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DIY – Halloween Cat Ears – Easy 5 Minute Craft

Halloween Cat EarsDIY – Halloween Cat Ears! Need a quick fix for a cute cat costume? Here’s a FREE Template for some printable cat ears…

Originally I was going to make these a week or more ago with black fur, but both major fabric outlets on the Gold Coast had SOLD OUT of black fur (that wasn’t $90 a metre!) way before Halloween. So, Plan B…

You can easily make these Halloween Cat Ears with just a couple of ordinary BOBBY PINS 🙂 They are more ‘positionable’ on your head than a headband. For me, I also prefer to a headband because as a sometimes glasses wearer, there is too much going on behind the ears 😉 with a headband.

You will need:

  • 2 x Bobby Pins
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To:

Halloween Cat Ears Tutorial1. Gather your supplies and Print the Template

2. Trim the Halloween Cat Ears with scissors

3. Fold gently in half

4. Slide the bobby pin into position

5. Use a small amount of glue to seal

6. Halloween Cat Ears ready for positioning!

Halloween Cat EarsHalloween Cat EarsThey are actually quite sturdy and hold in position well. For a last minute costume, I think they are pretty cute and very inexpensive to make 🙂


DIY – How to Make a Halloween Black Cat Necklace

diy halloween black cat necklace adorablestDIY – How to Make a Halloween Black Cat Necklace just in time for Halloween! Easy tutorial and with this how-to, one of the supplies is from your local hardware – plumbing section! If you’re in Australia, go to the Bunnings website and search for “fibre washer”. If you’re in the U.S, the spelling is “fiber washer”.

You will need:

  • Fibre Washer. I used 28mm.
  • Iron on Mend Patches in Black.
  • Black Necklace.
  • A couple of black jump rings.

How to:

diy halloween black cat necklace tutorial stepsGather your supplies. Cut your Mend patch into a diamond shape (pic 1)

Fold the diamond around the washer (with the glue sides together)

Iron gently! Watch your fingers with this deli-cat work … 🙂

Poke through the ‘ear’ with the jump ring. A pin can help to start the hole.

Attach your necklace and you have …diy halloween black cat necklace tutorial adorablestA minimalist Halloween Black Cat Necklace. My washer actually started out as a red one – I painted it with acrylic paint – it absorbs and holds it really well. I’m wondering whether to ‘glitter’ the ears too. I don’t have any black glitter at the moment, so next time I’m out shopping, I’ll check it out. What do you think, glitter or no glitter ears?


DIY – Halloween Bat Earrings

diy halloween bat button earrings tutorialDIY – How to Make Halloween Bat Earrings using buttons. Easy craft with tutorial steps … Get ready for Halloween!

A few years ago, I had another Etsy shop. I made necklaces, brooches, rings and earrings. A few of the earrings I sold were actually made from buttons. They were pretty popular (I had nearly 1200 sales in the shop). Buttons are great to use as there is a lot of choice of designs and many are just the right size for earrings too.

I’ve since moved on from selling these accessories on Etsy, but I still like to make them and I thought I’d show you just how easy it is to make earrings from buttons. Here’s a quick DIY on How to Make Halloween Bat Earrings.

You will need:

  • Bat Buttons. Mine are from my Etsy days.
  • E-6000 Glue. A little is strong – what you need.
  • Earring Findings. My preference is for 6mm surgical steel.
  • Snips. Anything strong enough to cut the ‘loops’ off buttons.
  • Exacto Knife / Scalpel. Helps to clean the excess from the ‘loops’.

How to:

diy halloween bat earrings from buttons tutorialGather your buttons. Choose ones suitably sized for the ears.

Snip the loops off the back. Depending on the plastic, some are easier than others.

If the buttons are in two parts, be sure to glue between the pieces for strength.

Glue on your earring backs and let dry for at least 24 hours before using.

Easy! There’s lots of variety in novelty buttons, for every occasion, so you can make many more!

diy halloween bat earrings craft


DIY – How to Make a Button Barrel Necklace

diy button barrel necklace tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make a Button Barrel Necklace. Full tutorial on how to Make a Button Barrel Necklace from leftover buttons in your favourite colours. A cute and economical craft using buttons.

There is a “Count your Buttons Day” – there seriously is a day named for this. I had better start counting now – I have lots! So it got me thinking about button craft.

A few years ago, I made a necklace from random buttons that were bright and eclectic. I still wear it today and love it. Today I thought I’d show you how to make one and in the process, I made a slightly more grown-up version 🙂

diy button barrel necklace tutorial suppliesYou will need:

  • Buttons. An assortment!
  • Necklace / Chain.
  • 50mm Head Pin / Eye Pin.
  • Side Cutter & Round Nose Pliers.

How to:

diy button barrel necklace how to make tutorial adorablestGather your supplies.

Rearrange your buttons until you are happy. Look at the edge patterns too.

Snap a PHOTO! It helps 🙂

If you have head pins (like in picture above), just snip off the end. (You won’t need to worry about this and the next few steps if you started with an eye pin!)

You’ll want to start with a wire that is at least 50mm or 2″

Bend about 5mm at a right angle.

Use your Round Nose Pliers to create a loop.

