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DIY – Halloween Cat Ears – Easy 5 Minute Craft

Halloween Cat EarsDIY – Halloween Cat Ears! Need a quick fix for a cute cat costume? Here’s a FREE Template for some printable cat ears…

Originally I was going to make these a week or more ago with black fur, but both major fabric outlets on the Gold Coast had SOLD OUT of black fur (that wasn’t $90 a metre!) way before Halloween. So, Plan B…

You can easily make these Halloween Cat Ears with just a couple of ordinary BOBBY PINS 🙂 They are more ‘positionable’ on your head than a headband. For me, I also prefer to a headband because as a sometimes glasses wearer, there is too much going on behind the ears 😉 with a headband.

You will need:

  • 2 x Bobby Pins
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To:

Halloween Cat Ears Tutorial1. Gather your supplies and Print the Template

2. Trim the Halloween Cat Ears with scissors

3. Fold gently in half

4. Slide the bobby pin into position

5. Use a small amount of glue to seal

6. Halloween Cat Ears ready for positioning!

Halloween Cat EarsHalloween Cat EarsThey are actually quite sturdy and hold in position well. For a last minute costume, I think they are pretty cute and very inexpensive to make 🙂


DIY – How to Make a Halloween Black Cat Necklace

diy halloween black cat necklace adorablestDIY – How to Make a Halloween Black Cat Necklace just in time for Halloween! Easy tutorial and with this how-to, one of the supplies is from your local hardware – plumbing section! If you’re in Australia, go to the Bunnings website and search for “fibre washer”. If you’re in the U.S, the spelling is “fiber washer”.

You will need:

  • Fibre Washer. I used 28mm.
  • Iron on Mend Patches in Black.
  • Black Necklace.
  • A couple of black jump rings.

How to:

diy halloween black cat necklace tutorial stepsGather your supplies. Cut your Mend patch into a diamond shape (pic 1)

Fold the diamond around the washer (with the glue sides together)

Iron gently! Watch your fingers with this deli-cat work … 🙂

Poke through the ‘ear’ with the jump ring. A pin can help to start the hole.

Attach your necklace and you have …diy halloween black cat necklace tutorial adorablestA minimalist Halloween Black Cat Necklace. My washer actually started out as a red one – I painted it with acrylic paint – it absorbs and holds it really well. I’m wondering whether to ‘glitter’ the ears too. I don’t have any black glitter at the moment, so next time I’m out shopping, I’ll check it out. What do you think, glitter or no glitter ears?


DIY – Cute Cat Candy Container

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Title PageDIY – Cute Cat Candy Container. These little kitties are made from empty toilet rolls and I’ve included the free template below for the cute cat face.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container SuppliesYou will need:

  • Empty Toilet Rolls. I was asking myself whether the size is standard across the world!? The template will accommodate a range of sizes.
  • Glue. I just used the simple stick kind.
  • Scissors. Minimal cutting.
  • Candy / Surprise. To fill for your sweetheart or friend. Wrapped if required.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Steps 1 - 81. Flatten your toilet roll in half and crease.

2. Bring the crease to meet in the middle and then flatten again.

3. You should end up with a square toilet roll.

4. Add glue to the template back, a section at a time. Start with the front (face).

5. Position the face to leave some room for folding both the top and bottom.

6. Cut in at the bottom a little over 1cm on the creases.

7. Fold in – enough to make sure your candy won’t escape!

8. Fold the back of the ‘ears’ first, then the front (like a crescent shape).

DIY - Cute Cat Candy ContainerDIY - Cute Cat Candy Container

Hopefully the receiver will think “You’re the Cats Whiskers” also 🙂


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