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DIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock

diy how to make a phone case from a sockDIY – How to Make a Mobile Phone Case from a Sock. My phone used to live in a drawstring bag – the soft kind usually for sunglasses. The cover was black and with the interior of my bag also being black, it made for a comical scene whenever my phone rang, with me rummaging about.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesSo, I made a Phone Sock in a lighter colour. It’s an easy DIY if you want to make one too.

You will need:

  • Socks or Toddler Leggings. Contrasting colour to the interior of the bag!
  • Scissors. Sharp.
  • Thread. Matching colour.
  • Needle. Regular kind.
  • Pen. Felt tip kind (you need it to mark fabric).
  • Cactus Template. Or any other design you like.
  • Felt. Regular ‘soft’ kind.
  • Beads. If you make the cactus design, a few little green beads.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock suppliesAlso helps to have (not pictured):

  • Mod Podge. I realised as I made the cactus, it helps to have. Explained below.
  • Small Paintbrush. Flat, thin one to paint on the Mod Podge.
  • Clear Nylon Thread. As well as the matching thread.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cuttingStart by cutting the toddler leggings with a sharp pair of scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after cuttingDepending on the size of your phone, you can make 4 of these phone socks, as the top and bottom are the same (not like normal socks).

diy how to make a phone case from a sock sewTurn it inside out and sew (machine or hand) across the bottom – a small seam allowance.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock after sewingYou can use it just like this, or if you like the cactus design … keep following …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outlineCut out your design & turn upside down onto your material, which is also upside down …

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline with pen… So when you trace the design with your pen, no ink will be visible on the FRONT.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cactus outline on feltUnderside.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock cutting cactusTrim around the design with sharp scissors.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock bead placementFlip it over – no ink showing 🙂 Next, position the beads where you’d like.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock beads sewnI sewed the seed beads so they lay flat – I liked the little hole to show in the middle. This is also where I used the clear nylon thread, instead of regular thread, to keep a simple finish.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock stitching cactusThis is where I used Mod Podge – around the edges of the cactus to stop them fluffing up so much and will help with wear and tear. It dries clear – you can see it, not quite dry yet in the photo.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedUse a simple stitch around the outside of the cactus to finish it off.

diy how to make a phone case from a sock finishedThat’s it. If you used the leggings, you can make 3 more and give to friends!diy how to make a phone case from a sock finished

DIY – Cute Cactus Pin

diy cute cactus pin brooch adorablestDIY – Cute Cactus Pin. This little desert friend was repurposed from a faux leather purse that was torn on the inside. The green colour lends itself to being made into something plant based, I thought and cacti are always popular.

diy cute cactus pin brooch tutorialHow to :

1. Find a purse that you can repurpose. Green is good, but it doesn’t have to be.

2. Draw some designs or use mine as a template. Just keep it fairly simple.

3. Cut out your design with some sharp scissors.

4. Trim a piece of faux leather from the purse and then trace your design onto it.

5. Note: My cactus was cut in two sections, just because it fit better on the fabric.

6. Glue to a backing piece of stiff felt. Use a single piece of fabric for strength.

7. Trim around the backing felt. Nail scissors were useful for this.

8. Glue on the ‘pin’ part. I used a tie tack or use a bar brooch pin or an old badge.

cute cactus spot polka dot pin broochI added some dots of colour with nail polish, using a toothpick for easy application. These colours are gold/bronze, pale blue and navy blue. (I mixed black and blue to make navy).

cute cactus polka dot pin broochdiy cute cactus pin broochCacti require very little watering anyway, but this one will require none. Pin to your shirt, bag, hat, whatever. If you’ve got a purse or bag that’s cactus, make a cactus I say!


DIY – How to Make a Knot Keyring

diy-knot keyring carrick bend adorablestDIY – Knot Keyring (or keychain).  Inspired by St Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d show you how to do an Irish / “Celtic-ish” themed practical DIY. This knot is based on a Carrick Bend. Rather than show step by step how to do this knot, I’ll point you to the excellent tutorial (that could knot be made any better) that I used from Animated Knots.

diy knot keyring suppliesYou will need:

  • Carrick Bend Knot. I used black satin cord. Use a product that has some rigidity.
  • Split Ring, Tiny length of Chain & Jump Rings. Or a ready made keyring.
  • Glue. Only a tiny amount needed. I used E6000 for this project.
  • Scissors. For cord cutting.
  • Jewellery Pliers. Or similar.

knot carrick bend cordStart with your completed Carrick Bend Knot. This one has been ‘weaved’ 3 times, but this may change depending on your choice of cord thickness, rigidity and the look you want.

