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Happy Beans!

happy beans jelly beansHappy Beans! The motto says “be happy: eat something amazing every day” – and these are amazingly yummy! I received 4 flavours as a gift: Cranberry and Apple, Passionfruit, Lemonade and Vanilla … and they are all delicious. Taste just like the real thing with no weird aftertaste since they have no artificial colours or flavours. Gluten & gelatine free too.

happy beansSweetly packaged in plastic test tubes, with a smiley face lid (how cute!), apparently there is also a test tube holder to re-use them and make into a ‘vase’, although the gift giver told me that they weren’t in stock just at the moment. (I might make one) You can purchase these from Target at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast or online from  and from perusing their website also from a couple of shops in Sydney and Melbourne.

There’s a large flavour range of happy beans, including sours and gift packs, plus other gourmet treats like gummies, nougat and chocolate couture goodies also available! YUM!

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