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DIY – How to Make Button Flowers

diy how to make button flowersDIY – How to Make Button Flowers. Urban Jungle Bloggers have asked bloggers to style up their homes for October and submit photos of … Plants & Flowers. I’ve also been thinking about Button Craft, so I’ve brought the two together to bring you Plants and … Button Flowers! To follow is a DIY – How to Make Button Flowers.

You will need:

  • Buttons. An assortment to find different sizes and colours
  • Florist Wire. 22 or 24 Gauge. 20 gauge works, but is a little thick
  • Blu-Tack. But green 🙂 I already had bright blue and yellow and mixed
  • Jewelry Snips. To trim excess wire if you have it

How to:stacks of coloured buttonsstacks of coloured buttonsstacks of coloured buttonsFirst gather your buttons and decide on the colour of each stack. Play around until you have your button flower colour scheme sorted.

tutorial steps how to make button flowersMaking button flowers is easy. Simply thread your wire through all the holes.

Make a bend in the wire, long enough to thread back through and make a twist.

If you have a four-holed button, make sure you thread diagonally across.

With a two-holed button, go up through one and down through the other.

Do this for each stack of buttons.

To finish, twist the wires together. Snip excess wire if you have any.

how to make button flowersI have made button flowers before without finishing with the green tack, but to make these button flowers a bit more finished and pretty, I simply squished some green tack to create a ‘calyx’ for the flower.

Now you’ll have button flowers on stems. Poke the wire into whatever you want to decorate. In this case …

button flowers in cactus gardenbutton flowers in cactus gardenbutton flowers in cactus gardenbutton flowers close upbutton flowers in cactus planterbutton flowers in cactus planterbutton flowers in cactus planterButton flowers add a POP of colour to your plants!

If you like the planter it is in, you can find it here – DIY – Kmart Hack – Make a Planter from a Metal Lantern.


DIY – Scented Cherry Pom Poms for Clothes Hangers

diy cherry pom pom scented coat hangerDIY – Scented Cherry Pom Poms for Clothes Hangers will help to keep your clothes smelling fresh in the cupboard. Easy to make and assemble.

You will need:

  • Red Wool (I used ‘hairy’ kind)
  • Green Ribbon or Cord
  • Pom Pom Kit (or make one with card and scissors)
  • Scissors
  • A clipboard
  • Scented Oil of your choice

Make two Pom Poms. I recently bought a Pom Pom Making Kit and I found a great tutorial from Meet me at Mikes on how to use one (very similar), or there are many how-to make the traditional pom poms out there, if you don’t have a making kit.

When finishing off your Pom Pom, leave one of the tying strings a little longer and tie a piece of green ribbon to it, so it will become the ‘stalk’.

Do that to each of your Pom Poms and then tie both the stalks together, like a shoelace, into a bow.

Spray, or rub a few drops of your favourite oil into the palm of your hands and then rub into the ‘cherries’.

Hang in your cupboard to freshen your clothes, or scare away the moths! Re-apply the scented oil as needed when it starts to fade.
cherry pom pom coathanger cherry pom pom clothes hanger cherry pom pom clothes hanger scented cherry pom pom scented coat hanger


DIY – Kmart Hack – Make a Planter from a Metal Lantern

diy kmart metal lantern hack adorablestDIY – Kmart Hack – Make a Planter from a Metal Lantern. Kmart Hacks are so popular. You can make expensive looking items from inexpensive items available at Kmart. Like recently in a magazine, I saw a beautiful copper bowl in a geometric cube, but unfortunately it had the not so beautiful price tag of nearly $300 and thus out of my price range.

