DIY – Wrapped Bead Necklace

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Title PageDIY – Wrapped Bead Necklace. This may look familiar. I’ve previously made one very similar and it was used as a display in my DIY Geometric Felt Bowls.

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial BeadsThese beads are made in a pretty mix of pastel, dusty pink and a soft cool grey. I also used a sterling silver chain to complete this necklace.

You will need:

  • Embroidery Floss. Just over 1m (3’7″) of each colour.
  • Needle. Large enough hole for the floss, but not too thick overall.
  • Beads. Wooden, as you may need to drill them.
  • Chain. Use an existing chain as I did, buy or make your own.
  • Glue. Only a tiny amount needed. Clear nail polish will also work.

How to :

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Steps 1 - 121. Assemble your supplies.

2. Drill the holes wider if needed.  At least 5mm hole for the wrapping.

3. Start by tying a simple tight knot.

4. Hide the starter knot by slipping inside the bead hole.

5. Thread your floss into the needle and start wrapping. Keep neat and tight.

6. These beads are 15mm.  I wrapped 5 times then left a space.

7. I wrapped into 5 sections. (So 5 wraps arounds each and 5 sections).

8. Before making the final pass of grey, I tied a knot to the new colour (dusty pink).

9. The knot is again hidden on the inside. Wrap the new colour into the gaps.

10. After the final pass of pink, I tied a knot and dabbed a tiny bit of glue to it.

11. Tuck the knot into the middle. Wiggle the needle through to make sure.

12. Thread onto your chain. (Use your needle and thread or thin wire if needed).

DIY - Wrapped Bead Necklace Tutorial Finished NecklaceYou can make these in any colour to match an outfit. Use one, two or more colours or random! I’d like to make a necklace with one BIG bead as a statement piece … one day.

If you make one, let me know and send me a pic, I’d love to see how it turns out. Enjoy!


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