Etsy Finds – Jellyfish

etsy finds jellyfish sealifePoisonous land and sea snakes, killer cone snails that shoot toxic ‘darts’, deadly spiders and venomous octopi all make their home in this wonderful place Australia 🙂 Let’s not forget the lethal Box Jellyfish.

Today, Tuesday 3rd November is Jellyfish Day around the world. I’ve been reading up on these peculiar things, neither a jelly nor a fish. They’re not all trying to kill us though, as many are harmless, even eaten in some countries.

On a lighter note, here are some Etsy Finds, Jellyfish related, that are friendly …

Jellyfish Rubber Stamp by The Cupcake Tree

Jellyfish Air Plant Hanging Planter by CindySearles

Blue Jellyfish Earrings from DinosaurBeans

Throw Cushion in Jellyfish Anemone Print by HanamiiBlooms

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