DIY – Cheat Macrame Feathers 2 x Faster!

DIY Cheat Macrame Feathers 2 x FasterDIY Cheat Macrame Feathers – Make them 2 x Faster! Ready to make some ‘Macrame’ feathers? These are so easy – just one knot that everyone knows is required. That is why they are called ‘Cheat’ Macrame Feathers – is this really macrame? Anyway, they turn out really pretty and they are also QUICK. I’ll give you the secret why they are 2 x Faster! … Read more…

Matte Black is the New Black

Matte Black is the New Black
Will we see a move of matte black from fashion to interiors in 2019? I hope so! It’s already starting to be one of the interior decor trends to look out for in the new year. Links below are affiliate links to Amazon, which means if you purchase (it won’t cost you any extra!), I may receive a small commission, you know – hosting fees, etc – so I can keep bringing you Free DIY Tutorials in the coming year. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!

Besides, I like matte black – do you?

1. Brabantia Step Trash Can with plastic inner Bucket in Matte Black

2. Contigo Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug in Matte Black

3. Gibson Home 16 Piece Dinnerware Set in Matte Black

4. Premium Vials UV Safe for Essential Oils in Black Coated Glass

5. L.A. Colors 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow

6. Planter Matte Black Package

7. OPI Nail Lacquer

8. 20 Piece Cutlery Set in Matte Black (Plated Stainless Steel)

9. Fisher Space Pen

10. Jam Paper Matte Black Wrapping Paper

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DIY – Painted Pillowcases with Fabric Paint

DIY Painted Pillowcases with Fabric PaintDIY – Painted Pillowcases with Fabric Paint using Fabric Paint supplied by Artistic Den – see their website

Thank you to Artistic Den for supplying the brilliant (in brightness and quality!) Fluro Pink Fabric Paint, that I used to paint plain white pillowcases and turn them into designer scalloped painted pillowcases. I bought a packet of plain white pillowcases from Target (Australia) that were just $12 (for the pair) – BTW… 500 thread count and Australian Cotton and very nice quality! So with these, some other simple supplies and Fabric Paint (no more than $10), you too can make these adorable pillowcases.

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