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DIY – Vegan Roving for Needle Felting

DIY Vegan Roving for Needle FeltingDIY – Vegan Roving for Needle Felting. Easy tutorial for using acrylic yarn to create roving to use in needle felting projects!

Have you ever found the perfect colour for a needle felting project in a yarn and wondered if you could make it into roving? Have you ever found the perfect colour for a needle felting project in an ACRYLIC yarn and wondered if it was even possible to make it into roving?

Yes! and Yes! and it couldn’t be easier. Please note that using this tutorial for acrylic yarn works for NEEDLE FELTING projects. You may have to experiment if it works with wet felting.

Basically …DIY Vegan Roving for Needle FeltingYou will need:

  • Acrylic Yarn
  • Hairbrush with finer bristles – make sure it is clean!
  • Scissors
  • For needlefelting – you’ll need your tools!


How to:DIY Vegan Roving for Needle Felting1. Cut your yarn into 30cm strands or less. Gently pull apart the plys of the yarn.

2. When you have about 12 to 20 strands, neaten and roughly hold in the middle.

3. While holding firmly, brush the strands, starting at the ends (like knotty hair!)

4. Pieces will break off. Continue to brush until all the strands are ‘fluffy’.

5. Gather your fluff! It doesn’t take much to create a wad of vegan roving this size.

6. This tutorial assumes you know how to needle felt. I made a couple of spheres.

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DIY Vegan Roving for Needle FeltingEasy! I found that the vegan version works just as well as using wool and this way you can match the colour from a previous project you’ve made if you need to. The crochet cushion above uses the same neon pink yarn and now that I can needle felt with it, it opens a whole new world of possibilities!

I originally made the pink spheres for pink (instead of the usual mustard) billy button flowers – just a ball of the end of a piece of florist wire basically, but I’ll try to think of something a little more interesting for another tutorial ūüôā Any ideas?

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DIY – Boho Chevron Wall Hanging

Adorablest DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY РBoho Chevron Wall Hanging. An Easy to make,  piece for your wall! Full tutorial to follow.

Thank You to Endless Leather. I was sent some samples to try and use in a DIY Project. I was thinking of making bracelets, but this idea came to me instead – I hope you like it! While this is an (unpaid) sponsored post, all content, opinions are and always will be my own.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingEndless Leather sent me, from Left to Right:

(Click below to take you to the product category if interested) and to make this DIY Boho Chevron Wall Hanging just like above …

  • Cork Cords – Natural / Gold 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre) – ¬†Flecks of gold on this natural cork flat cord are very pretty. ¬†It’s also available in silver. Soft to work and easy to cut with scissors.
  • Buffalo Leather Lace – Whisky 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre)¬†– Rich colour, you will need a sharp scalpel for slicing this product.
  • Round Leather Cords High Quality – Navy 5mm (x 1 metre) – Navy blue! Something a little different. I lightly sanded the side for gluing to ensure it adhered well. Scalpel for slicing.
  • Cork Cord – Pastel White 10mm x 2mm (x 1 metre) – Natural cork again, with a white coating. Very pretty. Thicker than the natural cord with gold (above) – so you will need your scalpel.

You could use just these products to make your Wall Hanging, but I mixed it up a little with some odd ribbons and trims I had on hand too.

You will need:

  • Cords¬†as listed above from Endless Leather (check them out – HUGE range!)
  • Various Ribbons and Trims¬†including a small piece of string for hanging
  • Scalpel / Xacto Knife¬†Best for slicing cords rather than scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Scissors¬†For cutting ribbons and trims
  • Stiffened Felt Fabric Buy a long enough piece for your wall hanging
  • Glue¬†Choose one suitable for gluing cords. I used Aldi Brand Craft Super Glue.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Something sharp¬†To poke a hole in the felt for the hanging thread
  • Large Needle¬†¬†To pull the hanging thread through or poke through!

How To:

DIY Boho Chevron Wall Hanging1. Gather your supplies.

2. Work out your lengths to cut on the angle (chevron). This is an important step.

3. Note how you need to cut LONGER. The length is longer when horizontal.

4. Allow for this diagonal measurement to ensure you have enough length.

5. Finish slicing and cutting all your cords. Lay out and take a PHOTO!

6. Draw a centre line on your felt and start gluing. Get your angle right!

7. Continue gluing and check with a ruler that you’re even on both sides.

8. Finish by slicing the excess cord from the top and bottom after your final gluing.

9. Poke a small hole with something sharp, then thread your hanging cord through.

10. Tie a small knot and glue down firmly.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDisplay your finished piece! Note the tassel trim on the bottom. I glued this on, then the last piece glued down was actually the whisky colour (over the top part of the tassel trim) to neatly finish over the tassel trim. You may have some slight trimming on the side too – just slice and cut away any excess to keep the lines straight and neat at the sides.

DIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingDIYBoho Chevron Wall HangingDIY Boho Chevron Wall HangingThank You to Endless Leather. While this is an (unpaid) sponsored post (cords were supplied), all content, opinions are and always will be my own.


DIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock

diy how to make a phone case from a sockDIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock. My phone used to live in a drawstring bag – the soft kind usually for sunglasses. The cover was black and with the interior of my bag also being black, it made for a comical scene whenever my phone rang, with me rummaging about.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesSo, I made a Phone Sock in a lighter colour. It’s an easy DIY if you want to make one too.

