DIY – Cheat Macrame Feathers 2 x Faster!

DIY Cheat Macrame Feathers 2 x FasterDIY Cheat Macrame Feathers – Make them 2 x Faster! Ready to make some ‘Macrame’ feathers? These are so easy – just one knot that everyone knows is required. That is why they are called ‘Cheat’ Macrame Feathers – is this really macrame? Anyway, they turn out really pretty and they are also QUICK. I’ll give you the secret why they are 2 x Faster! …

Have you seen all those Macrame Feathers on Pinterest? This tutorial will have you making them in an afternoon. Make these feathers in your favourite colours, add some simple findings and you will have a pair of earrings (or a pendant) ready for wearing or gift giving.

DIY Cheat Macrame Feathers 2 x Faster
You will need:

  • Cotton Embroidery Thread in favourite colour(s)
  • 2 x small (about 5-6mm jump rings) if you are making earrings
  • 2 x small beads, but with a fairly big hole
  • 2 x small safety pins (one is pictured – you’ll need two if making earrings)
  • A clipboard
  • A small foldback clip (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Maybe a small amount of glue – explain why later!

How To:DIY Cheat Macrame Feathers Steps

1. Cut 3 lengths of embroidery thread, each 25cm (10″) long.

2. Fold these 3 lengths in half push the folded ends through one bead.

3. Tie your safety pin in between the bead and the loops of thread. Also add your jump ring NOW (important!) and close it off. It will save you much fiddliness later.

4. Attach your foldback clip to the clipboard. Attach your safety pin to the foldback clip.

I don’t know why but looking at my images, I realised you don’t actually need the foldback clip. You can just attach your safety pin straight to the clipboard if it fits. I think I just got carried away with it being a cute and shiny gold, mini foldback clip at the time taking the photos and didn’t consider whether it was actually required!

5. Choose your first colour of thread and cut 2 x 8cm (just over 3″) of it. You will not need all this as the width of the feather, but again, for fiddliness sake, cut it bigger to allow for knot making.

6. Here is the ‘Macrame’ part. Just this easy knot. Tie both lengths together. Pull tight.

7. Tie the next knot with 2 threads together and pull tight. This is the REVERSE.

8. I unpinned and turned over to show you what will be the FRONT of the feather.

Make sure that when you tie your knots you keep them consistent. Either always left over right or right over left, it doesn’t matter, just choose one and stick with it. Look underneath as you go, so that it is also neat with no twisted threads because that is what will end up being the front of your macrame feather.

9. You will end up with a knotted scruffy feather. The picture is the REVERSE.

10. Turn the right side up. It helps to slightly dampen the threads before giving them a haircut. Just remember to go easy with the scissors. You can always trim more, do it gradually, so your macrame feathers are not too thin and you can build the shape you want.

Remove the safety pin and since you already added your jump rings earlier (you did didn’t you? or are you swearing that you can’t get the darn thing to attach!) you are ready to attach to your earrings or a chain if making a pendant.

DY Cheat Macrame FeathersEach ‘line’ is always 2 threads tied together. Then if I wanted a thicker ‘band’ of colour, I just added more ‘lines’. So in the picture above, the coral colour is 4 lines deep (and 2 thread in each).

DIY Cheat Macrame FeathersI mentioned glue in the You will need section above. Really you could grab and pull the threads off the bottom end as there is nothing to stop this. A small amount of glue behind (on the reverse) of the original string (rachis) and last bottom knot will help prevent this from slipping.

So, the reason they are Cheat Macrame Feathers is that technically I don’t think you can call these Macrame since it is one simple knot and they are 2 x Faster because you create the feather quicker by knotting the 2 threads together at once. The result is pretty though and there are many combinations of colours you could try.

Do you like these, but don’t have the time or inclination to make your own? I have listed these for sale on Etsy if you are interested. My Etsy Shop is called AdorablestShop

I can make them in different colours too if you like. The earrings are nickel free and silver plated.

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  • Reply Jennifer Jackson January 17, 2019 at 7:44 am

    How long are the actual feathers?

    • Reply Adorablest January 28, 2019 at 8:56 pm

      These ended up being about 6cm, but you could probably make them up to about 20cm. After then the embroidery thread might get a little ‘floppy’ possibly.

  • Reply Jill March 3, 2019 at 3:19 am

    If you don’t use the fold back clip the safety pin could slide/move around a lot more. Great shortcut idea.

  • Reply Noemi October 2, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Really love this!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Excited to try it soon! 🙂

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