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How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 4

Big Lego Heads and many Small Lego HeadsHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 4. So far I’ve managed to remove at least 10 things from each week’s topic so far – Clothes, Bathroom, Stationery (and managed to also not purchase any more!). This week will be a little more of a challenge, make that a BIG challenge ūüėČ but I think will be worth it. So that it will be noticed physically that items have been purged, the topic is BIG or bulky items.

Have you got an old bicycle that someone needs as a project or is still rideable, but you don’t? Or larger garden pots, plants or items that are causing storage woes? Inside too, are there any bulky clutter items of linen, towels, etc? (Consider donating usable towels to Animal Welfare Shelters as they are always looking for these items). Hopefully removing 10 items of clutter of BIG items will visibly make a difference in a space and inspire the clutter clearing to continue!


How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 3

How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter - Week 3 - Stationery SuppliesHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 3. Can you guess what the topic this week is? Across the country in Australia, many are getting ready for Back to School, so this week the topic of clearing the clutter is … Stationery.

How many pairs of scissors do you have? How many pairs of scissors do you really¬†need?¬†Many of my pairs are still fully working and operational, but I do not need so many pairs (note: more (way more!) than shown in the picture), so I’ll be taking my extras to an op shop so others can get some use from them.

I’ll also be doing a destash of pens which seem to accumulate too. Working ones will be put to use elsewhere, others which inevitably dry out, will be binned. So check your stationery supplies and see what 10 things of clutter you can clear this week.


How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 2

Picture of a Kawaii Squishy PooHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 2. How did you go the first week – clearing clothes? I managed to clear 10 items which are being donated to the op shop, while some others will be ‘traded in’ for a voucher from H & M. Altogether in the household, we cleared 30 items of clothing in total. For every new one purchase of clothing, from now on I will still try to clear two pieces of clothing, but at least one.

Ready for the next instalment of clearing 10 things of clutter for the week? I have found the 520 Things Tally Sheet really helps to keep me motivated. Download it and keep it handy.

For Week 2, the next place to clear is … the Bathroom. I thought to try and keep it quite general these first few weeks and later make it more specific. For clearing 10 items from the bathroom, I’ll be looking at finding ways to use up nearly finished products that I probably won’t buy again, discarding old makeup and sponges, maybe old nail polishes that have become gluggy – that type of thing. Everyday staples like toothpaste, cotton buds, etc are exempt! If you have many items to use up, at least make a start and a point of trying to use them up and in a few weeks, there will be another Bathroom Things of Clutter to Clear. At the same time of trying to clear the clutter, try not to be wasteful.

I found once that a shampoo really gave me a headache from the fragrance left on my hair all day, so I used it to wash an area outside and cleaning plant pots ready for re-potting. If this is also why you are holding onto items, consider ways to use up the product so it is still useful and you don’t feel like it has been wasted. Clear the Clutter economically too! I also did a deal with someone once – I liked a nail polish that they had on (which was discontinued). I bought them lunch and they gave me the rest of bottle. You could try the reverse if anyone is keen on any discontinued products you have.

I have also sold discontinued perfumes for probably are much as I paid for them. I liked them at the time, (or were gifts and I never really liked) but for whatever reason, no longer wore that fragrance and I was surprised at the amount of people willing to purchase (and some really grateful if they were crazy over the perfume and couldn’t get it any longer).

Have a Great Week.



How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 1

How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter - ClothesHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 1! Have you printed your tally sheet from the previous post? If not print it out, stick it up somewhere and Let’s Begin!

For week 1, I thought I’d ease into things. It’s been a busy time for most people and this removing clutter idea is about trying to make things simpler and stress-free. So for Week 1, I’m going to choose a topic which most people will find a bit easier to achieve.

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Topic for Week 1 on How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter is … CLOTHES. This week I’m going to ‘remove’ 10 items of clothing that I consider clutter. If I haven’t worn it because it doesn’t look or fit quite right, it’s uncomfortable or any other reason it hasn’t been worn in awhile. I often donate my clothes to op shops, but other ideas could be listing on Ebay or Gumtree. If you list today (Tuesday) evening/night for 5 days – the auctions will finish on Sunday evening/night, which is traditionally the best time of the week for auction finishing. Or do you have any family or friends that would be willing¬†to take them from you and get some use? (Don’t just palm them off to them!)