Now you have an EYE PIN.

Thread on your buttons in your order – refer to your photo … did you take one? 🙂

Snip excess wire to keep your buttons close and neat.

Now create another loop at the other end.

Snip your chain in half.

At this point, think about how you want it to hang (colours) and if you like your clasp on a certain side. Are you left or right handed?

Twist open the loop, don’t open out the circle and thread on your chain.

Close your loops securely at both ends. Ta-dah!

Wear your pretty necklace or make to give as a gift …

diy button barrel necklace tutoialdiy button barrel necklace make craftdiy button barrel necklace adorablestI like that it is slightly quirky and the buttons aren’t all exactly the same size. Of course you could use other colour chain too – just match the pin colour. Notice how some buttons have swirls on their rims. You could also use wooden buttons and clear buttons add a touch of whimsy too. The possibilities are almost endless.


DIY – Gummy Bear Necklace

diy gummy bear necklace silicone mold tutorialDIY – Gummy Bear Necklace. This tutorial is a summary guide to using Pinkysil and a quick How-to mould a Gummy Bear. I have often used Pinkysil to make moulds of various items (cabochons for jewellery mostly) and I thought I’d give a quick introduction to the types of Pinkysil available and an example of what can be achieved … a cute Gummy Bear, that you can attach a chain to and make into a necklace, or perhaps a ring or hair accessory!

diy gummy bear necklace pink sil silicione mould suppliesThere are two types of Pinkysil available. I buy mine from Barnes. You can also buy it in various weights depending on your moulding needs. On the left is the ‘regular’ Pinkysil and on the right, the ‘putty’ Pinkysil.

diy gummy bear necklace pinky sil silicone pinkysilAbove is the ‘regular’ Pinkysil, which is also skin safe. Note the mixing ratio is 1:1. (This means you mix equal parts of the pink and white liquids together). Both the regular and putty are mixed at 1:1, so they are very easy to use. The regular Pinkysil is quite liquid and pourable – Think cream consistency!

It sets quite rapidly. You’ll have about a 2-5 minute working time once mixed together. The higher the temperature (in the room), the less work time you’ll have. You can release items from a mould usually after about 20 minutes.

diy gummy bear necklace pinky sil putty pinkysilAbove is the Putty Pinkysil. Also mixed at 1:1. (Grab an amount of equal size of both the pink and white and mix together). I have used a small amount in the jar – that explains the ‘drips’ in the jar, however the consistency is quite thick – it does not pour. Think Blu-Tack consistency!

In this tutorial, I will be using the regular Pinkysil.

You will need:

  • Gummy Bear. or cabochon / plastic gummy bear to make a mould of.
  • Silicone Cupcake Tray. Little container, etc. Must have flat bottom.
  • Mixing container. Glass or plastic.
  • Mixing Stick. Like a large ice cream stick. Flatter is better.
  • Blu-Tack. Helps to attach to bottom & when trimming silicone.
  • Exacto Knife / Nail Scissors. For trimming excess silicone.
  • Pinkysil. Regular – mix only what you need.
  • Pin / Isopropyl Alcohol. Optional. To pop surface air bubbles.
  • Polymer Clay. In your chosen Gummy Bear colours
  • Oven. To bake your Fimo Gummy Bears.
  • Necklace Findings. or re-purpose an old necklace.

diy gummy bear necklace mouldPlace a small amount of Blu-Tack on the base of the bear. Secure to bottom of container.

diy gummy bear necklace pinky sil siliconeMix your Pinkysil (1:1) quickly and thoroughly. Try not to whip, which can create air bubbles.

Pour into your container (with the Gummy Bear in place) with a thin even stream and importantly keep pouring IN THE SAME SPOT – ie. Do not DRIZZLE it all over. This way, it helps to avoid air pockets and fills from the bottom up and as it rises, keeps the detail. Keep filling until your bear is completely covered.

Once filled, I sometimes give my container a gentle tap to help any trapped air to rise to the surface.  You don’t want to dislodge the bear though. This is also where the Blu-Tack helps  – to keep the bear still! Pop the bubbles with a pin, or lightly spray with isopropyl alcohol to desolve them.

diy gummy bear necklace pinkysil silicone silicon mold mouldYour mould is ready after at least 20 minutes setting time. Pop out from the container, remove your Blu-Tack and with your Exacto knife and / or scissors, trim away any silicone ‘skin’ that may be over the bear, so you have a nice clean edge.

diy gummy bear necklace pinky sil silicone mouldNow is your chance to mould Gummy Bears galore! Use translucent and bright polymer clay for different effects. Bake as per instructions for whichever polymer clay you are working with. I use Fimo.

diy gummy bear necklace tutorialGlue a flat bail to the back of the Gummy Bear, add a jump ring and thread onto a necklace. You’ve made a sweet little Gummy Bear Necklace!

You can of course re-use the Pinkysil mould over and over to create a whole sleuth of bears! Who knew that the collective noun for a group of bears is called a sloth or sleuth! I didn’t. Shouldn’t it be a sloth of sloths?

I’m not sure if Pinkysil is available in other places other than Australia, but there are very similar products on the market, so you can still make your own DIY Gummy Bear Necklace.


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