DIY – Coconut Ice Bath Bombs that Smell Just Like the Real Thing

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath BombsDIY – Coconut Ice Bath Bombs – without Citric Acid and using a SECRET ingredient 😉 These look just like the real thing don’t they? They smell just like the real thing too – YUMMY and DIVINE!

Just make sure you don’t take a bite!

Please Note: I have made this recipe for a SMALL batch. Sometimes I find that bath bomb recipes will make enough to compete with a Lush store, so if you just want to try a small amount, this Coconut Ice Bath Bomb recipe is for you. Each batch will only make 2 small to medium ‘slices’ of Coconut Ice. If you require more, simply double or triple (or more) the recipe. Also, this does not use Citric Acid, but a substitute – Citrus Juice. It still fizzes!

You will need:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda Find it at your supermarket
  • Coconut Oil Use the non-refined sort – You WANT it to smell like coconut!
  • Epsom Salts Find it at your supermarket or chemist
  • Cream of Tartar Find it at your supermarket in the baking section
  • Lemon or Lime Juice Fresh or in a container
  • Imitation Strawberry Flavouring Essence This is the SECRET ingredient!
  • 2 x Bowls for Mixing
  • Spoon I used metal. I can’t stand dry ingredients with a wooden spoon (nails on a chalkboard for me)
  • Small Square containers / mould / mold
  • Baking Paper cut in strips to fit containers SO much easier to remove the Bath Bombs when set!
  • Measuring Cups Or similar
  • Presentation Wrap or Plate Or similar

How To:

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Steps 1 - 6Gather all your supplies and make sure you are in an area where you can make a bit of a mess.

Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Recipe: (SMALL BATCH for 2-3, multiply as needed)

  •  1/4  Cup of Bicarb Soda
  •  1/8  Cup of Epsom Salts
  • 1/2  Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar (MIX these 3 ingredients)
  • 1/8  Teaspoon or few drops of Citrus Juice (Will FIZZ – that’s normal)
  • 1/2  Teaspoon of Imitation Strawberry Flavouring Essence (for the pink part)
  • 1/2  Teaspoon + of Coconut Oil per Pink and White part

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Steps 7 - 12


Mix all the DRY ingredients well (NO coconut oil yet), add your Citrus juice, then …


Add your Strawberry Essence to one part and mix well.

Then add your Coconut Oil to both the PINK part and the WHITE part (in separate bowls)

The reason I add the Coconut Oil after is so you can better gauge the consistency because the Strawberry Essence counts as a wet ingredient and will slightly change the pink consistency.

The consistency you want is, when squeezed with your palm, it stays together … JUST. Not too oily, but add more Coconut Oil if it is still crumbly.

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Consistency

Spoon your completed WHITE part into the container (lined with Baking Paper – makes it SO much easier to remove later).

Flatten down, then add your PINK part …

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Steps 13 - 18Flatten the pink part – make sure you have equal height of the pink and white sections.

You can let dry a little, then slide then out (Did you use Baking Paper to help, or are you cursing right now?!)

YUM! Almost good enough to eat. These smell wonderful with the Coconut and Strawberry, just like Coconut Ice! The Epsom salts also give that Coconut fleck to them as a bonus, don’t you think?

I have tried them in a bath – they smell just as lovely in the water. You can EAT the imitation Strawberry Essence, so you can certainly bathe in it. It does not leave the bath water a vivid pink either, so no major cleaning after.

The Coconut Oil will soften your skin, as will the Bicarb Soda. The Epsom Salts will help soothe your tired muscles and the little amount of Citrus Juice will act as an anti-bacterial.

Try these FUN and FIZZY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs!

BONUS!! Free Printable Coconut Ice Bath Bomb Labels to finish if they are a gift – see below. Wrap with clear cellophane and a cute bow to finish or store in a jar. Enjoy!

Adorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath BombsAdorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath BombsAdorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath BombsAdorablest DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs DIY Coconut Ice Bath Bombs | AdorablestLike these labels? Free Download Coconut Ice Bath Bombs Labels

Enjoy, please leave a comment if you try these, Pin Away and share the LOVE 🙂


DIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Tutorial-AdorablestDIY – How to Make Faux Terrazzo. Full How To Tutorial – it is easier than it looks! I really love the look of Terrazzo and it is so on trend at the moment too. This DIY for Faux Terrazzo has actually been idea that has been swooshing inside my head for a couple of months now and I just needed to get the process right before posting and I’m happy to say, it’s finally got the GO AHEAD! I just couldn’t wait to share this easy DIY that looks like terrazzo and you can make it in whatever colours you like!

