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DIY – Kmart Hack – Make a Planter from a Metal Lantern

diy kmart metal lantern hack adorablestDIY – Kmart Hack – Make a Planter from a Metal Lantern. Kmart Hacks are so popular. You can make expensive looking items from inexpensive items available at Kmart. Like recently in a magazine, I saw a beautiful copper bowl in a geometric cube, but unfortunately it had the not so beautiful price tag of nearly $300 and thus out of my price range.

So when I saw the yellow Kmart Metal Lantern for the princely sum of just $8 – it sparked an idea. Here is the outcome and I’ve made a tutorial on how to make this geometric planter if you’d like to make one too.

kmart yellow metal lantern without glass insertThe Kmart Metal Lantern before the ‘Hack’ in its original state (minus the glass insert) – $8 from Kmart Australia. You can also buy a turquoise green one (slightly taller) for $10. Bargain. You will need one of these.

kmart metal lantern hack bar removedFor this Kmart Hack, you will need a Hack Saw. CAREFULLY saw in between ONE of the weld joins where the cross bar meets the base. If you can, without warping the metal, remove the second one. Saw a little if need be, you don’t want to bend it out of shape.

diy kmart metal lantern hack sandingUse a file to file the metal flat, then use sandpaper to finish. Give a light sand all over the cube in readiness for the painting. I used wet and dry (very fine) sandpaper for the job.

rust-oleum satin blossom white spray paintI used Rust-Oleum brand spray paint – About $12 from Bunnings. It comes in many colours (and also gloss and flat white). I chose Satin Blossom White. It gave excellent coverage and sprayed very evenly. Kmart spray paint is also available if you don’t want to make a second trip though.

diy kmart metal lantern hack painted whitediy kmart metal lantern hack with corelle bowlFor the bowl, I found the perfect fit after looking in a few different places. This bowl is from Woolworths – $7. It is Corelle Brand. Have a look in crockery section. Others will fit, but may sit up a little at the top. This bowl has a slight lip, so slots in just right.

diy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsdiy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsdiy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsFill with your favourite plants, or use a fruit bowl. I filled mine with a cactus and air plants. Total cost is under $30 (as compared to $300), for this Kmart DIY job, so I’m very pleased with the result. A minimalist look for minimal dollars 🙂 If you like this Kmart planter hack, give it a go!


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