Free Printable – Bear with Me + Link Love

October 9, 2015

bear with me free printable adorablestBear with Me – Free Digital Print (8×10?) For best resolution, download it here – bear-with-me-free-printable-adorablest. (Printing just from the picture above will not give you the best picture print quality).  

The other (Claire) Bear related DIY tutorial I wanted to have ready you for this week isn’t quite finished as there are a few more steps I need to photograph in daylight. It should be ready soon though, so bear with me!

It’s Friday again – the weeks just seem to be flying by, don’t they? I saw a blackboard sign outside a shop the other day … a countdown, something like 79 days until Christmas. When you put it that way, it’s not far off!

Here are the Link Love Links for this week – Claire’s. Click below to follow through to some nifty DIY blog links.

Upcycle a Vintage Suitcase with Maps by Claire at Pillar Box Blue

Worn shoes? Make them Fabulously Fruity with this DIY from Claire, Collected.

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