls Garland hanging on a door, so you can see their size.

diy folded paper balldiy-folded-paper-ball-3diy folded paper balldiy folded paper ballIf you want a longer garland, simply repeat the process until you have as many as you need.


DIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card Title PageDIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card. Make this giant “Sweet” Card (or lolly or candy, depending on where you live). The inspiration came from a little silver pill box that was given to me recently, that opens on its back hinge only. This card opens the same way.

You will need:

  • Manila Folder. I used red. It’s VALENTINE’S DAY ūüôā
  • Glitter Spray. Again, I used red…
  • Ribbon. Just a small piece. I used black.
  • Pencil, Eraser, Scissors & Glue.
  • Access to a Printer. Or handwrite your message.

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card StepsHow to :

  • Trace the sweet (lolly/candy) shape onto the manila folder. Be sure to leave a 3cm (just over an inch) ‘hinge’ join on the fold.
  • Use masking tape to create diagonal lines and spray with your glitter spray (outside and not near the neighbours!)
  • Print or hand write your message on paper. Position the text and use the cardboard like a template and make an outline of it onto the paper (flip over if need to). Trim away most of the excess paper, but leave a 5mm around your pencil line. Glue. Now trim the rest of the excess paper (doing it like this helps keep a neat outline finish).
  • Add the ribbon, or other embellishments.
  • Give to your beloved …

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card FinishedClaire

DIY – Cute Cat Candy Container

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Title PageDIY – Cute Cat Candy Container. These little kitties are made from empty toilet rolls and I’ve included the free template below for the cute cat face.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container SuppliesYou will need:

  • Empty Toilet Rolls. I was asking myself whether the size is standard across the world!? The template will accommodate a range of sizes.
  • Glue. I just used the simple stick kind.
  • Scissors. Minimal cutting.
  • Candy / Surprise. To fill for your sweetheart or friend. Wrapped if required.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Steps 1 - 81. Flatten your toilet roll in half and crease.

2. Bring the crease to meet in the middle and then flatten again.

3. You should end up with a square toilet roll.

4. Add glue to the template back, a section at a time. Start with the front (face).

5. Position the face to leave some room for folding both the top and bottom.

6. Cut in at the bottom a little over 1cm on the creases.

7. Fold in – enough to make sure your candy won’t escape!

8. Fold the back of the ‘ears’ first, then the front (like a crescent shape).

DIY - Cute Cat Candy ContainerDIY - Cute Cat Candy Container

Hopefully the receiver will think “You’re the Cats Whiskers” also ūüôā


DIY – Geometric Felt Bowls

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Title PageDIY – Geometric Felt Bowls. These bowls are simple to make from cardstock and felt.

While folding some paper for a different project, I stumbled across making these cute shaped ‘bowls’, so I thought I’d share the outcome. Simple, fun, can be done in an afternoon and on a budget!

You will need:

  • Cardstock. Any colour you please. The gold card used here was from a brochure, the green card was a folder and the black card cut from an old r√©sum√©.
  • Felt. The lighter grey one was the stiffened variety, the rest, plain felt. ¬†Either is fine to use, but the softer kind is probably easier to bend with the cardstock.
  • Glue.¬†PVA glue was used for this project. Anything similar will do.
  • Paper Guillotine, Slicer or Scissors. For cutting your cardstock and felt into similar sized squares.
  • Ruler. For measuring out.
  • Heavy Book. For Flattening.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean workable space and something underneath (like plain paper) when gluing, as you need to go right to the edge and there can be mess!

How to :

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Supplies

  • Slice your cardstock and felt into the same sized squares (in pairs). You can have different sizes, but to each cardstock, ensure a matching sized piece of felt.
  • Glue the felt to the cardstock. Make sure you go right to the edges, but with not too much glue overflow. When finished one, slot it under the heavy book and then start on the next one.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Fold Lines Template

  • There is no need to wait for the glue to harden, in fact it is probably easier to fold while pliable and not set. The diagram above shows where the fold lines will be. Notice the diagonally lines do not cross through the middle. More on this later.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Measuring with Ruler

  • Start by folding into thirds on the vertical plane, then the horizontal plane (or vice versa). This creates the grid. ¬†Whether you like the felt on the inside or the outside, is up to you. Either works.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Partly Folded

  • Once you have the grid, ‘pinch’ in the corner pieces, as per folding diagram. You want to keep the middle square of the grid unfolded. You’ll end up with this.
  • Cut the corners straight across with scissors, so if you flattened it out, it would be an octagon. You could cut into an octagon before the folding stage, but I found it easier to pinch the points, (a little more paper to hold onto) and cutting¬†after folding. Continue to bend so you’re happy with the shape and let the glue dry.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Displayed with JewelleryDIY - Geometric Felt Bowls AdorablestFinished! Fill with your favourite jewellery, trinkets or stationery.


