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DIY – How to Make Sweater Sprinkles with Polymer Clay

December 14, 2015

diy sweater sprinkles polymer clay craft tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make Sweater ‘Sprinkles’ with Polymer Clay. The other week, the theme on the blog was sprinkles. I planned to make a different DIY with these supplies earlier, but it didn’t quite pan out how I thought, so I still had them rolling around on my desk. Read more…

DIY – Marble Christmas Ornaments + Link Love

December 4, 2015

diy white carrara marble christmas ornaments adorablest tutorialDIY – Marble Christmas Ornaments in White Carrara Marble Style. Not so much a tutorial, but a basic How-To, as these are so easy to make! If you haven’t decorated your tree yet and / or just want something minimalist to string up, try these. I’ve also included a quick How to Make Old Metallic Ornaments Clear. Read more…

Craft Fails – When to Just Buy It :)

November 17, 2015

craft fail hello sign adorablestIsn’t this sign nice? That’s because I DIDN’T MAKE IT! I bought it today from Target $15. Yesterday I had in mind to post what I thought would turn out to be an easy DIY – How to Make a Hello sign.

Read more…

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