DIY – How to Make a Button Barrel Necklace

diy button barrel necklace tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make a Button Barrel Necklace. Full tutorial on how to Make a Button Barrel Necklace from leftover buttons in your favourite colours. A cute and economical craft using buttons.

There is a “Count your Buttons Day” – there seriously is a day named for this. I had better start counting now – I have lots! So it got me thinking about button craft.

A few years ago, I made a necklace from random buttons that were bright and eclectic. I still wear it today and love it. Today I thought I’d show you how to make one and in the process, I made a slightly more grown-up version 🙂

diy button barrel necklace tutorial suppliesYou will need:

  • Buttons. An assortment!
  • Necklace / Chain.
  • 50mm Head Pin / Eye Pin.
  • Side Cutter & Round Nose Pliers.

How to:

diy button barrel necklace how to make tutorial adorablestGather your supplies.

Rearrange your buttons until you are happy. Look at the edge patterns too.

Snap a PHOTO! It helps 🙂

If you have head pins (like in picture above), just snip off the end. (You won’t need to worry about this and the next few steps if you started with an eye pin!)

You’ll want to start with a wire that is at least 50mm or 2″

Bend about 5mm at a right angle.

Use your Round Nose Pliers to create a loop.

Now you have an EYE PIN.

Thread on your buttons in your order – refer to your photo … did you take one? 🙂

Snip excess wire to keep your buttons close and neat.

Now create another loop at the other end.

Snip your chain in half.

At this point, think about how you want it to hang (colours) and if you like your clasp on a certain side. Are you left or right handed?

Twist open the loop, don’t open out the circle and thread on your chain.

Close your loops securely at both ends. Ta-dah!

Wear your pretty necklace or make to give as a gift …

diy button barrel necklace tutoialdiy button barrel necklace make craftdiy button barrel necklace adorablestI like that it is slightly quirky and the buttons aren’t all exactly the same size. Of course you could use other colour chain too – just match the pin colour. Notice how some buttons have swirls on their rims. You could also use wooden buttons and clear buttons add a touch of whimsy too. The possibilities are almost endless.


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