DIY – How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper Picture

DIY - How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper Picture Title Page AdorablestDIY – How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper Picture. How-to, step-by-step tutorial. Make a geometric print by weaving strips of cardboard and paper. ¬†It’s quite simple as long as the strips are as straight as possible and you have the patience!

You will need:

  • Frame. ¬†Mine was from an op shop. I didn’t realise at the time, but this frame had special non-reflective glass in it. Find one with it if you can. Remove any prints, clean and if you want, spray the frame. I liked the original look of mine, so I left it.
  • Papers. 3 different colours. Mix and Match the textures and sizes too – anything up to thin cardboard is suitable to use. I used a large poster cardboard (grey), and A4 sized paper (shiny metallic bronze and textured light aqua). Plus allow for one thicker piece at least the size of the frame – this will be your backing sheet.
  • Paper Guillotine, Slicer or Scissors. To ensure a neat final effect, try to cut the slices as straight as possible. ¬†I used a slicer, but scissors would be fine to use.
  • Ruler & Pencil.¬†For measuring and marking out.
  • Washi tape. Helps when you are starting the weaving process to keep the strips together, without being too sticky, so you can re-position if you need to.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean workable space and as it may be a project undertaken over a few days, someplace it can be left undisturbed if you have room.

DIY - How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper Picture Instructions AdorablestHow to :

  • Slice all your papers into 3cm strips. You could use smaller or larger, depending on the final look you want and how much time you have to complete it.¬†The pictures with the weaving in progress were made with 1cm strips (same colours).
  • Start with 4 or 5 ‘upright’ strips (grey in the picture). Stick these down to your table across the top with a little washi tape. It helps while starting the weaving.
  • Follow the over 1, under 2 weave through the uprights with one colour (slanting diagonally UP) and
  • Over 2, under 1 weave through the uprights with the other colour (slanting diagonally DOWN).
  • Perhaps there is a particular order and logical way to weave this pattern, however I found it easier to look¬†closely at the pattern.¬†Lift and bend the paper to suit.
  • At first it may seem a little confusing. Keep going and you will eventually see the pattern forming and from then it becomes easier. Keep it neat, but don’t worry too much about getting exactly right – you can do this later.
  • As you continue to weave, add more uprights. If you try to add too many at once though, it may become confusing again. Just one or two at a time.
  • If you run out of length of the strips (which will happen for a large piece if you’ve used A4 size paper) as you continue to work across from left to right, just add another strip by using a small amount of tape and attach it behind.
  • Continue until you have enough weaving pattern to fit your frame. Consider if you want to center it also, so in that case you may need to add a few more strips.
  • Lightly tape around all the edges and now you can fiddle getting it ‘just so’.
  • When you are completely happy with it ….”Measure Twice, Cut Once” … Place some stronger masking tape around all the edges and trim around the outside of the tape (keeping the weave secure). Be sure to keep the tape hidden under the outside frame, so consider the thickness of the frame and tape also.
  • The underside can be quite messy, so this is where the backing sheet comes in. Trim the sheet to fit the full size of the frame. I used the grey as it was a thicker sheet and helped blend from the front also. ¬†The backing sheet protects any strips from catching and tearing and finishes it neatly.
  • The frame I used had fold down metal clamps, so they were bent down and

DIY - How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper Picture FinishedDIY - How to Make a Geometric Woven Paper PictureThis project cost about $10 Р$15 in materials. Whilst time consuming, it was somewhat therapeutic and a relaxing project to do overall.  Take your time and Have Fun!

Please note, as I am in Australia, metric is used.

3cm is about 11/4 inches. A4 paper is roughly the equivalent of letter (paper) size.


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