I have also taken clothes to H & M and if you donate clothes (or anything ‘textile’), you are rewarded with a voucher. The one I got was for 15% off (one article). Something to consider also if you want to see your clothes get another life.

If you have a very tidy clothes cupboard already (like the neatest capsule wardrobe!) and finding it difficult to remove 10 items of clothes, consider what else in your closet in general could do with a purge.

10 items of clothes for this week – let’s get to it!How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter - Clothes


How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter

How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter - Boxes on ShelvesHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter. In one year, I have a goal – to clear 520 things that I feel are clutter – no longer used, required or liked. Do you feel that too much stuff is overwhelming sometimes? I read an interesting blurb in an Ikea catalogue titled ‘The Myth of Minimalism’ …

“that ‘having too much stuff’ is the single biggest cause of stress at home. But paring down much might actually cause more anxiety than relief.”

I have thought about this post a lot. I want to make it clear that I am very grateful for all that I have, as I am well aware that many people do without. I didn’t want this come across as though – what a problem you have, you can afford stuff. I’m a regular gal, working for a wage that keeps a roof over my head, food on the table and the opportunity to buy things. Buy things … this is where I got thinking – about what items I do have that are truly practical and/or I love. The necessities and a few niceties, but there are still things that I can do without.

With that in mind, the plan is to remove 10 things of clutter a week x 52 weeks = 520 things.

Do you want to join me? Starting next TUESDAY Р1st January.

We craft, therefore we have stuff (should that be a poster!?) and I have come to realise that I’ll never be a minimalist – but there are other items of clutter and areas of the house that could benefit from a purge. Do you look around and feel the same? Even if you are not a craft enthusiast – are you reading this because there is some area that you really think needs a good tidy?

The idea, is to actually remove¬†the things of clutter – Either by selling (Ebay or Gumtree), donating (op shops, willing family and friends, or others) or discarding appropriately and NOT bring ‘replacement’ items into the equation.

Of course there are going to be scenarios where there will probably be the need to buy a new one of something, so in that case, replace the item, but remember to still find another to remove. The idea is to Clear 520 Things of Clutter, not just replace with new ones!

I have previously done the “Does it Spark Joy?”¬†Marie Kondo method and managed to successfully pare down numerous items, but I still feel like I could do more. Even if you are just beginning to declutter your space, I’m thinking just clearing 10 things of clutter a week is manageable and will add up week by week. This is a bit of an experiment for me too – and personally I like to have some sort of gauge of where I’m at.

To tally the clearing of clutter, I have made up a 520 Things Sheet to help keep on track, if you are up for it. There is just the one sheet with the dates for the first half of the year only. I also figure doing one sheet at a time won’t seem so overwhelming all at once (maybe?)¬† Topics of what area to clear the clutter from will change weekly. Visit back on Tuesdays to see the topic.

(Come the latter half of the year, the next sheet will be available for download.)

Click on the sheet below – You can download it and Print it out. Stick it somewhere to remind you!

520 Things Tally Sheet

From this day forth, Tuesday’s will be know as TIDY TUESDAY’S!

You may like to get the whole family involved and each person adds a tally mark for that week, or maybe each person in the family could have their own sheet. For a family of four, at the end of the year (if you have removed 10 things a week each) – that adds up to 2080 items of clutter from the house!

Whichever way you do it, I hope that you will join me every Tuesday for the topic of clutter clearing. It won’t be all ruthlessly throwing away things you truly need or like, but removing 10 things of clutter a week I hope will be manageable. The goal is also to consider that next purchase as to whether it’s even needed.

I hope that it will be a reminder of spending habits and also to become more mindful of consumption.

I’ll still be posting Craft Tutorials in between too – there can be a happy balance between the two! I already have many craft items that I will try to incorporate, rather than buying new.

Be thankful for what you have.

See you back on the 1st for the first step towards How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter.

Happy New Year!


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