You will need:

  • Socks or Toddler Leggings. Contrasting colour to the interior of the bag!
  • Scissors. Sharp.
  • Thread. Matching colour.
  • Needle. Regular kind.
  • Pen. Felt tip kind (you need it to mark fabric).
  • Cactus Template. Or any other design you like.
  • Felt. Regular ‘soft’ kind.
  • Beads.¬†If you make the cactus design, a few little green beads.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesAlso helps to have (not pictured):

  • Mod Podge. I realised as I made the cactus, it helps to have. Explained below.
  • Small Paintbrush. Flat, thin one to paint on the Mod Podge.
  • Clear Nylon Thread. As well as the matching thread.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cuttingStart by cutting the toddler leggings with a sharp pair of scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after cuttingDepending on the size of your phone, you can make 4 of these phone socks, as the top and bottom are the same (not like normal socks).

diy how to make a phone case from a sock sewTurn it inside out and sew (machine or hand) across the bottom – a small seam allowance.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after sewingYou can use it just like this, or if you like the cactus design … keep following …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outlineCut out your design & turn upside down onto your material, which is also upside down …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline with pen…¬†So when you trace the design with your pen, no ink will be visible on the¬†FRONT.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline on feltUnderside.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cutting cactusTrim around the design with sharp scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock bead placementFlip it over – no ink showing ūüôā Next, position the beads where you’d like.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock beads sewnI sewed the seed beads so they lay flat – I liked the little hole to show in the middle. This is also where I used the clear nylon thread, instead of regular thread, to keep a simple finish.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock stitching cactusThis is where I used Mod Podge Рaround the edges of the cactus to stop them fluffing up so much and will help with wear and tear. It dries clear Рyou can see it, not quite dry yet in the photo.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedUse a simple stitch around the outside of the cactus to finish it off.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedThat’s it. If you used the leggings, you can make 3 more and give to friends!diy how to make a phone case from a sock finished

DIY – Cute Cactus Pin

diy cute cactus pin brooch adorablestDIY – Cute Cactus Pin. This little desert friend was repurposed from a faux leather purse that was torn on the inside. The green colour lends itself to being made into something plant based, I thought and cacti are always popular.

diy cute cactus pin brooch tutorialHow to :

1. Find a purse that you can repurpose. Green is good, but it doesn’t have to be.

2. Draw some designs or use mine as a template. Just keep it fairly simple.

3. Cut out your design with some sharp scissors.

4. Trim a piece of faux leather from the purse and then trace your design onto it.

5. Note: My cactus was cut in two sections, just because it fit better on the fabric.

6. Glue to a backing piece of stiff felt. Use a single piece of fabric for strength.

7. Trim around the backing felt. Nail scissors were useful for this.

8. Glue on the ‘pin’ part. I used a tie tack or use a bar brooch pin or an old badge.

cute cactus spot polka dot pin broochI added some dots of colour with nail polish, using a toothpick for easy application. These colours are gold/bronze, pale blue and navy blue. (I mixed black and blue to make navy).

cute cactus polka dot pin broochdiy cute cactus pin broochCacti require very little watering anyway, but this one will require none. Pin to your shirt, bag, hat, whatever. If you’ve got a purse or bag that’s cactus, make a cactus I say!


DIY – Peter Pan Collar Pot Plants

diy peter pan collar pot plants adorablestDIY – Peter Pan Collar Pot Plants. Make these preppy pot decorations in an afternoon. Slightly ridiculous, but fun! I’ve also made them so they’re interchangeable, so you can mix and match and play dress up with your plant pots. Here’s how…

diy peter pan collar pot plants suppliesYou will need:

  • Scrap Fabric. Raid your cupboard for ill-fitting clothes, or find at Op shops.
  • Plant Pot. Any kind, any colour.
  • Felt. I used the stiffened, but thin type.
  • Glue. As long as it glues fabric. I used E6000.
  • Glass or Cup.¬†In proportion to the pot to make your ‘collars’.
  • Pen. To mark out your semicircle on the felt.
  • Scissors. Any as long as they’re sharp!

You will also need (not pictured until later):

  • Sticky Velcro Dots. I used 16mm size.

diy peter pan collar pot plants instructionsHow to :

  • Use your cup as a template to mark out some collar shapes on the felt.
  • Cut a pair (or more) of these with your scissors.
  • Position (but don’t glue yet) the felt on the fabric. Cut around leaving a 1cm gap.
  • Ensure fabric is the right side showing, then glue the bottom into position.
  • Cut your fabric along the curves every so often – this helps with a neat curve later.
  • Glue down these segments individually.
  • At the corner, if the fabric is thick, simply snip a little away before glueing.
  • You could leave as is, with the felt or glue fabric to neaten the reverse also.
  • Get your Velcro dots and notice the difference with the hook and loops.
  • Stick two dots on each collar near the edge. I used the fluffy (loop) side on the collar.
  • Position the hook side on the dot (upside down) on each dot already stuck down.
  • NOW stick to your pot.
  • Doing it this way helps the dots to line up correctly = less frustration!

diy peter pan collar pot plantspeter pan collar pot plantsRepeat for the other side of the collar and that’s it. If you want to mix and match your collars on different pots, just ensure the Velcro dots line up on each collar and each pot.

Points to Note:

  • The Velcro dots do stick out a tiny bit, so you could permanently glue the collars to the pot if that bothers you (but you won’t be able to play pot dress-ups).
  • I also think the houndstooth collars I made in the background are a little big – the circle needs to be ‘shallower’, so I’ll fix them later.
  • The plant in the main picture is a Spider Plant¬†Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’.
  • ‘Vittatum’ has green leaves with a white central stripe and
  • ‘Variegatum’ is the opposite with a green central stripe and white edges!
  • It was rescued recently from a roadside stall for $2.50 ūüôā


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