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Plant Profile: Marimo – Underwater Pom Pom!

October 15, 2015

plant profile marimo moss algae ball underwater pom pomMeet the Marimo. Spherical moss, ball seaweed, or moss balls (and a few other names), Marimo are actually a special and rare kind of algae (not moss) that grow into balls – and look like … Underwater Pom Poms! They feel and look like wet wool felt 🙂 Read more…

Plant Profile: Oxalis Triangularis

September 25, 2015

house plant oxalis triangularis purple shamrockPlant Profile: Oxalis triangularis. I love plants. Even as a kid, I often spent my ‘pocket money’ from my after-school job, on plants for my bedroom. Included in my mini collection were the usual suspects. I think I even had an Asparagus Fern, which is no longer available, now being classified as a weed where I live.  Read more…

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