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DIY – How to Make Clay and Coffee Body Scrub with Free Printable Label Sheet

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-AdorablestDIY – How to Make Clay and Coffee Body Scrub.  This is a very simple recipe that you can use with or without the coffee. The coffee used in this scrub is actually from used pods – refrigerated as soon as used, so as to keep fresh. They work great as an exfoliator! Today is St Patrick’s Day, so this includes GREEN clay, but you could also use kaolin or any other body clay. Read on for the full tutorial …

I made a batch of this earlier, but wanted to make sure it didn’t dry out, lasted and kept fresh – and so I can finally give the go ahead and say that it works and keeps great! I didn’t mean for it to coincide with St Patrick’s Day, but since it contains GREEN clay, well let’s just go with that!

DISCLAIMER: Please TEST a small batch to make sure this is suitable for your skin. Some people may find just the (Green Clay) and Soap Free Wash is enough for their skin. Adding the coffee will of course make it more exfoliating and cinnamon can affect some people. Use your common sense, as with all ingredients that you are using on your skin.

You will need:

  • Green Clay. Or kaolin or any other clay that suits your skin.
  • Dermaveen (in Australia). Or a compatible ‘Soap Free Wash’
  • Used Coffee Pod. Must be freshly used and refrigerated immediately after.
  • Container for mixing
  • Spoon 
  • Small Scissors or Nail Scissors CLEAN!
  • Container. Clean and airtight. I think you know where mine is from 😉
  • Printer if you want to print the FREE PRINTABLE LABELS I’ve made for this scrub
  • Sticky tape or Laminator if you want waterproof labels


How To:


Firstly, I need to stress that everything must be CLEAN. Wash your hands and all your implements you’ll be using. In the pictures you may see my fingers all mucked up – this is just so you could see the texture of scrub being made. Even if making for yourself or especially if making for friends as gifts, consider hygiene 🙂 This is also why I only use freshly used and immediately refrigerated coffee pods, as I have seen some not looking too great, if left in the machine for days.

Sprinkle your clay into your container and gradually add squirts of the soap free wash. Mix gently with a spoon.

Keep adding until the mix is able to be rolled and squished, but still hold its shape.

It actually feels like a nice, lightweight texture – nougat like maybe? At this stage you can use just like this, without the coffee and it is a lovely, very slightly exfoliating scrub.

To keep going making the Clay and Coffee Scrub, just keep the clay mixture aside and then open your (cooled) coffee pod with scissors.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-Steps-9-16Before experimenting for this How To, I had never ventured into a used coffee pod before. This brand has a filter on the top and the bottom. I’m not sure if all pods are made like this?

Gently pry the filter out and add the coffee grinds to your green clay and soap wash mix. Depending on how grainy you like it, keep adding, but don’t make it too harsh.

Optional – You can add just a TINY amount of cinnamon. Be careful as it can stimulate the blood vessels of the skin.

Ensure completely mixed through and then fill your chosen container with your fresh batch. I keep mine in the fridge for freshness, but use within a couple of weeks.

I DON’T have sensitive skin on my face, therefore I have used this on my face as well as my body in the shower – but some may find it too harsh for their face. It is good a ‘Gardener’s Soap’ to help remove dirt stains on your hands too.

As mentioned before, use your common sense and TEST A BATCH FIRST! Everyone is different. I actually did a test of this on someone and the cinnamon, let’s just say, really brought their blood to their face – looked like they’d spent 3 hours in the middle of the day sun! It settled down and there were no long term consequences, but this ingredient must be used sparingly or not at all.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Free-Printable-AdorablestDIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-2Click Here for the FREE PRINTABLE CLAY AND COFFEE BODY SCRUB LABELS to finish your project. If you’ll be using the scrub in a wet area (and your printer ink may run), consider covering with sticky tape or laminating if you really want to keep the water out. Mod Podge may also work here to attach, seal and protect.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-1There we have it … hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know if you make some.

Please Note: FREE PRINTABLE Labels for personal use only and not for commercial product or for re-sale – Thanks!


