FREE Set of 3 Monstera Leaf Printables

monstera leaf free printable adorablest vignetteFree Set of Monstera Leaf Printables. Pictured above shows the print I’ve designed using one of the leaves from my Monstera plant, as inspiration. It’s designed to fit an 8 x 10″ frame (you’ll need to trim the paper to fit if you don’t use photo paper), but you can just print it on A4 paper (as above) and stick it to the wall with washi tape like I did. If you’re not in Australia, just your standard printer paper should be fine too.

monstera leaf pink free printable adorablestYou’ve got the choice of Dusty Pink …

monstera leaf mint free printable adorablestMint Blue … or

monstera leaf green free printable adorablestOr Mint Green.

Or download all 3 – FOR FREE 🙂

By the way, if you just try printing the images above, they will not come out great as they are in low resolution. For the best resolution prints, please click on the Monstera Leaf images above and you will be taken to the download.

If you share these images (on your website or email) please link back to Adorablest as a courtesy – Thank You.


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