Have you Heard about the Herd? Moo Goo Product Review

moo goo productsHave you Heard about the Herd? You might remember my previous post on MooGoo  product Cover-Up Buttercup. Cover-Up Buttercup is a Zinc Oxide based SPF15 sunscreen that I use and like because it rubs in clear, is light and non-fragranced.

The groovy moo-vers at MooGoo sent me a little package! Inside (the delightfully printed brown cardboard box!) were these products to try:

  • Dusty Girls “Earth Cream”
  • MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser
  • MooGoo Cow Lick Lip Balm

moo goo dusty girls earth creamPackaged neatly in sunny yellow, recycled cardboard, this Dusty Girls product is a clever little multi-tasker!  It’s formulated with soothing oils (that won’t clog your pores) and other ingredients that are especially helpful for acne prone skin, to supply the skin with moisture, whilst still providing some sun protection. Plus, it’s tinted for coverage.

moo goo dusty girls earth cream lightThe sample sent of the “Earth Cream” is the Light version. It’s also available in Medium. Just a tiny amount (one pump) goes a long way. After applying (a gentle patting motion is suggested), it feels matte and light – and it’s smoothed out both skin tone and some lines! Like Cover-Up Buttercup, it has minimal fragrance – even better! For girls on the go, Dusty Girls “Earth Cream” will replace your moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation all in one go.

moo goo full cream moisturiserNext to try is the “Full Cream Moisturiser”. I love their sense of humour.  Their website is full of funnyness like “MooGoo has helped herds of people”.

Being serious now, as they also say “When it comes to your skin, the steaks are high”. Firstly, I like that it is a pump bottle – it helps dispense a ‘metered’ amount and importantly that it remains clean (and you’re not constantly dipping your fingers in it, possibly multiplying the bacteria from your hands in it every time).

Full Cream is creamy, but is readily absorbed, at least on my skin, especially being winter. Some of the ingredients include a base of Sweet Almond Oil, raw Coconut Oil, pasteurised honey and Apple Cider Vinegar to balance the pH of the skin. The scent … it’s wonderful! It’s said the apple and the honey naturally fragrance the cream, but I think it smells like milk and honey. It’s sweet and yummy, but not overpowering. Bonus – for Face & Body!

moo goo cow lick lip balmLast, but not least MooGoo “Cow Lick Lip Balm”. Let’s just say I’m an avid user of lip balm. With that being said, I like that this is made from edible ingredients. As it says “Because what goes on the lips gets eaten”. If you just want a simple and safe lip moisturiser, that still leaves your lips luscious, Cow Lick is perfect. It is light butter coloured in the tube, but goes on clear and has a ‘satin’ sheen, not overly glossy. Lightly fragranced (with Mandarin Oil) it has lots of natural ingredients and I think has helped my lips feel softer for longer.

moo goo natural productsYou might be thinking, all well and good, but don’t natural products cost more? These are the current prices on the MooGoo and Dusty Girls websites.

  • Dusty Girls “Earth Cream” 50mL  – $18.50
  • MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser 75mL  – $13.50
  • MooGoo Cow Lick Lip Balm 5g – $4.50

Comparable and very reasonable, I think! I also like that they’ve done all the checks of the ingredients and blended them (scientifically) and saved me making a mess, trying to blend my own handmade, natural products at home. Moo-ve over to the websites for a look 🙂

Thank You to MooGoo & Dusty Girls. I was over the moo-n to try these products! While this is an (unpaid) sponsored post, all content, opinions are and always will be my own.

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