DIY – Coffee Painting : Faceted Gemstone On Plywood

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone tutorial adorablestDIY – Coffee Painting : Faceted Gemstone on Plywood. This faceted gemstone is easy, even for the non-artist (like me)! The template for the gemstone is supplied so all you’ll need are some simple supplies from the hardware store, your craft drawer and the kitchen cupboard.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone supplies You will need:

  • Plywood. Mine was approx. 30 x 40cm. A piece to fit the template.
  • Pencil. I used a 4B. HB will suffice, 2B better, 4B or 6B best.
  • Ruler. For measuring and drawing straight lines.
  • Paintbrushes. Nothing fancy needed.
  • Washi Tape. Best for re-positioning if you need to.
  • Mod Podge. Matte kind.
  • Palette. Something to mix your coffee in. A plate is fine too.
  • Instant Coffee. I used Moccona brand if you want to know.
  • Cuticle Pusher. Or similar.

You will also need (not pictured):

  • Tissues and water.

How to :

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone graphite transferPrint out the template, flip over and ‘colour-in’ with your pencil. ie. the old-fashioned tracing method. If you have graphite transfer paper, great use that. I don’t have any and it’s $40 to buy 🙁 Put on some music to scribble in rhythm to and it will be done in no time.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone pencil transferWhen you’ve completed all the ‘colouring’, flip it back the right way around, center it on the ply and hold it in place with washi tape.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone tracingWith your cuticle pusher and ruler, draw over each line of the template, to transfer the graphite pencil on the back, onto the plywood.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone graphite transfer progessLift the page occasionally to see how the transfer process is progressing.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone mod podge sealingMod Podge. This is an important step – Do not skip it! I tried without it and the coffee bled into the grain of the plywood and looked terrible. Squirt a little, then rub with your fingers into the areas where you will be painting, paying attention to cover.

Keep doing in batches until the whole area is ‘sealed’. Doing it in smaller batches allows you to get a thin even layer of Mod Podge, rather than trying to do the whole area with a giant blob. Also doing it with your hands allows you to really fill in the grain of the plywood. Leave to dry for at least 20 minutes.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone paletteNext, put a few granules of instant coffee on your ‘palette’.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone mixingAdd the tiniest drops of water. Add less water for a stronger colour. Leave some granules whole so you can get a really deep colour when you need to.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone outlineBegin by outlining one triangle, then filling in. Mix different strengths of coffee to create varying effects. I am NOT an artist, so anyone should be able to do this! Just have a steady hand, but if you do make a mistake, quickly blot it off with a tissue.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone trianglesMaking progress. Choose each triangle so you palm won’t accidently smudge it either.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstoneLeave it to dry flat for at least 10 minutes, in case of any coffee drips. That’s it! Display your Coffee Gem Art.

diy coffee painting faceted gemstone flatlaydiy coffee painting faceted gemstone displaydiy coffee painting faceted gemstone vignette foxI like the coffee painting leaning against the wall, but I’m thinking I might add some chain to hang it.


DIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock

diy how to make a phone case from a sockDIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock. My phone used to live in a drawstring bag – the soft kind usually for sunglasses. The cover was black and with the interior of my bag also being black, it made for a comical scene whenever my phone rang, with me rummaging about.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesSo, I made a Phone Sock in a lighter colour. It’s an easy DIY if you want to make one too.

You will need:

  • Socks or Toddler Leggings. Contrasting colour to the interior of the bag!
  • Scissors. Sharp.
  • Thread. Matching colour.
  • Needle. Regular kind.
  • Pen. Felt tip kind (you need it to mark fabric).
  • Cactus Template. Or any other design you like.
  • Felt. Regular ‘soft’ kind.
  • Beads. If you make the cactus design, a few little green beads.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesAlso helps to have (not pictured):

  • Mod Podge. I realised as I made the cactus, it helps to have. Explained below.
  • Small Paintbrush. Flat, thin one to paint on the Mod Podge.
  • Clear Nylon Thread. As well as the matching thread.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cuttingStart by cutting the toddler leggings with a sharp pair of scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after cuttingDepending on the size of your phone, you can make 4 of these phone socks, as the top and bottom are the same (not like normal socks).

