DIY – Copper Tape Craft

diy copper tape craft adorablestA couple of quick and easy DIY’s with copper tape to add some bling to your things!

diy copper tape craft suppliesYou will need:

  • Vase. Available at Kmart (Australia) for $2. Or choose one from any op (thrift) shop.
  • Copper Tape. Available online, your local hardware store or nursery (it’s used to keep snails away from plants!) I paid about $3 for this 5mm x 30m roll.There are various thicknesses and lengths available.

diy copper tape craft vaseWrap around randomly, or make a pattern. The tape is smooth on the roll, but when peeled from the backing, ends up with a slight textured finish, as in the photo above. It’s easy to smooth out – just use the back of your fingernail.

diy copper tape craft wrapped vasePhoto taken from above. I ‘swirled’ the tape to the top in a random way. Just add water and fill with your favourite blooms and/or leaves.

diy copper tape craft wrapped notepadA few days ago I bought this little notepad and again randomly attached the copper tape.

Point to Note:

  • I wrapped around my (fake stone) bathroom soap dispenser with this tape, but before long, it had corrosion marks and green spots, so it had to be removed. Best to avoid taping items that will get wet (just wash the inside of the vase!) or that will be stored in high humidity areas.
  • Copper is conductive – be careful what you are decorating with this copper tape.

diy copper tape craft rose

So many fun uses!  What else can you decorate?

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