Plant Profile: Marimo – Underwater Pom Pom!

October 15, 2015

plant profile marimo moss algae ball underwater pom pomMeet the Marimo. Spherical moss, ball seaweed, or moss balls (and a few other names), Marimo are actually a special and rare kind of algae (not moss) that grow into balls – and look like … Underwater Pom Poms! They feel and look like wet wool felt 🙂

Colonies of these balls form underwater in lakes in Japan, Iceland, Scotland, Estonia and Australia. I bought mine from an Aquarium Supply shop, who assure on their website that they are obtained in Australia, sourced from certified sellers and in no way imported illegally.

My guys are about 6cm and 8cm across. Although not a usual house ‘plant’, they can be kept in vessels to bring a little green into your home and are very easy to care for.

plant profile marimo algae balls underwater pompomPlant Profile: Aegagropila linnaei

Common name(s)

Marimo, Spherical Moss, Ball Seaweed, Moss Balls, Cladophora Ball, Lake Ball, Mossimo

Availability – Try aquarium shops and/or online suppliers (certified). See Below.

Light – Indoor and Indirect sunlight only – adapted to low light conditions.

Size – up to 30cm. Grow about 5mm-1cm a year. Cost depends on size.

Watering – They live in water! Ordinary tap water. Change it every 1 – 2 weeks.

Feeding – Nope!

Flowers – Nope! Just cute balls of green.

Oddities – Can put them in the fridge if temps go over 25°c – dislike hot weather.

Other – Soda water will increase photosynthesis. Roll them around every so often to keep round shape.  You can divide and roll them to create new balls.  plant profile marimo algae moss balls underwater pom pomsSo, do you want your own underwater pom pom now 🙂 That is the nickname we have for them and it suits don’t you think! Since this week is Pom Pom themed, I thought these would be a cute addition. They are just adorable!

If you are wondering, I got my Marimos from Aqua Aquarium Supplies. Just type MARIMO in the search bar.
*UPDATE* This business link no longer seems to be working / operational.

Also, if you like green, round plant things! … check out my post on How to Make a DIY – Kokedama Teddy Bear.


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