DIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card Title PageDIY – Valentine’s Day Sweet Card. Make this giant “Sweet” Card (or lolly or candy, depending on where you live). The inspiration came from a little silver pill box that was given to me recently, that opens on its back hinge only. This card opens the same way.

You will need:

  • Manila Folder. I used red. It’s VALENTINE’S DAY 🙂
  • Glitter Spray. Again, I used red…
  • Ribbon. Just a small piece. I used black.
  • Pencil, Eraser, Scissors & Glue.
  • Access to a Printer. Or handwrite your message.

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card StepsHow to :

  • Trace the sweet (lolly/candy) shape onto the manila folder. Be sure to leave a 3cm (just over an inch) ‘hinge’ join on the fold.
  • Use masking tape to create diagonal lines and spray with your glitter spray (outside and not near the neighbours!)
  • Print or hand write your message on paper. Position the text and use the cardboard like a template and make an outline of it onto the paper (flip over if need to). Trim away most of the excess paper, but leave a 5mm around your pencil line. Glue. Now trim the rest of the excess paper (doing it like this helps keep a neat outline finish).
  • Add the ribbon, or other embellishments.
  • Give to your beloved …

DIY - Valentine's Day Sweet Card FinishedClaire

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