Craft Fails – When to Just Buy It :)

November 17, 2015

craft fail hello sign adorablestIsn’t this sign nice? That’s because I DIDN’T MAKE IT! I bought it today from Target $15. Yesterday I had in mind to post what I thought would turn out to be an easy DIY – How to Make a Hello sign.

Well, it didn’t all turn out to plan. Actually nothing did! So it got me thinking … I thought I’d tell you about and show you my latest Craft Fails – there’s a reason they didn’t make it to the blog. If Craft Fails ends up being a popular post, they may just become a regular feature, trust me I won’t run out of material.

There’s been a few mess ups already. The red pom poms (Scented Cherry Pom Poms) I originally tried to make from T-shirt yarn, but I just couldn’t keep them intact and several ended up as tiny worms ALL over the floor.

When making the Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets, I gave Jill Masterson (the girl completely covered in gold in the movie Goldfinger) a run for her money. There were a few more that didn’t make it past the ‘prototype’ phase too.

So, back to the Hello sign …

craft fail hello melt beads… the remnants of my final attempt.

My initial idea was to use Beados to spell out the word hello, like this …

hello lettering

Let me tell you there’s a reason they give you those little trays to align them properly. It seems Beados do not like to be lined up single file, or at least I couldn’t get them to. I realised this and so left them to dry on paper. They stuck to the paper and now resemble some sort of atom heap from a chemistry experiment.

Next, “How about Perler (or Hama) Beads strung onto some wire?” But they didn’t look right because they didn’t bend properly around the script letters.

“What about if I cut them in half to make a smaller tube? That way, they will bend better” … nope.

Okay … Line up the Perler Beads like you do on the trays and iron them. Good in theory, however the Perler Beads kept moving.  Again, there’s a reason they give you those little trays to align them properly.

I persisted. The iron is now multicoloured on the base. I did iron with a sheet of baking paper, but I missed it seems.

As one last try, I snipped the remaining Perler Beads into halves lengthways (so no longer a tube) and arranged the bits so it covered the word hello on the paper with the ‘Perler confetti’.

Ironed it as flat as I could. It stuck to the paper again. Washed and dried the piece to remove the paper. I then trimmed the word hello out of the paper (with nail scissors) and sticky taped it to the back of the melted confetti to use like a template.

Alas it was too much for those little scissors to try to cut out the words on the melted confetti as well.

The iron is still outside because of the melted plastic smell. I also still have to tackle removing the melted plastic.

craft fail hello adorablest

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently

-Henry Ford

I think the intelligent answer in my case was to Just Buy It.

Have you had any craft fails? What did you learn from it – the shops are just a mouse click or car ride away?


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