DIY – Geometric Felt Bowls

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Title PageDIY – Geometric Felt Bowls. These bowls are simple to make from cardstock and felt.

While folding some paper for a different project, I stumbled across making these cute shaped ‘bowls’, so I thought I’d share the outcome. Simple, fun, can be done in an afternoon and on a budget!

You will need:

  • Cardstock. Any colour you please. The gold card used here was from a brochure, the green card was a folder and the black card cut from an old résumé.
  • Felt. The lighter grey one was the stiffened variety, the rest, plain felt.  Either is fine to use, but the softer kind is probably easier to bend with the cardstock.
  • Glue. PVA glue was used for this project. Anything similar will do.
  • Paper Guillotine, Slicer or Scissors. For cutting your cardstock and felt into similar sized squares.
  • Ruler. For measuring out.
  • Heavy Book. For Flattening.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean workable space and something underneath (like plain paper) when gluing, as you need to go right to the edge and there can be mess!

How to :

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Supplies

  • Slice your cardstock and felt into the same sized squares (in pairs). You can have different sizes, but to each cardstock, ensure a matching sized piece of felt.
  • Glue the felt to the cardstock. Make sure you go right to the edges, but with not too much glue overflow. When finished one, slot it under the heavy book and then start on the next one.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Fold Lines Template

  • There is no need to wait for the glue to harden, in fact it is probably easier to fold while pliable and not set. The diagram above shows where the fold lines will be. Notice the diagonally lines do not cross through the middle. More on this later.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Measuring with Ruler

  • Start by folding into thirds on the vertical plane, then the horizontal plane (or vice versa). This creates the grid.  Whether you like the felt on the inside or the outside, is up to you. Either works.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Partly Folded

  • Once you have the grid, ‘pinch’ in the corner pieces, as per folding diagram. You want to keep the middle square of the grid unfolded. You’ll end up with this.
  • Cut the corners straight across with scissors, so if you flattened it out, it would be an octagon. You could cut into an octagon before the folding stage, but I found it easier to pinch the points, (a little more paper to hold onto) and cutting after folding. Continue to bend so you’re happy with the shape and let the glue dry.

DIY - Geometric Felt Bowls Displayed with JewelleryDIY - Geometric Felt Bowls AdorablestFinished! Fill with your favourite jewellery, trinkets or stationery.


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  • Reply maikerun October 3, 2014 at 12:29 am

    Fantastic! A really great idea! And your instructions are very clear and easy to follow!

    • Reply Adorablest October 3, 2014 at 12:57 am

      Thank you for the compliment and reading my blog!

  • Reply Abigail November 3, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    This is amazing!! Im going to include this in my project!!!

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