I Love to Op Shop – Thrifty Finds

Just a quick post of the pretty (and useful) pieces …vintage thrift ship monkey brass

… I’ve found recently while op shopping! 

vintage thrift op shop ship printAt first, this caught my eye because it has a large piece of non-reflective glass in it. It’s over 1m tall! The project I posted recently – DIY Geometric Woven Paper Picture, is framed using this special glass and I thought about another project I could use this for. The print has grown on me though and now I love the quirkiness of this picture. $15!

vintage thrift op shop findsFrom Left to Right:

Large Doily 45cm – 50c  /  Mint Green Crocheted Scourers – $1 for both  /  Cork Hot Pot Stands – $2 for both  /  Mr Monkey (Handmade) – $5  /  Crystal Egg Cup – 80c  / Glass Plate with Atomic Pattern – $1.50  /  Brass Clam Dish – $3  /  Necklace – $1  / Mini Frame – 20c  /  Flying Duck Magnet – 20c  /  Pot with Aztec Pattern – $1  / Bamboo Coat Hanger – 50c  /  White Jeans – $4  /  Velvet Pants – $2  /  Gold Top – $4

The clothes are for a couple of projects in the planning, same too with the cork boards and possibly the large doily. The rest will be put to good use around the place.

vintage geometric pot monkey brass eggcupHappy Thrifting and Remember …

The item you saw today

And want to think about tonight

Will be sold later today

To the person who saw it yesterday

And thought about it last night!

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