Plant Profile: Senecio articulatus – Candle Cactus

urban jungle bloggers planty wishes candle sausage cactusPlanty Wishes is the final theme for the year for Urban Jungle Bloggers. I thought I’d show you my Candle Cactus – Make a Wish!

It is also known as a Sausage Cactus, as you can see, it looks just like little sausages piled up on one another, very cute and actually a trouble free plant for me. There isn’t much information on the internet about this particular plant, but my from own experience of owning this cactus for over a year, I’ll let you know what has worked, at least for me anyway.

Plant Profile: Senecio articulatus

Common name(s)

Candle Cactus, Candle Plant, Sausage Cactus, Hot Dog Cactus

Availability – In Australia, I bought online through a specialist.

Light – Kept in a bright patio area with occasional direct sun (winter only)

Size – can grow up to 60cm. Medium to fast grower.

Watering – Let the surface dry between waterings. Always allow to drain.

Feeding – Minimal. Likes very well drained soil, with a little sand added.

Flowers – Yes, tiny white ones in a cluster.

Oddities – It IS an oddity 🙂

Other – You can break off one of the ‘sausages’, allow to callous first and then replant, then you’ll have another sausage plant! You can see on the close ups that a tiny root is forming on the base of the higher up sausages. There is a variety called Senecio globosa which is more ball-shaped than cylindrical and very special – this is on my plant wishlist 🙂 Although called the Sausage Cactus DO NOT EAT!

urban jungle bloggers planty wishes candle sausage cactusWhat do you think of this Sausage Cactus? They’re very interesting and quite easy to care for, so check them out if you like the quirky and cute.  See at the base, there is a little ‘Cheerio’ (small sausage!) forming too.


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