So when I saw the yellow Kmart Metal Lantern for the princely sum of just $8 – it sparked an idea. Here is the outcome and I’ve made a tutorial on how to make this geometric planter if you’d like to make one too.

kmart yellow metal lantern without glass insertThe Kmart Metal Lantern before the ‘Hack’ in its original state (minus the glass insert) – $8 from Kmart Australia. You can also buy a turquoise green one (slightly taller) for $10. Bargain. You will need one of these.

kmart metal lantern hack bar removedFor this Kmart Hack, you will need a Hack Saw. CAREFULLY saw in between ONE of the weld joins where the cross bar meets the base. If you can, without warping the metal, remove the second one. Saw a little if need be, you don’t want to bend it out of shape.

diy kmart metal lantern hack sandingUse a file to file the metal flat, then use sandpaper to finish. Give a light sand all over the cube in readiness for the painting. I used wet and dry (very fine) sandpaper for the job.

rust-oleum satin blossom white spray paintI used Rust-Oleum brand spray paint – About $12 from Bunnings. It comes in many colours (and also gloss and flat white). I chose Satin Blossom White. It gave excellent coverage and sprayed very evenly. Kmart spray paint is also available if you don’t want to make a second trip though.

diy kmart metal lantern hack painted whitediy kmart metal lantern hack with corelle bowlFor the bowl, I found the perfect fit after looking in a few different places. This bowl is from Woolworths – $7. It is Corelle Brand. Have a look in crockery section. Others will fit, but may sit up a little at the top. This bowl has a slight lip, so slots in just right.

diy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsdiy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsdiy kmart metal lantern hack with plantsFill with your favourite plants, or use a fruit bowl. I filled mine with a cactus and air plants. Total cost is under $30 (as compared to $300), for this Kmart DIY job, so I’m very pleased with the result. A minimalist look for minimal dollars 🙂 If you like this Kmart planter hack, give it a go!


DIY – Marble Look Mouse Pad

diy marble look mousepad adorablestDIY – Marble Look Mouse Pad.  The Marble Paper is available to download for FREE!

I love the look of marble and while that marble printed vinyl doing the rounds on various sites is gorgeous, I’m on a budget … so here’s a cheeky DIY version that will only cost a few bucks.

You will need:

  • Old Mouse Pad. Like a neoprene one with the fabric glued to the foam base.
  • Glue Stick. Like a Bostik Blu Stik (Australia) and make sure it is FULL.
  • Clear Contact. I used a roll from Kmart, only $1.
  • Scissors & Blade Cutter. Make sure they are very sharp.
  • Cutting Mat. So as not to gouge holes in the carpet 🙂

How to :

1. Download and Print the Free Marble Paper. No need to trim to size yet.

2. Fully coat your mouse pad with the glue stick. It absorbs a lot = use a FULL stick.

3. Glue the Marble Paper to the mouse pad. Leave to dry under books overnight.

4. Clear contact over the top of the Marble Paper.

5. Turn upside down onto your cutting mat.

6. Cut through both the paper and contact with your blade cutter, trim with scissors.

That’s it! The desk looks more modern now and I think it should hold up to wear and tear. FYI – I use a wireless, optical mouse and it works fine. The clear contact doesn’t affect it.

diy marble look mousepaddiy faux marble look mouse padClaire

DIY – Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets

diy make gold nugget fridge magnets adorablestDIY – Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets. Make these faux gold nuggets for your refrigerator. You (or your fridge!) will feel like a million gold nugget fridge magnets suppliesYou will need:

  • Small Rocks. A little rough for realism, smallish and have a flat ‘gluing’ side.
  • Old Toothbrush. For cleaning the rocks.
  • Gold Leaf or Faux Gold Leaf. I purchased some inexpensive ‘flakes’.
  • Brush. Small paintbrush.
  • Magnets. These are neodymium magnets. Tiny but super strong.
  • Mod Podge. I used the matte kind.

You will also need (not pictured):

  • Strong Glue. E6000 or similar.

diy gold nugget fridge magnetsfaux gold nugget fridge magnetsmake faux gold nugget fridge magnetsHow to :

  • Clean your rocks – an old toothbrush works well. Dry thoroughly.
  • Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over rock and gradually add the gold leaf.
  • When fully covered with gold leaf, seal with an all over coat of Mod Podge.
  • Glue your magnets to the flattest side.

make faux gold nuggetsdiy gold nugget fridge magnets adorablest

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