DIY – How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial Title PageDIY – How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial. Using a pendant tray, make your own marble necklaces!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay. White, black and transparent (white). Fimo and Sculpey are a couple of brands. Use whatever you have or can get for this project.
  • Pendant Tray. Round, oval, whatever shape you’d like. Chain for the necklace if needed, in a contrasting or matching colour.
  • Oven & Baking Paper. To bake the polymer clay according to instructions.
  • Glue. For attaching the faux marble ‘coin’ to the pendant tray.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean area to roll and mould your polymer clay.
  • Modelling Paint. Optional if you want the trays painted. Pictures show metallic gold (with white marble) and copper finish (with black marble).
  • Sandpaper. Optional if you want a super smooth finish of the marble ‘slice’.  A sheet each of 240, 600 and 2000 grit sandpaper.
  • Carnauba Wax. Optional if you want to add a sheen to the finished piece.

How to :

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial-Steps 1 - 81. Roll white with transparent and a little white in some black to make dark grey clay.

2. Wrap and twist the polymer clay ‘snakes’ together.

3. Start to form a flattened ball shape.

4. Flatten a little more. Don’t squish too much at this stage.

5. Roll into a snake again.

6. Squish together some more.

7. Form by hand into a shape similar to the pendant.

8. Keep moulding the clay as close as possible to the pendant shape and bake it!

After baking, you can simply glue in and you’re done!

If you want a smoother finish, like a slice of cut marble, the pieces will need to be sanded. First with 240 grit, then 600 and finally with 2000. Polymer clay sands very easily, so be careful that you don’t end up with a wafer thin piece that may break.

To add sheen and bring out the colours, use a tiny amount of carnauba wax. It brings a soft satin finish to the surface and finishes the polymer clay nicely for this project.

Depending on the method and colours used, some pieces look more like black and white jasper (stone) than marble. Vary each until you end up with the look you want!

DIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay Tutorial Finished PendantsDIY - How to Make Faux Marble with Polymer Clay TutorialThis project will cost about $10 – $15 in materials. The piece(s) you make will unique!


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  • Reply Shinese February 11, 2016 at 3:47 am

    These look absolutely amazing! I’ve tried creating the faux marble look before with clay, but never had such a wonderful end result like with these necklaces. I’ll definitely be giving this a try, thanks! 🙂

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