knot carrick bend start finishThis is the underside. Notice the ‘Start’ point of the knot.

knot carrick bend finishTrim your cord with a sharp pair of scissors. To finish, glue both the Start and End points securely and neatly with a strong glue. Leave to dry.

knot keyring carrick bend with keysAttach your keyring parts. Add embellishments if liked. I liked the simple look.

diy make woven knot necklaceWhile I was in a knotty mood, I also made this necklace. I think this is more shamrock-like for St Patrick’s Day, plus it’s lime green.  I had the extra findings to finish it, but they can easily be found online, or you could find a necklace in an op (thrift) shop to refashion.

diy knot keyring carrick bendClaire

DIY – Wrapped Bead Necklace

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Title PageDIY – Wrapped Bead Necklace. This may look familiar. I’ve previously made one very similar and it was used as a display in my DIY Geometric Felt Bowls.

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial BeadsThese beads are made in a pretty mix of pastel, dusty pink and a soft cool grey. I also used a sterling silver chain to complete this necklace.

You will need:

  • Embroidery Floss. Just over 1m (3’7″) of each colour.
  • Needle. Large enough hole for the floss, but not too thick overall.
  • Beads. Wooden, as you may need to drill them.
  • Chain. Use an existing chain as I did, buy or make your own.
  • Glue. Only a tiny amount needed. Clear nail polish will also work.

How to :

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Steps 1 - 121. Assemble your supplies.

2. Drill the holes wider if needed.  At least 5mm hole for the wrapping.

3. Start by tying a simple tight knot.

4. Hide the starter knot by slipping inside the bead hole.

5. Thread your floss into the needle and start wrapping. Keep neat and tight.

6. These beads are 15mm.  I wrapped 5 times then left a space.

7. I wrapped into 5 sections. (So 5 wraps arounds each and 5 sections).

8. Before making the final pass of grey, I tied a knot to the new colour (dusty pink).

9. The knot is again hidden on the inside. Wrap the new colour into the gaps.

10. After the final pass of pink, I tied a knot and dabbed a tiny bit of glue to it.

11. Tuck the knot into the middle. Wiggle the needle through to make sure.

12. Thread onto your chain. (Use your needle and thread or thin wire if needed).

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Finished NecklaceYou can make these in any colour to match an outfit. Use one, two or more colours or random! I’d like to make a necklace with one BIG bead as a statement piece … one day.

If you make one, let me know and send me a pic, I’d love to see how it turns out. Enjoy!


DIY – How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial Title PageDIY – How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial. Using a pendant tray, make your own marble necklaces!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay. White, black and transparent (white). Fimo and Sculpey are a couple of brands. Use whatever you have or can get for this project.
  • Pendant Tray. Round, oval, whatever shape you’d like. Chain for the necklace if needed, in a contrasting or matching colour.
  • Oven & Baking Paper. To bake the polymer clay according to instructions.
  • Glue. For attaching the faux marble ‘coin’ to the pendant tray.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean area to roll and mould your polymer clay.
  • Modelling Paint. Optional if you want the trays painted. Pictures show metallic gold (with white marble) and copper finish (with black marble).
  • Sandpaper. Optional if you want a super smooth finish of the marble ‘slice’.  A sheet each of 240, 600 and 2000 grit sandpaper.
  • Carnauba Wax. Optional if you want to add a sheen to the finished piece.

How to :

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial-Steps 1 - 81. Roll white with transparent and a little white in some black to make dark grey clay.

2. Wrap and twist the polymer clay ‘snakes’ together.

3. Start to form a flattened ball shape.

4. Flatten a little more. Don’t squish too much at this stage.

5. Roll into a snake again.

6. Squish together some more.

7. Form by hand into a shape similar to the pendant.

8. Keep moulding the clay as close as possible to the pendant shape and bake it!

After baking, you can simply glue in and you’re done!

If you want a smoother finish, like a slice of cut marble, the pieces will need to be sanded. First with 240 grit, then 600 and finally with 2000. Polymer clay sands very easily, so be careful that you don’t end up with a wafer thin piece that may break.

To add sheen and bring out the colours, use a tiny amount of carnauba wax. It brings a soft satin finish to the surface and finishes the polymer clay nicely for this project.

Depending on the method and colours used, some pieces look more like black and white jasper (stone) than marble. Vary each until you end up with the look you want!

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial Finished PendantsDIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay TutorialThis project will cost about $10 – $15 in materials. The piece(s) you make will unique!


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