DIY – Kokedama Teddy Bear

diy-kokedama-teddy-bear-adorablestDIY – Kokedama Teddy Bear. Make this kawaii Kokedama Teddy Bear with a tennis ball! All steps in the tutorial – easy and fun! This is the DIY I was planning for last week, but Mr Teddy Bear wasn’t quite finished and I still needed to photograph him in the daylight. He’s easy to make – don’t let the length of the tutorial make you think otherwise! It is quite long, but that’s only because I took a few photos to show each step thoroughly.

What is a kokedama, you ask? It is Japanese for Moss Ball. Basically it is a planter, where the container is moss. It is usually held together with string, but I cheated a little and glued moss to a tennis ball to help create the shape for the Teddy Bear.


You will need:

  • Tennis Ball.
  • Glue. A hot glue gun and PVA woodworking glue. I’ll explain in the how-to.
  • Scissors. Regular craft kind
  • Exacto Knife / Scalpel. Sharp!
  • Acrylic / Fabric Paint. Green (or mix blue and yellow as I did)
  • Paintbrush. Yep, that is a makeup brush you see in the photo 🙂 It works!
  • Cabochon. x 3 for eyes and nose (or anything that can substitute)
  • Moss.

Also these (not pictured above)

  • Charcoal. Horticultural charcoal.
  • Potting Mix. Small amount.
  • Plant cutting.  Small fern or indoor plant (mine is a Peperomia)

How to:

diy how to make kokedama teddy bear tennis ballStart by slicing a circle from your tennis ball as above. Note: On generic tennis balls the ‘seam’ joining the two halves, is like a northern and southern hemisphere (and the curvy rubber is just printed on (like the one above) and is not actually a seam).

On others, you might find that the seams are where the curvy rubber printed parts are (like a jellybean shape – that’s the best way I can think!). Either kind of tennis ball will work fine.

diy how to make kokedama teddy bear tennis ballAfter you’ve sliced the top circle from your tennis ball, keep the little part that you’ve removed. These are to become the Teddy Bear ears for kokedama. As these tennis balls were joined through the middle, you can easily cut through the seam with a scalpel. Remove the fluffy felt, trim with scissors until you have two little how to make kokedama teddy bear

Next is the painting and glueing …diy how to make kokedama teddy bear painting glueingMix your paint and thoroughly coat the tennis ball. Don’t forget to paint the ears! Wait until fully dry (at least 3 hours or overnight if you can) and then glue the ears to the cut ball with a hot glue gun. Hot glue seemed to work best for this step.

diy how-to make kokedama teddy bear mossGlue the moss on – This time with PVA Woodworking Glue. I used a strong exterior type. Continue to glue the moss on in batches. If you have slight gaps, don’t worry too much. The green paint underneath hides them. Also, it’s much easier ‘filling in’ the gaps with the moss after letting the first part dry slightly.

diy make kokedama teddy bear mossAfter glueing on the moss, you will end up with teddy bear shape kokedama! But this teddy bear is missing …

diy how to make kokedama teddy bearEyes! Hot glue on your cabochons, or whatever you have for Mr Teddy Bear eyes and nose. Your Kokedama Teddy Bear is almost finished …

diy how to make kokedama teddy bear planterPlant up your Kokedama Teddy Bear using a small amount of potting soil, mixed with a little horticultural charcoal. The charcoal helps to keep the soil fresh, as there is NO DRAINAGE in this planter. A cutting (like this Peperomia) can be added, or a little fern. I finished off the top of the head with more moss to cover the soil – then it looks complete. You may like to add a plate to catch any drips / seepage that may come out.

diy kokedama teddy bear moss make tennis ball adorablestKokedama Teddy Bear (made with a tennis ball and moss) ready to cutify your desk at work or home!

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