How to Remove Fungus Gnats from Plants

get rid of fungus gnats inside house plantsHow to Remove Fungus Gnats from Plants. Houseplant or fungus gnats … those pesky, flying little buggers, that have you flailing your arms about like some sort of mad person. I’ve since done some research on control methods and I recently implemented this one … SAND. I removed 2cm (almost an inch) from the top of the soil and replaced with (play) sand (not salty sand from the beach).

fungus gnats inside house plantsAFTER: So far, so good. It’s been about 3 days and they are gone … I hope. If they return, I’ll try this one – insert a 1cm thick slice of raw potato into the soil – attracts the larvae and then dispose of it. The things we do for the love of our plants πŸ™‚

PS> The first pic has been digitally edited πŸ™‚ Try getting a photo of these tiny annoyances!

But I hope this can work, without having to resort to chemicals. Anyone else had a gnaughty gnat problem? What have your tried, what worked for you and what didn’t?


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  • Reply Green Obsessions May 31, 2015 at 3:14 am

    I had gnats very early on when I had only a few plants which were all succulents. They came from a soil I bought for my herb garden. There were so many I ended up getting rid of the herb garden and the soil and since my succulents could stand not being watered for weeks (it was winter), I stopped watering and soon enough they disappeared. I previously tried replacing the top soil with fresh soil (not sand like you did) from an uninfected trusted bag of soil and then sprinkled cinnamon in the top soil. I read that it helps. Well their numbers reduced a bit but when they didn’t vanish completely that’s when I got rid of the whole soil and herbs. πŸ™ The bag of soil I got was different from what I normally used but since then I only stick to 2 tried and tested brands and no more gnats (fingers crossed). I would have to try with sand next time but hopefully there won’t be a next time.

    • Reply Adorablest May 31, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      Thank You! Reading your comment reminded me about keeping the soil drier (and it’s winter here now too). I suspect they have multiplied from one plant (and the soil), but hopefully it’s under control with the sand. That’s a shame you had to throw away the herbs πŸ™

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