Plant Profile: Oxalis Triangularis

September 25, 2015

house plant oxalis triangularis purple shamrockPlant Profile: Oxalis triangularis. I love plants. Even as a kid, I often spent my ‘pocket money’ from my after-school job, on plants for my bedroom. Included in my mini collection were the usual suspects. I think I even had an Asparagus Fern, which is no longer available, now being classified as a weed where I live. 

These days, I get to work with plants most days and I’m often asked about choosing the best houseplant for the place, their space needs and care. So, I thought I’d post a “Plant Profile” series as part of the new look blog. I’ll include a mix of popular choices and a few more obscure or unusual green friends and just stick to the basics of their requirements.

Yesterday, as part of the Urban Jungle Bloggers theme Plants and Art, I included my Oxalis triangularis. This plant is a relatively new addition to my collection and quite a ‘young’ plant. For Australian readers, you may be lucky to find one in your local nursery, otherwise try online – that’s where I found mine.  It’s also probably best to search out Australian suppliers, as you may have trouble with quarantine and customs if buying from overseas.

house plant oxalis triangularis purple shamrock leafPlant Profile: Oxalis triangularis

Common name(s)

Purple Shamrock, False Shamrock, Love Plant, Black Shamrock, Black Oxalis

Availability – Try specialist nurseries and/or online suppliers

Light – Bright indoor light. Indirect or a few hours of direct sun is fine.

Size – Height – up to 25cm. Width – varies on pot size, as it multiplies.

Watering – Let the surface dry between waterings. Water deeply, allow to drain.

Feeding – Light application of slow release fertiliser as the weather warms up.

Flowers – Yes. White / Mauve / Pink

Oddities – The leaves move in response to light and fold down during low light.

Other – Poisonous to dogs & cats. Can go into dormancy if conditions not suitable.


house plant oxalis triangularis purple shamrock flowerSo, that’s my first Plant Profile – let me know your thoughts. Are there any particular plants you would like to see included?


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  • Reply Kimmy March 5, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Hi Claire, Thank you for your article on the purple shamrock. Are you able to tell me which online supplier you bought it from? I have searched high and low and can’t find one that ships to Australia. Thank you. Kimmy

    • Reply Adorablest March 17, 2017 at 10:09 pm

      Hi Kimmy, sorry for the late reply. They occasionally come up for sale on ‘that online auction site’ 😉 the AU one.

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