Blogging Basics – How to Start a Craft Blog – with WordPress

blogging basics how to start a craft blog with wordpressBlogging Basics – How to Start a Craft Blog – with WordPress

I started this DIY and Craft Blog in September 2014. I had never blogged before and although I had quite a firm vision of how I would like it to turn out, quite honestly I was ready to give up a few times before even starting (and after!) because I felt overwhelmed with the sheer bombardment of information of … do this, do that and questioned what even IS THIS and THAT as I didn’t understand the talk. At the start I had no idea what SEO, affiliate links or lead magnets were.

Over the last few months, it seems I’ve been getting asked about my blog. From questions like how do I get the pages on my blog to look a certain way, or even straight out questions like how much money is there in craft blogging! (P.S.  I’ll be honest and say I am employed in a real-life ‘non-blogging’ job, but I like it that way!) So it got me thinking … about posting some information about How to Start a Craft Blog.

So, with what I have learnt, I will cut to the chase of what I have used and how I made it work or look on my blog, so that budding Craft bloggers or any bloggers may find even just a little bit of the information useful. Of course there are many options, so please bear in mind this is just in the way I made it happen

So for those who are thinking about starting a (DIY and Craft) Blog … This is for YOU!


How to Start a Craft Blog – with WordPress

I’ve only used WordPress to blog, therefore this post encourages you (if you haven’t already) to consider starting your blog on WordPress. I love it. It is an excellent platform that has allowed my blog to start and expand and all the tools you need to make it happen (and a community and technical support) are very accessible to help you. At the beginning I did a fair bit of research on which to use. Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and tumblr were the blogging platforms I looked into. WordPress seemed the best fit for me – it may be for you too, but check out the others (and more) just to make sure. I just didn’t get one in particular, … maybe if I was youngr 🙂

These are typical of some of the questions I had been asking when starting my Craft Blog …

What is WordPress?

Basically a website management or blogging platform (program). It is reportedly the easiest and most popular on the internet. There are loads of free templates, a helpful community, plus support and more. A place to start small and GROW!

There is … and – more on that later.

Why choose WordPress?

Maybe you just want to dip your toe into the Blogging waters to see if it’s right for you, without outlaying a lot of money to start.

OPTION 1 – FREE (Free Blog, Free Hosting with

When you sign up with – you can start a blog for FREE. (That’s how I started). Choose your name and for example after securing it and being available, you will have the name … (my blog as an example!)

It is for FREE, so there are still different themes (think of them like website templates) to choose (only the allowable ones – not custom ones that you can buy for example) and there are some limitations, i.e. advertising as an example. It’s FREE everything, so be thankful for what you CAN have!

For the FREE option and other Pricing visit

OPTION 2 – FREE + $ Upgrade (Free Blog, Free Hosting with, but you pay to have the .wordpress bit removed from your website address) – I did this too later on my blogging voyage.

Maybe you don’t want the extension to show up in the address bar – sooner or later, that can be fixed … for a small price.

If you just want your blog to appear as just (for example) – it’s called a Domain Mapping Upgrade, which is a paid upgrade.  Of course you need to be the owner of the domain name first.

Basically after this upgrade, visitors to your blog will now see your site with (for example) showing as visible in the address bar – but it is still hosted (for free) on – so the minor limitations still apply.

If you’d like to find out more about this visit

Later, you might want complete control of your blog and this is …

OPTION 3 – Free Access to WordPress to write your blog ( but you PAY for your own hosting and pay for your domain name (to continue) – this is where I am at now. You can use more themes, with access to compatible paid ones (custom themes) to differentiate your blog and can also have paid advertising (and affiliate links – which we will discuss another time) on your blog now.


WordPress is the program you use to write your blog.

Signup, log in and write your FREE blog. Free Access to the WordPress Program. Free hosting  on Your address would be (example)

To remove the .wordpress part, you can pay for the Domain Mapping upgrade. Then your address would be (Still free hosting on You must own the domain name.

You have complete control over your blog, you just use the WordPress Program, kindly provided for FREE by WordPress.

Sign up, log in and write your blog with FREE access to the WordPress Program, BUT you find your own hosting service (not, so this will cost you money depending on your needs.

You’ll also need to buy (or continue to renew) your domain name, choose a FREE theme or purchase a custom theme. Your address would be (example)

When I started blogging, the whole and thing threw me, so I hope that this may have helped some of you understand or clarify this a little. By the way, this isn’t a paid post for WordPress or anything, just thought I’d state this considering how much I’ve raved on about it, but it really is a great program once you get the hang of it!

So, have you signed up yet 😉 and speaking of signing up, if you’d like to be notified of new posts here on and have exclusive access to some free printables too, sign up HERE

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