diy how to make a phone case from a sock sewTurn it inside out and sew (machine or hand) across the bottom – a small seam allowance.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after sewingYou can use it just like this, or if you like the cactus design … keep following …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outlineCut out your design & turn upside down onto your material, which is also upside down …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline with pen… So when you trace the design with your pen, no ink will be visible on the FRONT.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline on feltUnderside.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cutting cactusTrim around the design with sharp scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock bead placementFlip it over – no ink showing 🙂 Next, position the beads where you’d like.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock beads sewnI sewed the seed beads so they lay flat – I liked the little hole to show in the middle. This is also where I used the clear nylon thread, instead of regular thread, to keep a simple finish.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock stitching cactusThis is where I used Mod Podge – around the edges of the cactus to stop them fluffing up so much and will help with wear and tear. It dries clear – you can see it, not quite dry yet in the photo.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedUse a simple stitch around the outside of the cactus to finish it off.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedThat’s it. If you used the leggings, you can make 3 more and give to friends!diy how to make a phone case from a sock finished

DIY – Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets

diy make gold nugget fridge magnets adorablestDIY – Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets. Make these faux gold nuggets for your refrigerator. You (or your fridge!) will feel like a million gold nugget fridge magnets suppliesYou will need:

  • Small Rocks. A little rough for realism, smallish and have a flat ‘gluing’ side.
  • Old Toothbrush. For cleaning the rocks.
  • Gold Leaf or Faux Gold Leaf. I purchased some inexpensive ‘flakes’.
  • Brush. Small paintbrush.
  • Magnets. These are neodymium magnets. Tiny but super strong.
  • Mod Podge. I used the matte kind.

You will also need (not pictured):

  • Strong Glue. E6000 or similar.

diy gold nugget fridge magnetsfaux gold nugget fridge magnetsmake faux gold nugget fridge magnetsHow to :

  • Clean your rocks – an old toothbrush works well. Dry thoroughly.
  • Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over rock and gradually add the gold leaf.
  • When fully covered with gold leaf, seal with an all over coat of Mod Podge.
  • Glue your magnets to the flattest side.

make faux gold nuggetsdiy gold nugget fridge magnets adorablest

This post contains affiliate links. Please click HERE for more information.


DIY – Doggy Day Bed

DIY - Doggy Day Bed Title PageDIY – Doggy Day Bed. Transform a floor cushion into a comfy (and stylish) day bed for your furry friend(s).

You will need:

  • Large Cushion Cover.  I found one (64cm / 25″ square) at an op shop for $1.
  • Mod Podge. I used the Matte kind.  This is the first time I’ve used Mod Podge!
  • Glitter. Superfine in whatever colour you please.  I used Light Gold.
  • Container. To mix your glue and glitter.
  • Sponge Brush. Actually it’s just easier to use your finger – if you don’t mind mess.
  • Hobby Knife. Nice and Sharp – Be Careful!
  • Cardboard. Small piece for making your stencil / template.
  • Stuffing.  I bought a couple of pillows for stuffing. ($5 for 2 from Target Australia)
  • Comfort Seeking Pet.  ‘Model’ is my 14 year old ‘puppy’ 🙂

DIY - Doggy Day Bed How ToHow to :

  • Think about the design you’d like and how to repeat it.  I chose a random rectangle. Some other ideas are polka dots, triangles, hearts or bones.
  • Cut out your design in the cardboard with the hobby knife.
  • Mix equal parts of Mod Podge and glitter in a small quantity into a container. ‘Paint’ this mixture into your stencil onto the cushion. Using your finger works well.  Don’t go too thick.  You can always go over a second time if it needs more.
  • Continue around the edge of the cushion.  I chose to only do the outer edges, because my dog is a terrier and likes to dig (and will probably remove the glitter!) and also just in case it is itchy on the skin. (This was not problem as per photos!)
  • Stuff with the stuffing.  I like to recycle where I can, but I did not have any spare pillows and decided to get some new (clean) ones – they were only $5 from Target.
  • Last picture – Do you think it is comfy? 🙂

DIY - Doggy Day Bed SittingDIY - Doggy Day BedThe glitter seems to be holding well so far. I’ll touch up where necessary.  Have to say I’m impressed with Mod Podge.  It’s not so readily available here in Australia, but happy that I searched it out after reading many a northern hemisphere craft blog singing its praises!


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