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DIY – Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY – Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings. Here is a cute tutorial to make some delicious Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings!

I made these Scented Easter Hot Cross Bun Earrings from polymer clay. I also added some fragrance oil and REAL Dutch Cinnamon. They smell divine – even better after baking too.

Following below is the DIY Tutorial on how to make these. If you don’t want to make them though and just need a pair NOW! I have them sometimes listed on Etsy (if not, they have sold). But contact me or Send me an email and I’ll make you some ๐Ÿ˜‰ as a custom listing.

Etsy Logo Adorablest

To Make these Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings …

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Clear Liquid Fimo or TLS =ย  Translucent Liquid Sculpey
  • Fragrance Oil
  • ‘Dutch’ Cinnamon (aka Cassia Cinnamon) – spice aisle at supermarket
  • Earring Blanks
  • Glue (like E6000)
  • Non-stick baking paper (small piece)
  • Access to an oven
  • Clean and smooth work surface, like a glass table
  • Toothpick
  • UV Clear Resin
  • Small Brush
  • Artist Pastels

How To:DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 1 to 41. Gather your supplies. You will need a small amount of light tan coloured clay (mix a tiny bit of brown into white). If you only have primary colours (you can make any colour), then mix a tiny bit of black, red and yellow (= brown) into white clay. The ‘fruit’ is a small amount of purple-black clay.

2. Make a tiny pinch pot in your tan clay. Add a couple of drops of fragrance oil. I used Sugar Cookie. It is VERY important that you do not use Alcohol based fragrances (that includes perfumes and food flavouring) because it will ruin your clay. Maybe not straight away, but eventually it will lead to a sticky mess – it reacts and disintegrates it. It MUST be oil based. Fragrances for soap and candle making are usually suitable.

3. Add your Cinnamon. ‘Dutch’ Cinnamon in Australia is the Cassia variety. Pinch it together and knead in gently.

4. You should have a uniform ball of delicious smelling clay.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 5 to 85. Divide into 2 evenly sized balls. About the size of peas.

6. Make into cube shapes.

7. Gently round the corners on the ‘top’ of the bun.

8. With a toothpick, scratch the edges where the bun would be torn.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 9 to 129. Make a slight indent with the edge of the toothpick for the icing.

10. Pick off tiny pieces of the purple-black clay with your toothpick and attach.

11. Bake in your oven for the required time. They smell so good ๐Ÿ™‚

12. When cool, use your pastels and brush to give them the ‘baked’ look on top.

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings Tutorial Steps 13 to 1613. Mix the ‘icing’. On the right of the picture you can see a mauve liquid. I found that my white artist pastel (shaved with the toothpick) when mixed with Liquid Fimo turned out like this. I didn’t add it to the bun (luckily) and did a test and baked it separately. It still turned out mauve after baking. On the left of the picture you can see I added Liquid Fimo to crumbled plain white Fimo. It took more mixing, but was far better in colour. If your white pastel gives this mauve colour do not use and instead use the second method.

14. Use your toothpick again to fill in the cross with your ‘icing’. Bake for minimal time.

15. I used UV resin just on the top to give a sheen, like glossy Hot Cross Buns have. Use the fine paintbrush from your pastels (clean of course!) to paint on the UV resin. I love this stuff. It was a sunny day, so it cured outside. Because the hot cross buns are not completely covered with resin, the cinnamon and fragrance can still waft.

16. Add a small amount of glue to your earrings and secure your buns! If need be, you can scratch the underside with your toothpick (it’s been handy throughout this tutorial!) to give more ‘bite’ to the adhesion.

DONE! Make and Wear or Make and Share!

DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun Earrings DIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsDIY Scented Hot Cross Bun EarringsEaster Bunny says Hoppy Easter!

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DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots


DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots. Looking for a simple but cute wrap for a few little eggs for your little ones to give to their friends, or even for us big kids to give to their friends and colleagues? or Have you left Easter gifts until the last minute? For this simple DIY, you will just need access to a printer and few simple stationery and craft supplies. Read on for the full How To.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Supplies-AdorablestYou will need:

  • Glue. I used UHU Stick Glue, but any craft paper glue will do.
  • Scissors, sticky tape (tiny amount) and Green Ribbon or Ric Rac

How To:

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-1-AdorablestEaster-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-2-AdorablestCut along the edges, remembering to cut around the GLUE HERE area and then through the middle. One print out makes two carrots.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-1-AdorablestPlace a little glue in the GLUE HERE area ๐Ÿ™‚

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-2-Adorablest Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-3-AdorablestTwirl it into position, starting at the point and keep the line so you can no longer see any white.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-1-AdorablestWhere the join is, slightly flatten and create a crease.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-2-AdorablestBend in the edges slightly.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Filling-Eggs-Adorablestย At this point, add your treats. About 3-4 small eggs will fit in.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Taping-AdorablestThen bring together the other sides and tape. I taped ‘across’ in this picture to show what was going on, but taping ‘downwards’ probably works best.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Ric-Rac-AdorablestCut your green ric rac or ribbon to about 15cm or 6 inches. Tie it around the top join where it is taped.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-1-AdorablestPrint and make as many as you need as gifts!Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-2-AdorablestQuick before that little bunny eats them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Easter!


Urban Jungle Bloggers – Happy Green Easter

ubj naleon grow podsTheย Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is Happy Green Easter!

naleon grow pod front viewI bought these ‘Grow Pods‘ by Naleon recently …naleon grow pod openThe water tank can sustain soil moisture for up 10 days before refilling and the life span of the watering wick is up to 12 months. (Replacement wicks are available).

naleon grow pod back viewThe Grow Pod mounts with adhesive to timber, concrete, tiles and windows, with a holding power of 3kg, after proper cleaning of the surface prior to attachment.

naleon grow pod curly wurlynaleon grow pod curly wurlynaleon grow pod curly wurly plantsnaleon grow podsI decorated them with washi tape and temporarily attached glitter dots … Big Easter Eggs!

curly wurly juncus effusus spiralis plantThe plant in the picture isย Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’, which I grew from seed. It likes continually damp soil, so hopefully it will be happy in its new ‘pod’. I love their spiralled leaves – it’s commonly known as the ‘Curly Wurly’ plant … it suits it well ๐Ÿ™‚


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