DIY – Plants Rock! Air Plant Display Idea No.1

DIY - Plants Rock! Air Plant Display Idea No 1 Title PagePlants Rock! I love plants, all sorts, but some are easier to care for than others. Meet the Tillandsia genus (Air Plants) – possibly one of the most interesting yet undemanding plants for your home or office.  Here’s also possibly the simplest DIY idea to display them.

You will need:

  • Rock. I used Rose Quartz.  There are meanings and properties to various crystals and rocks, but really I just liked the pink colour.  Choose any you like, but be careful of natural stones containing copper.  Copper will kill your Tillandsia.
  • Air Plant.  Purchased from Bunnings for $6.99.  This particular one is Tillandsia ionantha. It’s information card says “Small compact species to 8cm across, clustering habit, flowers appear in warmest months on red foliage. Hardy, great indoors or outdoors.”  Those pink tinges look really pretty with the rose quartz.
  • Glue. I used a hot glue gun. Slightly cooled. Air plants use their roots as an anchor, not to source water, so it’s quite safe to glue them. E6000 is also a good choice.

How to :

Glue your chosen Tillandsia to your chosen rock. You’re done!

Points to Note:

  • Copper is an enemy of Air Plants. I’ve also read that so is zinc.  Since brass is an alloy of both copper and zinc, perhaps mounting on brass is also not a good idea?
  • YOU WILL STILL NEED TO WATER YOUR PLANT!  It will not continue to survive on air alone, nor on just light misting / humidity in the air.  Gently ‘dunk’ your plant in water, lightly shaking off excess droplets. Do this about twice weekly in warmer months, just once a week or even less during the cooler season, as a guide.
  • Use regular tap water, NEVER distilled or salty water.
  • Display in an area where it will receive bright filtered light and your attention.
  • As a gift idea, pair your plant with a stone that may have a special meaning and/or metaphysical properties for the receiver.

DIY - Plants Rock! Air Plant Display Idea No 1

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  • Reply maikerun December 5, 2014 at 12:19 am

    Thank you! Now I know lots about air plants.

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