DIY – Painted Pillowcases with Fabric Paint

DIY Painted Pillowcases with Fabric PaintDIY – Painted Pillowcases with Fabric Paint using Fabric Paint supplied by Artistic Den – see their website

Thank you to Artistic Den for supplying the brilliant (in brightness and quality!) Fluro Pink Fabric Paint, that I used to paint plain white pillowcases and turn them into designer scalloped painted pillowcases. I bought a packet of plain white pillowcases from Target (Australia) that were just $12 (for the pair) – BTW… 500 thread count and Australian Cotton and very nice quality! So with these, some other simple supplies and Fabric Paint (no more than $10), you too can make these adorable pillowcases.

You will need:

  • Fabric Paint from Artistic Den – there are MANY different colours to choose from! Check out their website at You will need 1 or 2 of 15ml tubes for this tutorial.
  • Pillowcases – Pre-washed and seam ironed very flat where you will be painting
  • Scissors
  • Eraser (yes, that ‘knitted’ heart is an eraser! from a previous DIY)
  • Cylinder object like a glass for a tracing template
  • Pencil or Non-permanent Fabric Marker (that comes out in the wash)
  • Small piece of plain cardboard (for scallop template)
  • Fine Paintbrush. Also dish / plate for paint (not pictured)
  • Plastic envelope or plastic shopping bag (very flat)

IronDIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint Tutorial
How To:DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint Tutorial1. Use your glass or object to create the scallop pattern on the cardboard, taking into consideration the way it lines up across the pillowcase and also the depth of the design

2. Cut out your design on the cardboard with scissors = template

3. Line up your template on the pillowcases – don’t forget if the pillowcases have that ‘edge’ part, remember to rotate the pillowcases accordingly

4. Lightly pencil (or marker) around the template.

5. Use your eraser if the pencil is too dark. Enough to see though!

6. Stuff your plastic envelope / bag into pillowcase to prevent bleed through

7. I like to use a flat, fine paintbrush, but whatever works for you

8. Put a small blob of paint at a time onto a dish and make a start

9. Continue painting your way across the pillowcase

10. According to the Fabric Paint instructions from Artistic Den, to achieve maximum fastness after first airdrying, you should heat set for approximately 4 to 5 minutes at 150°c (302°F)

11. My iron works on fabric type, but after researching SILK (or polyester) is the correct temperature. If unsure, try on an inconspicuous place or a tester piece first

12. The paint slightly changes colour when ironing, but reverts back


DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialSo happy with the DIY Painted Pillowcases! This is just one design of an infinite amount you could try with fabric paint. Pillowcases are basically a blank canvas, so let your imagine run wild! Artistic Den has many colours available if you are not into such fluro bright colours as I am 🙂DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialThe knitted crochet cushion I made myself too. I saw one on Etsy many months, if not years ago and could not find it any longer, so I taught myself crochet (Thank You YouTube) just so I could make this cushion! It is made with fluro pink acrylic, grey wool and I stitched it to a black (fabric) cushion.DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialThe crochet cushion is actually 4 x 4 squares, but I realised that the photos look like it is 4 x 3.

DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialDIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint Tutorial
DIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialDIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialDIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialDIY Painted Pillowcases Fabric Paint TutorialThank You Artistic Den for the Fabric Paint! Remember to check out their range of not just Fabric Paints – but all sorts of Craft paints including kids, face, glass and oil paints, as well as drawing and colouring supplies, modelling, plaster and more!


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