Ready, Let’s Make FAUX TERRAZZO!

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay and of course an oven to bake it in, plus baking paper
  • Wet & Dry Sandpaper 240 or 320
  • Necklace Findings – only if you want to make this into a necklace
  • Sharp X-Acto / Scalpel Knife

How To:

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Polymer-Clay-AdorablestFirst you will need balls of polymer clay – approx 0.5 – 1cm in diameter. The reason there are so many in this photo is sometimes I couldn’t get the colour I wanted, so I’d break off a little bit if the ball was just getting bigger and bigger and start a new ball! Besides, you’ll be turning the oven on, so may as well make the most of it!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Squash-Clay-AdorablestSquash the balls into ‘discs’. They don’t have to be perfectly round, but what is important is that they only need to be 1 – 1.5mm thick. Smooth out the surface as flat and as evenly as you can.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Balls-Clay-Baked-AdorablestI baked my Fimo Clay for only about half the recommended time. In this case 10 – 15 minutes.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Pieces-Close-AdorablestThis is the fun part. Use your fingers to snap away small pieces. Again doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact random is better. Just make sure the edges of the breaks are vertical (and have snapped cleanly). These pieces range from a tiny 1 x 1mm to up to 7mm. It still has a little bit of flex from baking a little less. It will be baked again … later.
DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Ball-Binder-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Binder-Top-Bottom-AdorablestNext, mix up what will be your base and top for the terrazzo. Within my mix above, I used white, transparent and a little bit of granite (Fimo Colour 8020). I didn’t fully mix as I wanted a marble type effect … you’ll see 🙂 Divide the ball into 2 pieces – they will become your top and bottom base for the terrazzo pieces.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Position-Pieces-2-AdorablestRoughly make the base part into the shape that you would ultimately like – about 2-3mm thick. In this case, a rectangle as this will be turned into a pendant. Next, position your terrazzo pieces on to the base. Do NOT squish them into the base – they are just sitting on top.DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Adorablest DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Sandwich-Clay-AdorablestTake your top part of your polymer clay and make a Terrazzo sandwich 🙂 What you need to do here, is make sure that the little pieces are snugly sandwiched inside the top and bottom and fully surrounded by the clay. It may separate the pieces a little, but that is okay.

Bake this ‘sandwich’ for about another 20 minutes. (Use temperature according to your polymer clay instructions). Remember which way the TOP is!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-AdorablestAfter cooling, use your wet and dry sandpaper to gently grind away some of the surface of the top layer. You may also grind away some fingerprints as I did, so wear gloves if you need to (it can hurt!)

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Clay-Sanding-2-AdorablestLift it up periodically to check how your terrazzo pieces are showing through – Exciting!

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Before-Cutting-AdorablestJust after sanding. (Note: You can also lightly sand the bottom part to smooth off). We are almost there, just a few more steps until you will have your own beautiful faux terrazzo piece.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-After-Cutting-AdorablestUse a sharp scalpel knife to slice into a shape. This will be a rectangle pendant terrazzo piece. Sand again on the wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the edges. I also did not photograph, but I like to give my clay pieces a ‘buff’ with Carnauba Polish.

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-Necklace-AdorablestGlue on your findings if you are making a necklace and YOU’RE FINISHED!


I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. I mentioned earlier, using transparent, white and the granite for the ‘binder’ – you can see a little bit of marbling going on and the glittery bits in the granite also make it look more authentic.

The best thing is you can make your Faux Terrazzo in whatever colour combination you’d like. Here are some other colour combinations to get your creative juices flowing …

DIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-1-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-2-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-3-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-4-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-5-AdorablestDIY-How-to-Make-Faux-Terrazzo-6-AdorablestIf you like this Polymer Clay Tutorial for Faux Terrazzo, you might also like some of my other Polymer Clay Tutorials.

Thanks! Please Share and Enjoy this Tutorial … Please link back to me for the Full Tutorial 😉

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DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots


DIY – Free Printable Treat Fillable Easter Carrots. Looking for a simple but cute wrap for a few little eggs for your little ones to give to their friends, or even for us big kids to give to their friends and colleagues? or Have you left Easter gifts until the last minute? For this simple DIY, you will just need access to a printer and few simple stationery and craft supplies. Read on for the full How To.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Supplies-AdorablestYou will need:

  • Glue. I used UHU Stick Glue, but any craft paper glue will do.
  • Scissors, sticky tape (tiny amount) and Green Ribbon or Ric Rac

How To:

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-1-AdorablestEaster-Carrot-Printable-Cutting-2-AdorablestCut along the edges, remembering to cut around the GLUE HERE area and then through the middle. One print out makes two carrots.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-1-AdorablestPlace a little glue in the GLUE HERE area 🙂

