DIY – How to Make Words with String

diy words with string how to tutorials adorablestDIY – How to Make Words with String. An easy DIY, but can give lots of personality to gift wrapping, placecards or anything else you want to add the handmade touch to.

The supplies for this Words with String tutorial are simple and you may already have on hand. I already had my metallic string on hand. The metallic cord you are looking for has an inner cotton piece that can be removed and is not the stretchy kind.

If you only have wire in cut lengths (like I did) that’s fine too – you’ll just have to work out the length of your words you can do. The Wire you can buy in long lengths (like on a paddle) is a great solution, because you could just about write a paragraph of words with that long un-cut length!

You will need:

  • Metallic Cord with inner cotton cord (see above)
  • Florist wire. Approx 24g
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Word or Name Template (‘Joy’ available below)

How to:

diy words with string tutorial steps

  1. Print out your word or name. I used Sacramento font if you are wondering. I also changed it slightly in an editing program because the letters didn’t quite join up how I liked. If you want to use Joy, here you go … diy-words-with-string-Joy
  2. Measure your metallic string on the word for length and cut.
  3. Pull the cotton inner out of the metallic string slowly.
  4. Then you will just have the metallic cord ‘shell’ and the plain cotton.
  5. Align your wire into the metallic string opening.
  6. Thread all the way through until you have your length for the word.
  7. Use the print-out as a guide for bending the letters.
  8. The ends of the metallic string do fray, so …
  9. Dab a little glue and neatly finish off the letter.
  10. You can either create a loop at the end, or cut and glue again.

diy words with string tutorial supplies Aldi Craft GlueJust thought I’d let Australian readers know, I used this glue, from Aldi. It worked very well.  It was a cross between clear craft glue and super glue – hence Craft Super Glue, I suppose.  Sets strong, but I found it workable for a little longer than actual super glue. I think about $4 or $5. It finished off the ends of the metallic string just great.

diy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorialdiy words with string tutorial adorablestI threaded my ‘Joy’ onto a little pressie wrapped in

The ‘ribbon’ is actually those ribbon things sewn into shirts to help hang them, but I always seem to get my arms tangled in them. If you don’t like them either, cut them off and make use of them for little ribbons! I have lots of different colours from doing this.

With this DIY Words with String, you could spell out people’s names for a table setting, gifts or (wine) glass charms. Being wire, you can also bend them around something like a pot plant, or bottle (loops at the end in this case will help you tie it). What do you think – any uses that you might like these for?


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