Etsy Finds – Ice Cream Cone Day

September 22, 2015

etsy finds ice cream cone dayToday, September 22 is Ice Cream Cone Day. It seeks to draw attention to imagining the world without the ‘invention’ of the ice cream cone (just bowls and icy pole sticks), to learn about its origins and to simply enjoy one! 

Here are the Etsy Finds for this week – Ice Cream Cone themed of course (well, no. 6 snuck in there on a stick, but how could you not like it!) Hover & Click below on the name to follow through to the seller’s Etsy Shop.

1. Ice Cream Wall Decals from Little Sticker Boy

2. Berry Flavoured Ice Cream Pendant from ellxssa

3. Sweet Summer Treats Letterpress Tags from Fluid Ink Letter Press

4. Icecream Bear Wooden Brooch from danadamki

5. Ice Cream Pillow Plush from Dear Violet Shop

6. Ice Lolly with Polka Dots Giclée Art Print from Duke and Rabbit


Do you feel like an Ice Cream now 🙂

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