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-2-Adorablest Easter-Carrot-Printable-Glueing-3-AdorablestTwirl it into position, starting at the point and keep the line so you can no longer see any white.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-1-AdorablestWhere the join is, slightly flatten and create a crease.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Folding-2-AdorablestBend in the edges slightly.Easter-Carrot-Printable-Filling-Eggs-Adorablest At this point, add your treats. About 3-4 small eggs will fit in.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Taping-AdorablestThen bring together the other sides and tape. I taped ‘across’ in this picture to show what was going on, but taping ‘downwards’ probably works best.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Ric-Rac-AdorablestCut your green ric rac or ribbon to about 15cm or 6 inches. Tie it around the top join where it is taped.

Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-1-AdorablestPrint and make as many as you need as gifts!Easter-Carrot-Printable-Egg-Filled-2-AdorablestQuick before that little bunny eats them all 🙂

Happy Easter!


DIY – How to Make Clay and Coffee Body Scrub with Free Printable Label Sheet

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-AdorablestDIY – How to Make Clay and Coffee Body Scrub.  This is a very simple recipe that you can use with or without the coffee. The coffee used in this scrub is actually from used pods – refrigerated as soon as used, so as to keep fresh. They work great as an exfoliator! Today is St Patrick’s Day, so this includes GREEN clay, but you could also use kaolin or any other body clay. Read on for the full tutorial …

I made a batch of this earlier, but wanted to make sure it didn’t dry out, lasted and kept fresh – and so I can finally give the go ahead and say that it works and keeps great! I didn’t mean for it to coincide with St Patrick’s Day, but since it contains GREEN clay, well let’s just go with that!

DISCLAIMER: Please TEST a small batch to make sure this is suitable for your skin. Some people may find just the (Green Clay) and Soap Free Wash is enough for their skin. Adding the coffee will of course make it more exfoliating and cinnamon can affect some people. Use your common sense, as with all ingredients that you are using on your skin.

You will need:

  • Green Clay. Or kaolin or any other clay that suits your skin.
  • Dermaveen (in Australia). Or a compatible ‘Soap Free Wash’
  • Used Coffee Pod. Must be freshly used and refrigerated immediately after.
  • Container for mixing
  • Spoon 
  • Small Scissors or Nail Scissors CLEAN!
  • Container. Clean and airtight. I think you know where mine is from 😉
  • Printer if you want to print the FREE PRINTABLE LABELS I’ve made for this scrub
  • Sticky tape or Laminator if you want waterproof labels


How To:


Firstly, I need to stress that everything must be CLEAN. Wash your hands and all your implements you’ll be using. In the pictures you may see my fingers all mucked up – this is just so you could see the texture of scrub being made. Even if making for yourself or especially if making for friends as gifts, consider hygiene 🙂 This is also why I only use freshly used and immediately refrigerated coffee pods, as I have seen some not looking too great, if left in the machine for days.

Sprinkle your clay into your container and gradually add squirts of the soap free wash. Mix gently with a spoon.

Keep adding until the mix is able to be rolled and squished, but still hold its shape.

It actually feels like a nice, lightweight texture – nougat like maybe? At this stage you can use just like this, without the coffee and it is a lovely, very slightly exfoliating scrub.

To keep going making the Clay and Coffee Scrub, just keep the clay mixture aside and then open your (cooled) coffee pod with scissors.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-Steps-9-16Before experimenting for this How To, I had never ventured into a used coffee pod before. This brand has a filter on the top and the bottom. I’m not sure if all pods are made like this?

Gently pry the filter out and add the coffee grinds to your green clay and soap wash mix. Depending on how grainy you like it, keep adding, but don’t make it too harsh.

Optional – You can add just a TINY amount of cinnamon. Be careful as it can stimulate the blood vessels of the skin.

Ensure completely mixed through and then fill your chosen container with your fresh batch. I keep mine in the fridge for freshness, but use within a couple of weeks.

I DON’T have sensitive skin on my face, therefore I have used this on my face as well as my body in the shower – but some may find it too harsh for their face. It is good a ‘Gardener’s Soap’ to help remove dirt stains on your hands too.

As mentioned before, use your common sense and TEST A BATCH FIRST! Everyone is different. I actually did a test of this on someone and the cinnamon, let’s just say, really brought their blood to their face – looked like they’d spent 3 hours in the middle of the day sun! It settled down and there were no long term consequences, but this ingredient must be used sparingly or not at all.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Free-Printable-AdorablestDIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-2Click Here for the FREE PRINTABLE CLAY AND COFFEE BODY SCRUB LABELS to finish your project. If you’ll be using the scrub in a wet area (and your printer ink may run), consider covering with sticky tape or laminating if you really want to keep the water out. Mod Podge may also work here to attach, seal and protect.

