DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots


DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots. Looking for a simple but cute wrap for a few little eggs for your little ones to give to their friends, or even for us big kids to give to their friends and colleagues? or Have you left Easter gifts until the last minute? For this simple DIY, you will just need access to a printer and few simple stationery and craft supplies. Read on for the full How To.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Supplies-AdorablestYou will need:

  • Glue. I used UHU Stick Glue, but any craft paper glue will do.
  • Scissors, sticky tape (tiny amount) and Green Ribbon or Ric Rac

How To:

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-1-AdorablestEaster-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-2-AdorablestCut along the edges, remembering to cut around the GLUE HERE area and then through the middle. One print out makes two carrots.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-1-AdorablestPlace a little glue in the GLUE HERE area 🙂

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-2-Adorablest Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-3-AdorablestTwirl it into position, starting at the point and keep the line so you can no longer see any white.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-1-AdorablestWhere the join is, slightly flatten and create a crease.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-2-AdorablestBend in the edges slightly.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Filling-Eggs-Adorablest At this point, add your treats. About 3-4 small eggs will fit in.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Taping-AdorablestThen bring together the other sides and tape. I taped ‘across’ in this picture to show what was going on, but taping ‘downwards’ probably works best.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Ric-Rac-AdorablestCut your green ric rac or ribbon to about 15cm or 6 inches. Tie it around the top join where it is taped.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-1-AdorablestPrint and make as many as you need as gifts!Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-2-AdorablestQuick before that little bunny eats them all 🙂

Happy Easter!


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