DIY – Cute Cat Candy Container

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Title PageDIY – Cute Cat Candy Container. These little kitties are made from empty toilet rolls and I’ve included the free template below for the cute cat face.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container SuppliesYou will need:

  • Empty Toilet Rolls. I was asking myself whether the size is standard across the world!? The template will accommodate a range of sizes.
  • Glue. I just used the simple stick kind.
  • Scissors. Minimal cutting.
  • Candy / Surprise. To fill for your sweetheart or friend. Wrapped if required.

DIY - Cute Cat Candy Container Steps 1 - 81. Flatten your toilet roll in half and crease.

2. Bring the crease to meet in the middle and then flatten again.

3. You should end up with a square toilet roll.

4. Add glue to the template back, a section at a time. Start with the front (face).

5. Position the face to leave some room for folding both the top and bottom.

6. Cut in at the bottom a little over 1cm on the creases.

7. Fold in – enough to make sure your candy won’t escape!

8. Fold the back of the ‘ears’ first, then the front (like a crescent shape).

DIY - Cute Cat Candy ContainerDIY - Cute Cat Candy Container

Hopefully the receiver will think “You’re the Cats Whiskers” also 🙂


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