DIY-Clay-and-Coffee-Body-Scrub-Adorablest-1There we have it … hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know if you make some.

Please Note: FREE PRINTABLE Labels for personal use only and not for commercial product or for re-sale – Thanks!


DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-TutorialMy previous post How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement awhile back showed the results of this painting technique and now I have re-done another pot and this time took photos of all the steps involved along the way.

So here is the FULL TUTORIAL – Complete with Step-by-Step Instructions.

I have showed larger images and the steps, PLUS down the bottom of the page, you’ll find a handy reference of summarised images (smaller format), to help if you are actually doing the tutorial while on a tablet or phone.



You will need:

  • A plastic pot. Old as long as structurally sound, or buy a cheap plastic one.
  • Sanding Block or Sandpaper
  • Dust Mask. If your pot is old, or avoid windy days for sanding.
  • Soft cotton rag. I used an old flanny shirt.
  • Paint Brush. I used a 2″ or 5cm brush.
  • Container for Mixing Paint. An old plastic takeaway container works!
  • White and Black Paint. I used leftover ‘house’ paint – seems to last.
  • Aluminium Foil. About the size of a piece of paper.
  • Plain Paper. 1 piece only.
  • Disposable Rubber Gloves.
  • Newspaper. If you have nowhere you can safely make a mess.
  • Water.

How to:

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-2Sand the pot with a sanding block or sandpaper.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-3Ensure all over sanding coverage in random patterns to minimise the shine.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-4If it is an older pot, you may make a bit of dust. If this is the case, avoid sanding on windy days or wear a mask.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-5Wipe dust away thoroughly with a damp cloth rinsed in water.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-6Pour some white paint into your takeaway container. First coat of paint is … white.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-7Use a criss-cross pattern to ensure it really gets into the ‘grain’ of the plastic.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-8Work in sections and as it is starting to dry, use the tip to ‘stipple’ the paint in places to create texture.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-9Move around and continue to paint in a criss-cross pattern and stipple randomly.

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-10Don’t forget to do the internal ring of the pot too. Just enough and the soil will cover the bottom part.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-11Mix a little black paint into the white to create a light grey. If you have green, you can add a tiny bit (optional).


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-12Use the same technique as before. Criss-cross and stipple to your hearts content. Random is better.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-13Also as the paint was almost dry, I dragged the paintbrush along in areas to create a drier looking texture.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-14It looks okay as is, but there are a couple more steps to completion. At this stage rinse your brush out clean.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-15Add MORE black to your mixture to create a darker grey. Grab an additional takeaway container of water and dampen your rag completely first before putting in the paint. Notice the paint is marbled – that’s okay too.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-16Now use your soft rag to ‘sponge’ onto the pot. Work only in small sections.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-17BEFORE it gets too dry, rub the rag (you may need more water) to soften the look of the ‘splodges’.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-18Rubbing helps create a texture where some of the lighter shades show too, like real cement or concrete.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-19Again, you could leave like this, but there is just one more step.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-20Hopefully you rinsed your brush out from a few steps before, because you will need black or very dark grey on your brush. Add a little paint to a piece of aluminium foil. Add water as required. Put on your rubber gloves.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-21Flick across the bristles of the paintbrush to create paint splatters or ideally small dots. The paper is for practice.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-22When you have your technique down, splatter paint on to the pot. Above is what worked best for me – I tried to get a photo to show, but at the time I had no one to take a photo for me, so I am balancing trying to hold the brush and the camera. I think you can get the gist of it. I flicked the brush across my fingers onto the pot. Always splatter from directly ABOVE the pot, in case it dribbles down the sides rather than splatter around the pot.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-23Hope you put on your rubber gloves! You’ll need them!

How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-24Finished! You can coat with clear if you like but …


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-25The pots I painted from my original post have taken a beating out in the Queensland weather (even though I said they probably wouldn’t be outside – they have been!) for months now and are still fine, so a clear coat is optional.


How-to-Paint-Pots-to-look-like-Cement-Full-Tutorial-26So that’s it – How to Paint Pots to look like Cement FULL TUTORIAL finally complete. Not that difficult, but taking the photos along the way has hopefully helped to show the entire process now and what’s involved. Hope you found it useful.


So here are the How to Paint a Pot like Cement / Concrete images in a SUMMARY for you too.


Available in PDF Download Also –





Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this tutorial and how it worked out for you!

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