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DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-TutorialMy previous post How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement awhile back showed the results of this painting technique and now I have re-done another pot and this time took photos of all the steps involved along the way.

So here is the FULL TUTORIAL – Complete with Step-by-Step Instructions.

I have showed larger images and the steps, PLUS down the bottom of the page, you’ll find a handy reference of summarised images (smaller format), to help if you are actually doing the tutorial while on a tablet or phone.



You will need:

  • A plastic pot. Old as long as structurally sound, or buy a cheap plastic one.
  • Sanding Block or Sandpaper
  • Dust Mask. If your pot is old, or avoid windy days for sanding.
  • Soft cotton rag. I used an old flanny shirt.
  • Paint Brush. I used a 2″ or 5cm brush.
  • Container for Mixing Paint. An old plastic takeaway container works!
  • White and Black Paint. I used leftover ‘house’ paint – seems to last.
  • Aluminium Foil. About the size of a piece of paper.
  • Plain Paper. 1 piece only.
  • Disposable Rubber Gloves.
  • Newspaper. If you have nowhere you can safely make a mess.
  • Water.

How to:

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-2Sand the pot with a sanding block or sandpaper.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-3Ensure all over sanding coverage in random patterns to minimise the shine.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-4If it is an older pot, you may make a bit of dust. If this is the case, avoid sanding on windy days or wear a mask.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-5Wipe dust away thoroughly with a damp cloth rinsed in water.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-6Pour some white paint into your takeaway container. First coat of paint is … white.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-7Use a criss-cross pattern to ensure it really gets into the ‘grain’ of the plastic.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-8Work in sections and as it is starting to dry, use the tip to ‘stipple’ the paint in places to create texture.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-9Move around and continue to paint in a criss-cross pattern and stipple randomly.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-10Don’t forget to do the internal ring of the pot too. Just enough and the soil will cover the bottom part.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-11Mix a little black paint into the white to create a light grey. If you have green, you can add a tiny bit (optional).


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-12Use the same technique as before. Criss-cross and stipple to your hearts content. Random is better.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-13Also as the paint was almost dry, I dragged the paintbrush along in areas to create a drier looking texture.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-14It looks okay as is, but there are a couple more steps to completion. At this stage rinse your brush out clean.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-15Add MORE black to your mixture to create a darker grey. Grab an additional takeaway container of water and dampen your rag completely first before putting in the paint. Notice the paint is marbled – that’s okay too.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-16Now use your soft rag to ‘sponge’ onto the pot. Work only in small sections.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-17BEFORE it gets too dry, rub the rag (you may need more water) to soften the look of the ‘splodges’.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-18Rubbing helps create a texture where some of the lighter shades show too, like real cement or concrete.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-19Again, you could leave like this, but there is just one more step.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-20Hopefully you rinsed your brush out from a few steps before, because you will need black or very dark grey on your brush. Add a little paint to a piece of aluminium foil. Add water as required. Put on your rubber gloves.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-21Flick across the bristles of the paintbrush to create paint splatters or ideally small dots. The paper is for practice.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-22When you have your technique down, splatter paint on to the pot. Above is what worked best for me – I tried to get a photo to show, but at the time I had no one to take a photo for me, so I am balancing trying to hold the brush and the camera. I think you can get the gist of it. I flicked the brush across my fingers onto the pot. Always splatter from directly ABOVE the pot, in case it dribbles down the sides rather than splatter around the pot.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-23Hope you put on your rubber gloves! You’ll need them!

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-24Finished! You can coat with clear if you like but …


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-25The pots I painted from my original post have taken a beating out in the Queensland weather (even though I said they probably wouldn’t be outside – they have been!) for months now and are still fine, so a clear coat is optional.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-26So that’s it – How to Paint Pots to look like Cement FULL TUTORIAL finally complete. Not that difficult, but taking the photos along the way has hopefully helped to show the entire process now and what’s involved. Hope you found it useful.


So here are the How to Paint a Pot like Cement / Concrete images in a SUMMARY for you too.


Available in PDF Download Also –





Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this tutorial and how it worked out for you!

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DIY – Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell Title PageDIY – Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell.  Avocados are in season in the subtropics at the moment.  Recently I came back with a haul of these homegrown beauties from the locals who offer roadside stalls at beautiful Tamborine Mountain.

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell After scooping out their green buttery goodness, it occured to me that the leftover shells were almost perfectly round halves and just ripe (sorry) for a craft project.  This particular variety of avocado is called Reed. It’s the roundest of them and I think the most delicious!

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell Setting I mixed a small batch of white cement, washed sand and water and poured into the avocado half. The pit was used for the tealight ‘holder’ space. I oiled both the shell and pit with olive oil.

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado ShellLet it dry for a few days and you can easily peel the shell away from the concrete (the oiling really helped too.)  Pop out the pit and you’re done! Sand smooth or leave rustic.

Points to Note:

  • To be honest I didn’t know the difference between cement, mortar and concrete. So I looked it up and from my understanding, here is a summary if you’re interested:
  • Cement is just one component of concrete. Cement is the binding element.
  • Mortar = Cement + Sand
  • Concrete = Cement + Sand + Gravel. The strength depends on the amount of water used and also the sand to cement ratio. There’s all sorts of technical information and ratios, but that’s it in a nutshell, or in this case, an avocado shell!

I suppose really this should read DIY – Mortar Tealight Holder from an Avocado Shell.

DIY Concrete Tealight Holder from an Avocado ShellClaire

DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement Concrete Planters

DIY - How to Paint Pots to Look Like Faux Cement Concrete Planters Title PageDIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement Concrete Planters. Give old plastic pots a new life as a funky fake Concrete Planter! These are plastic planters I’ve recently finished painting to look like concrete/cement.

UPDATE – Find the FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial on how I did this here –

DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial

The plastic pots were old, a little faded and scuffed, but as they were large and overall still in sound shape and I had some paint available, it was well worth the effort to revamp them versus buying new and quite expensive pots.

DIY - How to Paint Pots to Look Like Faux Cement Concrete Planters Close UpAfter the first coat of light grey, I scrunched up newspaper (instead of using a sponge) and dabbed on darker grey. I also didn’t finish with a clear coat finish, as that was a product I did not have on hand and these planters won’t be in the weather.

(UPDATE – They have well and truly been out in the weather, but doing fine!)

DIY - How to Paint Pots to Look Like Faux Cement Concrete Planters Large Planter

Also finished, is this huge planter (over 1m tall). It’s made from a fibreglass ‘hull’ with a steel rim and a square planter slots in at the top only. Cost? $4 from the Tip Shop. It was in a shabby state, painted with thick paint that was peeling off almost like a lino floor. As much of this was removed, then it was spackled, sanded and primed.

DIY - How to Paint Pots to Look Like Faux Cement Concrete Planters Texture Close UpIn order to achieve a more coarse finish (I didn’t have any texture paint), I added … perlite! It is lightweight, looks and feels like tiny bits of pumice – you’ll find it in the gardening section of a hardware store or at your local plant nursery. An extra coat of paint ensured it ‘stuck’.DIY - How to Paint Pots to Look Like Faux Cement Concrete PlantersLarge (real) concrete planters retail for $100 plus and I’m happy that these ‘concrete painted’ pots look close enough to the real thing, so this project was worth it. A bonus – less weight to move!

UPDATE – In case you missed it, I’ve posted a complete …

How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL TUTORIAL – Check it out HERE!


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