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DIY – How to Make Stars from Straws

diy christmas stars straws tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Stars from Straws. You can can use for Christmas Stars!

This is a really easy last minute DIY and you can use these stars for Christmas tree decorations, gift embellishments or make a garland from them. The best thing is, they are cheap to make (from everyday straws), but give that Himmeli Scandi look that is meant to look minimalist! Read on for the easy tutorial.

You will need:

  • Plastic or Paper Straws. In your chosen colour(s)
  • String. Natural or coloured
  • Scissors and Ruler.

How to:

diy christmas star from straws tutorial steps adorablest

Gather your supplies.

Measure or just cut into equal lengths – 5 pieces create a star

Start by threading one straw and continue until all are on the single string

Tie a knot (not too tight). This sort of forms a ‘house’ (hexagon) shape. The next part is just practice …

Twist once, then bend (not the straws themselves, but between the straws) the two underneath to ‘catch’ under the others

Then ‘spread’ and fan out to make a star shape!

It might take a little while to get the hang of it, but then it is simple. If you bend your straws too much, just try again!


For a garland, thread the string back through again along the ‘horizontal’ line of the stars and thread on as many as you want! Just remember to leave a little string at the end to tie or tape to your wall or tree.


DIY – Easy Table Decoration – Minimalist Look for Minimal Dollars

diy easy greenery table decoration minimalist look minimal dollars tutorialDIY – Easy Table Decoration – Minimalist Look for Minimal Dollars would have to be the easiest DIY ever! We’ll be heading to the garden for this DIY, for something that is in flower or just finishing in the southern hemisphere. Can you guess?

diy easy greenery table decoration minimalist look minimal dollars agapanthus headsAgapanthus! They are almost finished for the season here in Queensland and I used to use this trick when I had my florist shop to jazz up Christmas bouquets and boxes. If you don’t have any growing in your garden, take a drive around the neighbourhood – but ask 🙂 if you can cut them. Most people are happy that you’re tidying the garden up for them!

diy easy greenery table decoration minimalist look minimal dollarsRemove the spent flower heads and sometimes the flower seed pods if they’ve formed already. Hold close to where you are removing with the other hand, because if you just pull on the flower head, the whole long stem can come off too. Just a note: there is a clear sap that can be a little itchy, so wear gloves if you think this may bother you.

diy easy greenery table decoration minimalist look minimal dollarsGive them a blast under a tap to clear any debris – there usually isn’t much at all, it is like they are self cleaning!

diy easy greenery table decoration minimalist look minimal dollarsIn the boxes and bouquets I used to make, I used to spray paint them. I know, I know, some things can look terrible spray painted (like succulents and flowers can look gaudy too), but they actually looked quite nice slightly glittered, or a light spray of gold or silver. Customers used to wonder what they were.

diy-easy-greenery-table-decoration-minimalist-look-minimal-dollars-4So have a look in the garden for these ready-made nature Starbursts! In this case, I am leaving them natural for a minimalist look. The cost is practically free – just your time to collect what would otherwise be garden leftovers, so a minimalist look for minimal dollars. They last a very long time too.

If you’re stuck for table decoration ideas and have access to Agapanthus, give these a try. You’ll have your guests wondering what they are too. Will you tell them? 😉


DIY – Marble Christmas Ornaments

diy white carrara marble christmas ornaments adorablest tutorialDIY – Marble Christmas Ornaments – in White Carrara Marble Style. Not so much a tutorial, but a basic How-To, as these are so easy to make! If you haven’t decorated your tree yet and / or just want something minimalist to string up, try these. I’ve also included a quick How to Make Old Metallic Ornaments Clear.

I made these last night as a spur-of-the-moment thing and did not take photos of the steps, but it is really so simple.

You will need:

  • Clear Ornaments
  • Black Nail Polish or Black Enamel Paint
  • White Nail Polish or White Enamel Paint

How to:

  • Release the ‘cap’ from the ornament.
  • Pour in white nail polish and swish around. Try to coat the entire ornament inside. Hold that finger tight! Note: be careful as the raw edge of the top of the glass ornament can be VERY sharp. Hold a little tissue there to protect your skin if it helps.
  • Leave to dry for just a few minutes. You don’t want it completely dry.
  • Pour in a tiny amount of black nail polish from the top and let it slide down and ease into the glass ornament.  Don’t DROP it into the bottom as this will create a big splodge.
  • This time gently swish and rotate to create lines like marble does. If you mix too vigorously, you will end up with just a grey ornament.
  • Leave to dry. An empty toilet roll works great 🙂 That’s it!

Points to Note:

  • If your nail polish is very thick (mine was a little), I added a tiny amount of nail polish remover which seemed to do the trick.
  • I used all my glass ornaments last time for my DIY – Sprinkles Ornaments. Rather than buy more, I used some OLD ones, that were about to be 50c for the lot in a garage sale we’ll be having soon. Here’s how I did it …

How To Make Old Metallic Ornaments Clear:

  • Remove all the caps (being metal – it is not good for metal to be in bleach)
  • Soak overnight in bleach or domestic cleaner.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water. At this stage, the old blue ornaments were grey.
  • WEARING GLOVES, Pour a small amount of neat dish washing powder (not liquid – it doesn’t work) into the ornament. Dish washing powder is caustic – Wear Gloves!
  • Swish around and then add a little water, swish some more. Leave to soak overnight, completely covered in the solution of water and (dissolved) dish washing powder.
  • Rinse with water thoroughly. Hopefully you will have sparkling clear ornaments now.
  • Attach your metal hanging parts as is or respray them. I sort of liked the old look – see below 🙂

diy-white-carrara-marble-christmas-ornaments-adorablestdiy white carrara marble christmas ornaments adorablestEasy DIY Marble Ornaments for Christmas!


DIY – How to Make Words with String

diy words with string how to tutorials adorablestDIY – How to Make Words with String. An easy DIY, but can give lots of personality to gift wrapping, placecards or anything else you want to add the handmade touch to.

The supplies for this Words with String tutorial are simple and you may already have on hand. I already had my metallic string on hand. The metallic cord you are looking for has an inner cotton piece that can be removed and is not the stretchy kind.

If you only have wire in cut lengths (like I did) that’s fine too – you’ll just have to work out the length of your words you can do. The Wire you can buy in long lengths (like on a paddle) is a great solution, because you could just about write a paragraph of words with that long un-cut length!

You will need:

  • Metallic Cord with inner cotton cord (see above)
  • Florist wire. Approx 24g
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Word or Name Template (‘Joy’ available below)

How to:

diy words with string tutorial steps

  1. Print out your word or name. I used Sacramento font if you are wondering. I also changed it slightly in an editing program because the letters didn’t quite join up how I liked. If you want to use Joy, here you go … diy-words-with-string-Joy
  2. Measure your metallic string on the word for length and cut.
  3. Pull the cotton inner out of the metallic string slowly.
  4. Then you will just have the metallic cord ‘shell’ and the plain cotton.
  5. Align your wire into the metallic string opening.
  6. Thread all the way through until you have your length for the word.
  7. Use the print-out as a guide for bending the letters.
  8. The ends of the metallic string do fray, so …
  9. Dab a little glue and neatly finish off the letter.
  10. You can either create a loop at the end, or cut and glue again.

diy words with string tutorial supplies Aldi Craft GlueJust thought I’d let Australian readers know, I used this glue, from Aldi. It worked very well.  It was a cross between clear craft glue and super glue – hence Craft Super Glue, I suppose.  Sets strong, but I found it workable for a little longer than actual super glue. I think about $4 or $5. It finished off the ends of the metallic string just great.

diy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorial adorablestI threaded my ‘Joy’ onto a little pressie wrapped in

The ‘ribbon’ is actually those ribbon things sewn into shirts to help hang them, but I always seem to get my arms tangled in them. If you don’t like them either, cut them off and make use of them for little ribbons! I have lots of different colours from doing this.

With this DIY Words with String, you could spell out people’s names for a table setting, gifts or (wine) glass charms. Being wire, you can also bend them around something like a pot plant, or bottle (loops at the end in this case will help you tie it). What do you think – any uses that you might like these for?


DIY – How to Make Sprinkles Ornaments for Christmas

diy how to make sprinkles ornaments tutorialDIY – How to Make Sprinkles Ornaments for Christmas. This is a really easy DIY, but the effect is really colourful and cute. Brighten up your tree or decor with these sprinkle-y fun baubles!  Check out the tutorial …

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornaments suppliesYou will need:

  • Clear Ornaments. I bought mine from Spotlight (9 Pack $9).
  • Sprinkles / 100’s & 1000’s. Mine were from Woolworths (Dollar Sweets Brand).
  • Glue. Clag Gum (Officeworks $4).
  • Washi Tape.
  • Container. For your Sprinkles / 100’s & 1000’s
  • Ribbon. Different colour if you want to change what the baubles comes with.
  • String. Or similar to hang your baubles on while they dry.
  • Pegs. To also hang while they dry.

How to:diy-how-to-make-sprinkles-ornamentsWashi Tape around your ornaments, so that the bottom half is still plain glass.

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsCoat the bottom half with a thin even layer of glue.

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsRoll around the glue coated bottom half in your container of sprinkles.

diy-how-to-make-sprinkles-ornamentsYou can give the ornaments a ‘bath’ in the sprinkles, to make sure they’re fully covered, but be gentle. Swishing around too much will just loosen the sprinkles.

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsContinue to coat each ornament with the sprinkles and hang to dry.

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsGently remove the Washi Tape. Hopefully you will have a fairly straight line.

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsColourful Sprinkles Ornaments ready for Christmas!

diy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsdiy how to make sprinkles ornamentsHope you have fun with this latest DIY.


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